quality photo bookmarking but few sirens

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I’m continuing my review of online photo bookmarking services with This is a great site, with all of the features you would want, but few asian sirens (yet).A few weeks back I reviewed 4U beauty image bookmarking (here). I complained about the lack of features and the lack of credit given to original sources. does very much better on both of those counts. When posting, separate URLs are recorded for the image and for the page on which it was found, and these can be edited separately. This is important, because one often wants to bookmark a gallery of thumbs, which is not the page on which the image was found. As with other bookmarking sites, it’s possible to either post an image yourself or just “like” an image posted by someone else. goes a bit further by (somehow) recognizing and consolidating separate posts to the same image, even if they point to different sites. There are snapshots of related photos adjacent to each picture, and this works pretty well, as this screen shot shows (by the way, Ayumi Kinoshita was featured here):


These are all nice features, and I will be using to bookmark photos, much as I have used delicious for a few years now. I’m not sure if these sites are related. It’s interesting that delicious gave up the fancy for

One drawback of is that it sometimes can be slow, which is understandable for a photo site but can be frustrating. Another drawback is that there are relatively few bookmarks to asian sirens. Of course, that depends on who is bookmarking, so I introduced the tag asian-siren for us all to use. Let’s see how that works.

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  1. This is specifically why I travel to Tokyo. To get served sushi by half naked Japanese girls in Kimonos.
    Girls with tits this nice.

  2. I’m missing the relevance to the thread, Flashpoint…

    Anyways, checking out the site now, thanks, Randy; I haven’t heard of this one before.

    And about delicious, I found the change interesting too.

  3. I probably should have mentioned that readers of “Asian Sirens” will want to toggle “safe off” (upper right) in order to see nudity, and, when posting, you can set the filter for these pictures by using the special tag “system:unsafe”. Unlike 4U, this site does not emphasize nudity.

  4. I definitely agree that is better than 4U, although its domain sure isn’t easier to type.

    However, IMHO, it seems unlikely that either site will help help many new people discover asian-sirens though, because asian-sirens actually doesn’t have many pictures, relatively. (Because, obviously, it focuses more on getting to know about specific girls than just a flood of images.)

    BTW, below is a link-list of some photos from of some extremely fetching Japanese beauties 😉

  5. I want an asian slut. Lol No I’m just kidding.

    I go around asian sirens while my mother is around. She sometimes sees me lurking around this site. Haha I never hide jusst about anything from her. She always shakes and head and sighs. haha.

    Anyways, I never heard of that site till now. Seems like a good photo site.

  6. @TravisStroup – nice vid!

    540 thousand other people liked it also 🙂

    BTW, if you want to download it or other vids of asian cuties on youtube that you fear may not stay on youtube forever, just type ‘pwn’ in front of ‘youtube’ in the URL bar. If that confuses you, check this page:

  7. If you like any video that you think may get pulled off youtube, you can always download it using pwnyoutube.

    After exhausting standard searches in English for Aki Hoshino, you can also try a foreign language search using Japanese.

    Here is a ForiSearch for videos of Aki Hoshino

    It seems Aki doesn’t do much full nudity, though you can find a fake facial shot on her if you try. 😉

    Despite the lack of full nudity, there are still some stunning photos of her. Here are some of my favs that I found using ForiSearch for images.

  8. VinL, I’m not sure if that’s Aki in that video (her boobs don’t look big enough) but whoever it is, she’s got a very sexy body although she needs to work on that stripper action.

  9. I was out having dinner and such with a lady friend and all hell breaks loose. 😉 Anyway, I’ve nuked d.wrock and blocked him in every way possible (IP, URL and phrase). As for jkarle, as his comment was so extreme I’ve just nuked him straight away without any warnings.

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