Veeshy Photography

Veeshy Photography

Photography site 749X has been around for a couple years and it’s one of my favorite sites. He says he’s not a pro, but he has worked with some beautiful Asian Models such as Rona Guevara, Monique Young, and Lovelee. He’s worth checking out!

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  1. Alright, I’ve finally had a chance to look at this. Now that I have, I am of the opinion that this site is not of Asian Sirens standard – the percentage of Asian girls isn’t very high, and quite frankly the quality is IMHO pretty substandard (both the models and the photography). It is quite amateurish, but without the charm of a site that actually tries to be amateur.

  2. Being a photographer myself, and seeing the topic title saying photography, and then seeing the picture, I’m just not able to give a thumbs up. Sorry.

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