Maya Tanioka (Megumi Tanioka)


Maya Tanioka is a model without a backstory yet. She’s new to modeling, and is now part of Prestigious Models with a feature in Tuner Galleria and an interview on Vancouver Buzz. Also, here’s Maya in her underwear. You’re welcome.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: 5’4
Ethnicity: Japanese
Located: Canada








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0 thoughts on “Maya Tanioka (Megumi Tanioka)”

  1. Very hot and sexy! Smooth skin, great face. Just the right amount of make-up, she is not over done-up. I like how her lips part just enough to lure me in without being overtly sexual. I really like her. Thank you, Travis!

  2. I like this one. She’s not cookie cutter like so many we see here. She can lounge around my house in her underwear anytime.

  3. VERY pretty. Seems drama-free in her interview.

    Is her nose “enhanced”? It looks western.

    She reminds me of several Japanese flight attendants on All Nippon Airways….every now and then you get one of those flights where you don’t want to watch a movie.

    Beautiful woman.

  4. Yes, her nose certainly looks “enhanced” to me. Her jaw does too. Quite a striking result though, at least in the photos – this sort of thing may not look so good in real life without makeup though.

    Interestingly, I met a Japanese girl just last night who’d had quite a bit of work done on her face – the results with makeup on were stunning, but I don’t know about without it.

  5. Find out that she came straight from JAPAN with a cute Japanese accent. Makes her even more hot. It’s interesting that she looks very westernized. I thought she’s Japanese Canadian. I guess it’s the makeup and diet. lol

  6. Yowzer!!!…if I saw this woman in person, I’d probably sigh rather loudly. It might be a little embarassing.

  7. Absolutely woth a verse, but I’m not clever enough now to rhyme Maya with anything. Yea, could go with Hi-ya or buy-ya, but that’s kinda cheap.

    Echo all previous comments. Looks like a real woman. Only two drawbacks and they’re in theory only. First is that she learned English in Brisbane and second she could be a Canucks fan. Ixnay on both of those.

  8. She’s really beautiful for sure, looks like she’d be a stunner in real life, I like that she’s curvy and a little baby phat still but oddly even with all that, she’s not really my type. Still prefer the Viet and Filipina girls. Can see her being quite popular though.

  9. Haha Canucks fan!! That is a downer.

    Maybe she’s a mix of Japanese and Caucasian which is why her nose and jaw look like they do instead of her having work done on them. Either way, she’s lovely.

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