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Annie Thao is an up and coming 21 year old Hmong model, and has so far appeared in such (American) magazines as Fever & AsIs. She is currently studying in Boston and apart from her modelling ambitions, she hopes to become a famous animator.I have a feeling that Annie may be a little ‘thick’ for the connoisseurs who regularly read this blog, and that’s OK, we all have different tastes. But I think that Annie is sexy and I know deep down we can all appreciate her beauty!






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  1. It really seems that Hmong girls just aren’t to my taste at all – she is indeed way too thick for me (as they often are it seems) and in common with other Hmong girls featured here, her face looks a little bit “nasty” to me (although fortunately not to the same extent as some other Hmong girls we’ve featured).

  2. True, bit thick. But in the thick department, Annie is really very hot.

    There’s her pretty face and there’s some sexy curves. And that body looks so firm, I really like some thick hotness deep down. 🙂

  3. Not for me, unfortunately. While she is too thick for my taste, the first pick is actually not too bad. The rest, though, aren’t to my taste, at all.

    But, I know some here will like her! That’s all that counts, IMO.

  4. The line between “sexy thick” & fat is very thin.
    (pun/irony intended)That being said…she’s crossing the line.She won’t be forever 21.(pun again) Mix in some lunges & squats & at least 30mins of cardio if you gon’ carry that funk around girl ;^D

  5. I’m interested to know: does anyone else share my extreme distaste toward very stocky legs? This is made far worse when the model has a small chest and small tits, as is the case here. In all honestly, I find the third photo quite uncomfortable to look at.

  6. I don’t have an extreme distaste, but I sure as hell don’t want to see extremely stocky legs as she has. It’s not a good look. On top of that, her tits are small which also does not go well with those legs.

    If you want to see what sexy thick really is, then look at Christine Mendoza. Annie looks okay, but for me her sexiness is lost when I am looking at her legs straight on.

  7. I don’t care!! What’s wrong with an asian girl with a nice thick body??

    Y’all like them stick chickens too much!!

  8. Annie’s proportions and especially her “thick withers” are not appealing to me also Doc.

    The juxtaposition of the previous post: with the Naomi Campbell legs & walk only amplifies the contrast! Yet…vive la difference!

  9. Thanks for the photo Candyman – that was even more uncomfortable to look at! I’ve never really understood why very stocky legs on women gross me out so much, but they always have. I guess because they look so “massive” and unfeminine.

    While I agree that Christine Mendoza is sexy in spite of being thick, I think that’s just because she’s so pretty she can get away with it. If she lost some weight, I think she’d look even better (she might lose some of her lovely breasts though).

  10. I don’t have a problem with thick girls. If I knew her in real life, I would be all up in that since she looks good and has a donk, but I can’t look at her pics that show her legs straight on because they are way too thick and unfeminine.

    I’m sure she will do fine as an import model since the only prerequisite these days is to just be Asian and pose in a bikini, but for me to pay any attention to her I to see someone whose legs are not a turnoff for me.

  11. I’m sure she will do fine as an import model since the only prerequisite these days is to just be Asian and pose in a bikini

    This is very sad, but very true it seems.

  12. Yeah she’s definitely a chunky monkey but here in Boston she’s one of the thin ones…going to cry about that later.

    But I do have to disagree with Candyman. I think Mendoza passed the threshold of of sexy thick/fatty along time ago. I think she looks pretty slobby now. She passed the “mendoza line”…baseball fans will dig that one.

  13. You got a pic of Christine looking slobby? She still looks good to me.

    As for Annie, I also don’t know how she is up and coming with those tree trunks. If her legs were less thick and more feminine, I’d probably be into her.

  14. I don’t mind the thick legs. She’s just a shorty. She’s got some hot “get out the lotion” poses and expressions and can go far in glamour modeling if she wants to.

  15. I have been watching this site for a long time. I felt I had to comment on this one. This young lady is hot. Their is nothing like a sexy think asian girl. Do your thing girl.

