Korean Girl Group, Morning

“Morning” was a unique foursome of very beautiful ladies who, in 2003, scored a hit single with a dynamic ballad entitled “I’ll Make You Happy,” off of their one and only album; Return to the Innocence. Above is the official music video for the song. Exemplifying the group’s uniqueness here is violinist Jang Min-kyung, whose solo adds an excellent embellishment to a part that would ordinarily feature a guitar or keyboard.

The other members of the group were Shim Seong-hee (Lead vocal), Kim Bu-yeon (Second vocal), and Baek Bo-ram (Rap, narration, and vocals). They couldn’t be considered a band since only Min-kyung played an instrument besides sang, but they definitely weren’t the typical K-pop female vocal group, either. Perhaps that’s why they didn’t seem to find their niche and disbanded after just the one album. Full article here.

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  1. Not great perhaps, but at least this is different from the usual K-pop fare – their videos are usually so monotonously same-y (five or six girls dancing, the camera regularly cutting away to each of their faces in sequence). Also, it seems this group is actually about the music, rather than just being a vehicle for a music video of hot young Korean girls.

  2. I reckon the song is pretty respectable. We are getting Pop Asia on free to air TV in Australia now so may be getting used to it, and the girls are really cute! Nice post Cec.

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