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This isn’t a post I would usually make or advocate, but I feel it worthy in a strange sort of way. If anything, I am interested as a voyeuristic provocateur to see the responses of the surely informed, educated and insightful Sirens readership. I am not being sarcastic – seriously!

The source and unintentional draw of this missive is the above pictured ‘Kip’. She is damned hot in my humble opinion and I stumbled across her via the wonderful daily resource of Asian Thumbs a while back. More pics and the debate after the jump.Thumbs has a wide range of well, interesting, resources that the unrepentant voyeur can browse each day. It is for this reason that you can stumble across some more obscure content and models that would be otherwise hard to find.

I found Kip on that site and was amazed by her beauty. She is apparently 19 years old, from Bangkok and certainly not too shy. Since I am not a ‘greenhorn’ I immediately recognized that the ‘watermark’ in the lower corner was from Cream Pie Thais ( (Updated 15/8/2008).

My ‘problem’ with sites like the one that generated these pictures – and there are plenty of this type – is that I find them to be horribly exploitive, even dangerous to the girls. Claiming that they have been properly compensated is a load of crap as I know most will agree – they are paid a pittance comparatively speaking.

Finally the chance of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy is high (the latter even advocated on some of these sites). I like a beautiful model and would even go so far as to say porn, but not when it is exploitive and causes harm. What do you think?






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  1. They all disgust me. SMA (if you don’t know what that is, don’t bother) makes me sick. Though I think there is blame in so many different places that it is hard to point towards who is most at fault.

  2. Bad karma indeed. She is a cutie and to my knowledge she is well as she returned some months later for a second – similar in nature – production with the same crew/’co-star’.

  3. I think it is unfair to not give credit if you’re using their content for a post no matter if you disagree with what they do.

    William you do realize that this girl is a bargirl right? she has sex with men for a living! So these sites are simply just another “customer” for her. After the shoot she’ll probably go and work a few more short times that night. The only difference is this site probably paid her 10x what she’d make with a regular customer.

    It annoys me how you and everyone else assumes these poor innocent girls are forced into having sex on camera. These girls are NOT forced to do anything, they are the ones who answer the ads, they are the ones who travel to the location, they make the conscious decision to make the video. So how is this girl and others like her being exploited if she willingly agrees to this act ?

    Do you really think these sites dont test the girls before a shoot? I would think you would give them a bit more credit than that. The majority of these sites are professional companies just like those in the states. Are there some performers that dont test, i wouldnt doubt it, but I have no doubt that the majority are safe and responsible.

    Also yes CreampieThais advocates getting girls pregnant, its the whole point of the site! Its actually very good marketing.. Do you really think these girls are! not on the pill? Do you really think these wpmen would go into a shoot knowing some guy was going to cum inside of them and just say “im not on contreception, but what the hell!”

    All porn creates a fantasy, CreampieThais creates the fantasy of having sex with a Thai girl and impregnating her for fun just as Bangbus creates the fantasy of picking up a girl, having sex with her, then tossing her on the side of the road without paying her.

    I respect your writing William, but you cant just see a pretty face such as Kip and assume shes being exploited, its just not that simple. If that is your theory, then any girl that has performed in a pornographic scene is being exploited?

    Can you please elaborate on what you mean by Harm? How is Kip for example HARMED in this instance?

    NOTE FROM THE DOC: I had to edit your post allasianreviews – please mind your language.

  4. You only think shes exploited because she is cute. If she looked like a dirty whore, no one would care. It is just because some men get this ridiculous notion that, just because they are into a girl, it is their job to “save” them.

    And these “rescuer” fantasies are just that: fantasy.

    Unexploited market, perhaps? I can see it now!!

  5. “Dirty Whores” are exploited as well. Really, all of this is exploitation in some form, even if it is perpetrated by the model rather than the photographer. I think what Sparrow is asking is what degree of exploitation should be considered “too far” to the point where it becomes wrong, if any.

  6. First, you got to give the site credit if you are going to use their content despite how you may feel about them.

    Kip is very beautiful, but she most likely has sex with guys for money because it’s a very easy way to make a good sum of money in a short time compared to working 12-14 hours at some job.

    Girls like Kip usually make one video and that’s it. It’s possible that they may not know what will after the video is shot but they know what they are getting into which is that they can make more money by appearing in porn. They’re not forced into doing so.

    These girls are in more danger by having sex with random strangers than appearing in porn since they don’t know who that guy is or what he may have contracted from someone else. There’s always a risk when you’re having unprotected sex, but I am sure that these sites test these girls before they start because they have no idea who they’ve been with or what they might have.

    You could say that they are being exploited by the amount that they get paid for the work that they do, but does anyone have any idea how much that they get from a porn shoot instead of speculating? These girls are not going to get paid a ton of money because of economics. They will get paid a going rate for what they do on camera. And since there are plenty of girls to choose from, they won’t get paid a ton but would still make more than they would having sex with some guy from a bar.

    It’s also wrong to assume she’s being exploited just because she is cute and because some guy ejaculates inside her on camera. The content from CPT I feel is pretty tame and non-exploitive compared to other sites who find what you would consider a dirty whore and do all kinds of degrading things to her which I feel is worse and more exploitive.

    Lastly, as long as they are countries with poor economic conditions, they will always be open to exploitation. Whether it’s people working in a sweat shop or having sex on camera, there’s nothing you can do until those conditions change and there is more opportunity. And the ones who are really being exploited in that region are the young kids who are forced into the sex trade everyday or have their virginity sold for top dollar. That’s who your heart should go out to. At least Kip has a choice in what she does.