  16. CM I have to ask you do you have one where she’s not looking slobby? [EDIT] There’s hardly any curve between her hips and chest…just a chunk.

    I say thee YIKES!

    But I appreciate most of the rest of the girls you like…just can’t understand the Mendoza fascination. So no hard feelings buddy?

  17. From the booty up, Annie looks great, especially with those backshots. It’s just her legs that are the problem which you can see from the picture that I posted and in the default pic for this article where you just see her upper half.

    This will be last I will say on Christine Mendoza since the post needs to stay on Annie Thao. I use Christine as an example of what I would consider to be sexy thick. I don’t consider Annie to be sexy thick because she’s not thick. What she has is a stocky lower half which to me doesn’t go that well when you have small boobs. If she worked on her legs, she would look much better.

    As for Christine not having much of a curve between her hips and chest, she never had that much of one to begin with. Plus I could care less about that because she has a gorgeous face, nice boobs, and legs that aren’t tree trunks. That’s why I like her. If you think she looks slobby, then what do you want me to say? I am not going to change your opinion. And I don’t mind women with some meat on them as long as they look good, so I don’t have a problem with the way Christine looks.

  18. The other knock on Annie is that she is short. If she had more height to her like the chick that’s on my blog, then I would like her more. But short and stocky is not that good of a look.

  19. darklighter1: your comments on Christine were too harsh and insensitive – please be more careful with how you word such comments in future.

    Still, I have to agree with the sentiment of your comments – I used to think Christine was thicker than my taste, but pretty enough to get away with it. Now I would say she’s too thick for anyone (no matter how pretty they are) to get away with it.

    Now let’s get this thread back on topic!

  20. Let me say one last time then. Oh Christine…….. 🙂

    Back to Annie. Her legs surely are too stocky in some of the pics. I’m not sure how I would handle that. The helmed photo is a bad one. Some others, not so bad.

  21. i think christine looks fine 🙂 very sporty looking…annie is a no for me..too stocky and squaty..sorry 🙂

  22. Her legs are definitely too stocky for my tastes. She’s pretty, though, and a nice butt, especially for an Asian 🙂

  23. I think both Christine and Annie are sexy. I would agree that Annie has “thick” legs which aren’t particularly attractive – but that’s about all I can be critical about.

    I think I’ve made my opinion clear in the past about supposed “thick” girls – I like them. Yes, I may have a preference for more petite girls, but it’s nice to see different body types here on Asian Sirens. It keeps things interesting and fresh. And I’m all about that… 😉

  24. That’s funny that you say that since I’m from West Philly. Eventhough that shouldn’t make a difference because there is a ton of people that wouldn’t turn down either of them. And eventhough I wouldn’t turn down Annie, and it’s good to see women with different body types, but she still needs to work on those legs though. I want to see her look sexier and she will if she does that.

  25. I’d be willing to give her a nice thigh massage before or after her workout too, if she does decide to workout a little. Bonus for her.

  26. arf, you rascal you… haha! I like her in the black bikini and if she looks like that on a regular basis I’d be doing a bit of drooling too. As for the legs… I think they’re ok, she’s got a slammin’ ass so IMHO it makes up for it… haha! Sorry, I’m drooling!

  27. Holy mackerel! This girl has one of the sexiest figures of all the girls on this site! I LOVE thick Asian girls! As most guys here, I truly love the beauty of an Asian face, but to me the downside of Asian women is that they are too skinny. I love meat on a woman, and this girl has it. That shot of her on the bike makes me believe in a higher existence. Deep waist, big ass and yes THICK THIGHS – I love it!

  28. I like girls with curves, and I don’t mind a little thickness. However, I agree with those who said her legs don’t match the rest of her body.

  29. I think Leigh Nguyen is beautiful too – I first saw her on an import model calendar. And yes, the reason she caught my eye over the others is that she is thicker than most. Not as much as Annie, but definitely nice curves. Thanks for the links!

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