Nina Mascunana


This is Nina Mascunana. She is 22. She graduated with a degree in nursing.Nina is another one of my new favorites.


Age: 22
Height: 5’1
Weight: 98
Ethnicity: Filipino/Chinese
Located: Los Angeles, CA











Yeah, buddy.



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  1. You agree with yourself eh Travis?

    She’s stunning! Very attractive…so we know the Doc will hate her. Nyuck nyuck nyuck…

  2. Gotta love that long hair, eyes and body.
    She’s a stunner! Love the eyes!
    She even posed for Hustler.

    I just don’t get it why Nina studied nursing. I mean, I’m 100% sure I’m not gonna see her work in a clinic any day soon. 🙂
    She will be out there showing off her beauty.

  3. While she has a lot of features I like, “not all the features I like” but a lot, the photos are over done if you ask me. They look fake, and touched up. To me that detracts from the real beauty. I like real looking girls, flaws and all.

  4. Wow…,my first post just want to say that this girls is sexy….nor the kind of asian that I like but I’ll let her have her ways with me if you know what I mean… the way great site

  5. Well, she certainly isn’t for me, but I can see (in some of the pics) why some of you would really like her.

    But, if it’s true that she has appeared in Hustler, why no nudity?

  6. Mugetsu: You beat me to the punch. I work at a hospital and although it’s somewhat stereotypical and somewhat offensive, alot of times stereotypes are just true.. especially this one. lol
    And yes this one is a hottie for sure. Maybe a bit too petite, but that’s alot of bang in that little dynamite.

  7. I try to stay out of hospitals…but recently I shredded my knee & was just totally distracted from the pain by the smorgasbord of filipina nurses running the joint.I’m gonna have to start a medical supply business to justify future visits.Either that …or keep wrecking my motorcycle.

  8. I see “Asian Dating Secrets” has changed his/her handle.

    Maybe it’s Kosher, but “Guide to Dating Coyote Dancers” sure smells like spam, to me. Funny spam, I’ll give you that, but spam nonetheless.

  9. Yeah. What he is doing is an SEO trick, where the screen name helps his website show up higher for a search term. If you’re reading this, Asian Dating Secrets, you need to stop doing that.

  10. In fairness, he is linking directly to the relevant page on his site. I did take him to task for plugging his site in the comments previously, but told him he could link to it from his username. It seems he took my advice. 😉

  11. Great post! Nina is in incredible shape. You could bounce a quarter off that booty in the 3rd pic. Very nice!

  12. It’s spam because the comment only contains 2 words and brought nothing to the conversation while advertising how to date coyote dancers. If he is going to blast his site, then at least he could bring more to the conversation and give the people something to read besides sex bomb.

    As for Nina, I am liking her more.

  13. Actually, I like this one quite a bit. Who’d have ever thought there’s an asian girl in LA who hasn’t bleached her hair?

  14. Hi guys.
    Came across this blog while I was trying to look for a certain asian girl. Spent the whole day reading all the previous posts and that. The comments as well. They’re pretty interesting. Anyway, I’ve registered myself. Yay!

    She looks pretty okay, this one. But 5’1??
    Talk about petite. I can carry her with one arm 😛

  15. insidious, did you find who you were looking for? Maybe one of the other post-masters can blog about her for you : P

  16. When I saw her first picture above, she had sort of a young Lanny Barbie look to her. Porn star hot is right with this girl. I like short girls too.

  17. VinL, yes I did. But unfortunately, the same pics were posted. I was trying to look for new or different ones heh.

  18. I agree with ChrisRal1 that I prefer more natural girls but I can see how she would appeal…it’s not the photoshop and fake tits per se, it’s the idea that she wants an ideal representation rather than closer to the real her.

    I’d say most JAV girls are more comfortable presenting their real selves without overdone effects or glam.

  19. While she’s not the best on this site, I’d make sure to say something funny and witty enough for her to remember me at the end of the night, maybe chat her up while out for a smoke, but I really don’t see me buying her any drinks only to have her leave with the pretty boy in the Ferrari… haha!

