Ping Ping Ho


You know who is awesome? Aphstash. That’s the user that found out who the model was in my model ID request. He or she picked up the ball that you dropped. That’s why you shouldn’t drop balls!

I still don’t have stats for Ping Ping Ho, but now I have way more photos. And so do you! You can find them Here!. You can also do your own Google Image Searching. You can also post the photos you like most in the comments, because sharing is caring.Photos:






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0 thoughts on “Ping Ping Ho”

  1. I’d definitely ping that h… oh nvm very bad joke lol. However she is very hot. pretty face and sexy legs

  2. Not a bad picture in the bunch (the Flicker). Great photographers… 200 different nuances of expression, all natural and sweet. If I get too excited that’s okay, she’ll tell me just to shut my mouth (it’s hanging open at the moment). First time in a long time I looked at 300 photos and enjoyed every one.

  3. ….. = that’s a good joke! lol

    Absolutely adorable and sweet, the kind of girl who is a lady in public and freak behind closed doors – at least that’s how I imagine things…

  4. wow I’d ping ping that. fill in the rest of the punchline yourself..

    now back to the pics, damn she’s cute… not so into the pouty look myself, but show true beauty — and I didn’t even start talking about the parts beyond her face yet. definite beauty unlike many of the “lets get a boob job 1-2 sizes too big and hard and some awful tattoos, and do some hand bra pics on the interwebs” no talent hags out there.

  5. I was referring to the “mimosa” and bottom pic, in purple, specifically that show true beauty. just got a little excited and ahead of myself there.

  6. Love the pout in pic 1 as well as her legs, her face is beautiful in the last pic and I like the crosslegged pose by the pool.
    Cringing, however, at the thongs with the flower pompoms – I always do, although these aren’t as bad as the big fluffy ones I’ve seen. In the bedroom, sure, but NEVER, EVER, in public please girls.

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