Cat Chonthicha

Cat Chonthicha

Cat Chonthicha is really, really attractive. She’s primarily (only?) on a website called 88square, which my SiteAdvisor says is spammy and unsafe, but for her, I’ll risk the virus. Cat Chonthicha has that mix of cuteness and sexiness that make Asian women the most beautiful women on the planet.At only 22 years old, Cat Chonthicha may be around for a while (though it looks like she may be gone from the site). And while her name is going to be tough to spell for Google Images, you can find enough pictures of her around the Internet to not be forced to pay for a subscription.

I have very little information on her other than she is probably Thai and born in 1986. But if a picture is worth a thousand words, a few galleries must be worth a million.








Some Galleries:

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  1. Cat was always a strange one for me. She doesn’t have the same type of “Hotness” of so many other models, but she has a lot of features (softer hair, cute smile, looks genuinely happy when she models, etc.) that I like in model photographs. But some of the women I’m most attracted to have that “Girlfriendy” rather than the general “model” look.

    Also, she is number 48 or 49 on the list of top 50 Asian models that you get for FREE when you order my book, β€œBetter than Money: A Guide to Meeting Asian Women”.

    How’s that Dr. Lee? πŸ™‚

  2. Alrighty. πŸ˜‰

    To be brutally honest though, I don’t see that this list has much value – it is a very personal thing after all. I can’t say I agree with the choices you’ve revealed so far – Cat’s certainly a cutie, but I don’t know if she’s top 50 material (and I certainly don’t think Tila Tequila is). But to each his own I guess!

  3. Ha, I know. I wanted to give something more away and I made a top 50 list.

    But I PROMISE I emphasized in the list that it was my top 50, not everyone’s top 50. Especially because it is impossible to make a top 50 list for everyone, since people’s tastes are so different.

    What it is, however, is a list of 50 beautiful Asian women (in whatever order you please) with about 4 to 5 good photos of each. And many of them people may never have heard of some of the models before.

    Besides, hopefully people aren’t buying it for the list! The photos aren’t exactly wonderfully formatted. The book had much more time spent on it.

  4. ohhh 88square… yea ull have to be careful with that site mister.miss.
    but this girl IS very pretty.
    i like the second to last pictures. wanna make her my life science tutor..

  5. Let me give some more information on Cat. She’s better known as Lincy Leaw with Asian 4 You and also goes by Catherine Hoew. She’s Thai and has been around since 2003, so I highly doubt she is 22. That would mean she has been showing her puss since she was 15. She’s a cutie, but her stuff with 88 Square is not her best stuff in my opinion. I wouldn’t put her in my top 50, but she would definitely be in my top 100. Too bad she is not around anymore.

  6. Oh man, I just love this girl. She’s got that Thai look that really drives me wild. For me, its a really good combination of sexy, cute, and beautiful.

    Actually, she reminds me a lot of an ex girlfriend of mine, which also doesn’t hurt.

  7. So what day is she scheduled for implants? Great face – but needs a little ‘upstairs’ to complete the package.

  8. I really like her small breasts, I think that they suit her frame as she is very slim. At the risk of reopening an old wound I think she has a particularly sexy vagina!

  9. She does have a cute face. This girl doesn’t photograph the best, nonetheless her personality appears to my liking. She’s probably one of those girls who you meet any where who rocks your world with her animated spirit, relaxed attitude, and being a great lay. I like her.

  10. No kidding. I can’t believe I didn’t remember her from Asian4you! That was probably the only site I had practically bookmarked. I had other favorites on that site though. Those photographers do a fantastic job, I have to give them a lot of credit. I don’t visit Black Alley, but maybe I should reconsider.

    Is it possible that she looks younger now than she did before? It almost looks like it.

  11. I agree with Luke. I love tiny titty girls in pictures. In real, I like ’em a lil bigger, but in pics, I like almost flat girls. She’s very k’waii….

    …and if she was my gf I’d cut her off if she even joked about getting implants. She’s already purrfect. Except for the hairy bush, heh.

  12. She did a bj video with Asian4You and a couple of picture series where she had a shaven haven – good looking girl and absolutely no need for any implants – looks great the way she is !

  13. Just happened to hit this site on a search for Cat. She’s perfect. Hope she never changes anything. Eyes to get lost in, amazing kind of tight athletic body, and being kind of a semi foot guy at times she has cute feet too. Plus her enthusiasm pops in her pics.
    Foud her stats if that interests anyone:
    Born: 09/01/1986
    Blood: A
    Breast: 78 cm
    Waist: 56 cm
    Hips: 82 cm
    Height: 156 cm

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