  20. I have been hanging around for a while, but work is killin’ me right now. I’m planning on submitting again soon and making more comments. I am planning on dropping some stuff on everyone that I know y’all will love… haha!

  21. If work is killing Flip, he must be a repo man or involved in foreclosures! Everything else in Vegas is slow now!

  22. One of my faves, although her body is so out there she reminds me of Jessica Rabbit or Pam Anderson but I’m alright with that. Very cute girl in person btw.

  23. Stripes, if you bruise something again (not wishing you do) send us a shot of those hot filipina nurses from the hospital, will ya?
    Had to remind you. 🙂

  24. BTW, I find it amusing that people compliment her eyes, when you can’t actually see her real eyes in any of these photos! I agree with ChrisRal1.

  25. Not sure what your point is, doc. I see the photos you posted, and she looks like a really hot girl that does not have expert photography. Just like every other attractive model in existence. That’s what photography is for.

    Looking at the photos you posted, if you notice, while I like her smile, with regards to modeling, her smile is not her biggest strength. But look at the photos without her smiling and she looks like any model would look like without expert photography. I’m not sure what more you would expect from candid photos, but I don’t see your point from the photos you posted.

  26. Don’t get me wrong – she’s certainly a cutie, and quite naturally attractive. But worthy of all the gushing in this thread? And compliments on her eyes (for example) when you can’t even see them? I think not.

    I should also point out that even in the relatively casual photos I linked to, she’s still wearing coloured contacts – it’s hard to find photos of her without them.

  27. I know that I’m going to sound silly, but some of you may agree with me. I like her a lot in pics 1, 3, 6, 7, 9 and 10. Her face just looks cuter IMHO. A case of dissimilarity between the left and right sides of her face, I quess. I, myself have the same problem… on one side I look a hell of a lot like Dean Cain while on the other side I look a whole lot like John Candy… haha!

    BTW wings, I’ve been back in San Diego since November and am currently in search of an asian market on par with Diho… haha!

  28. Aah — San Diego, beaches, bikinis and beautiful weather (and very expensive houses). Can’t recall ever going to an Asian supermarket there, though.

    They do have a 99 Ranch though.

  29. I know of a few specialty markets but they are all filled with old ladies. Some of which may have asian sirens at one point, though I doubt there are very many people still alive who can remember that far back… haha!

  30. “And” is very nice, Trav! I feel a fever coming on but I don’t think that more cowbell is going to cure it… haha!

  31. Hey, I saw this nurse in the paper today, and we were talking about nurses — anyway, Travis’s is very cute also.

  32. Doc, she isn’t that special?

    In those amateur photos I see some beautiful eyes (ok coloured lenses, maybe), shapely legs, sexy flat stomach, a shinning smile, some hot full lips and beautiful breasts. That’s enough for me.
    I specially fond of her pics in a dress.

    I’d love to meet her and Bianca (looks like her twin sis). Both stunning! 🙂

  33. As I say above, she’s certainly a naturally cute and attractive girl, but in reality, she doesn’t look anything like as spectacular as the very artificial photos Travis has used for this article. Of course glamour photos these days (apart from Sachiko’s) are always touched up and such, but some at least try to look natural. These photos however are anything but, and this girl seemingly almost never lets you see her real eyes at least, which I dislike.

  34. I do believe Nina would be hot enough to hurt me in person, if I were to ever see her in person. I’d probably have to run off and be alone for a while. Possibly shed a tear due to the fact that I could never, in this life time, obtain such a hot little morsel of her stature. Breathtaking.

  35. She is not “asian” enough. To tell you the truth, She looks like a white girl trying to be asian. She is not natural looking “too fake” tries too hard. She is odd looking. I don’t know if her head proportionate to her body, weird contacts. Her nose almost covers half of her face. Her breasts are too “high” which gives her that fake look. Really Cheap Bad Breast Augumentation. The lips look like they’re done. She looks more “cuban” than spanish or mexican. She has a pug look.

  36. Once again parfum: your comment here is too much I think, and a breach of our posting guidelines. And as that isn’t the only such comment you’ve made today, if you breach our guidelines again in the future you won’t be able to post again.

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