  7. It doesn’t matter if they are whores, if they are exploited, it is wrong, by definition, I believe.

    The question is, are they being exploited? If they are mistreated, subjected to danger and/or cheated financially, then the answer would be “Yes”.

    I find CPF to be totally gross and uninteresting, for what it’s worth. But, this girl is cute enough, I suppose.

  8. Also, these girls will be exposed to some sort of exploitation since porn is illegal in Thailand and because they need the money. So they’re at a disadvantage.

  9. My comments on this matter:

    1) We have to give credit to the source of the images, if only for legal reasons – otherwise we are breaching Copyright.

    2) I don’t know enough to know if this girl is being exploited or not, but personally I’m not convinced.

    3) Kip is stunningly cute – one of the prettiest Thai girls I’ve ever seen! And I don’t normally like Thais.

  10. Went to the CPT site.He must’ve gone through every bar girl in the country.I’m not really into the bar girl look…but he sure is.

  11. She’s VERY cute. And previous posters are right. No one forces the girls to shoot. They may become embarrassed later on, but at the time they are shooting, they are having fun!! They LIKE it!!

  12. Agree with those who say as they aren’t being forced, what’s the big deal? This is a prime example of rampant unchallenged feminist indoctrination.

    We are all exploited if we work for another, and often even if we own the business. Long ago when I worked for a record store for low wages I was “exploited” for my encyclopedic music knowledge. Boo hoo. My solution was to get an education and quit the stinking job.

    Difference between capitalism and communism? In capitalism man exploits man. In communism it’s the other way around!

  13. She’s very pretty. Everywhere in the sex business, there are those women who are in control and have fun and love the dollars, and those women who feel constrained to do the job (by poverty or other factors) so they agree to do it.

    In some situations, but mostly rare I guess, there are some women forced to it. I don’t think that’s the case in 99% of the situations.

    Except for kids and lack of freedom situations, the girls know what they are doing and sign a contract and usually all the performers get tested. Yes, it’s rough but the world is cruel at certain levels. This is just another one. and if one girl doesn’t shoot porn, the next girl will.

    That’s the bottom line: there’s an offer for shooting and getting some dollars. And some girl will agree to it, because she needs the money and/or because she loves sex.

  14. Excellent topic.

    I’m in line with many posters that exploitation is exploitation. Watching any type of porn in itself is exploitation, and to site out this type of adult business as being wrong is somewhat naive. Personally I don’t like any of this kind of crap, but I can’t say porn like this and the people behind it are the biggest dirt bags in the world, especially coming from a fruitful first world country.

    THE PRIMAL MOTIVATIONAL FORCE FOR MOST MEN IS SELF INTEREST, THUS EXPLOITATION IS A PART OF LIFE. I agree this fact of life is a bit harsh, but that’s the way it tends to be. Ignorance has always been taken advantage of. Just look at animals. We can get all the protein we need eating soy, but until a cow or chickens harbor the intelligence to fend for themselves, they are savagely eaten.

    This discussion is diving into existential territory of what is right or wrong, which is quite difficult to assess.

  15. AAhhh…excellent! Let’s discuss MOTIVES; not why we males enjoy viewing(or participating with) the female anatomy…that is a natural GIVEN!

    Focus…for a moment…on the MOTIVES of beautiful…some World-Class…Japanese girls/women who subject themselves to public humiliation in the form of multiple sexual encounters on film, with (in many cases) repulsive,fat and aged Japanese men. Is there some social status to be gained…or…IS IT JUST ABOUT THE MONEY…low self-esteem?? Help me to have some understanding….?!

  16. Exploitation? I don’t think so. The girls know the score and want to make an easy buck by this work. Just like most prostitutes; the work on their back is easier than working in the paddy field or in a factory, or in a shop. They make free choices. Of course there is sexual slavery, but then there is also slavery in other professions. Both overseas and in the U.S. slaves have been found in factories and working as domestic servants among other jobs.

  17. Bill, I’ve enjoyed reading your articles for a long time. I do admit to being a bit mystified by this post though. Could you elaborate somewhat on what factors caused you to single out this site (and others of the same type) as being “horribly exploitative, even dangerous to the girls”?

    You also state they are paid a pittance. What are your sources for that assertion?

    I guess one reason why I am mystified that you wrote this, give that sex in Asia has been your beat for many years, is that you are leveling some accusations against this site, such as the chance of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy, that would equally apply to: every single sex-work related business in the world; every single piece of M/F porn produced in the world; plus an awful lot of human behavior that has nothing to do with either of the two categories I just mentioned.

    Exploitation is certainly a difficult concept to corner, because not even the people who are supposedly being exploited would agree with the assessment. Case in point is this site. There are many who believe the women featured here (and working at import car shows, etc) are being exploited. Do we agree? Probably not. Do those models agree? Probably not. You can see where this goes…

  18. i should stop why i aint the one who brought up they were ugly..i said a number of them are very feminine looking

  19. I once creampied a thai 🙂 Seriously I did. I actually threw a cream pie at her face. It was her birthday 🙂

  20. While you guys are busy debating exploitation and its effects on certain classes of people, I’m gonna take yet another look at Kip. This girl is gorgeous.

  21. 1201: your comments re Japanese men are against our posting guidelines, and this is the second time you’ve breached them. Please be aware that your next breach will be your last comment here.

  22. Basically anything you say here will get you “banned.” Dr. Lee maybe you should take a look and do some research on the various forms of fashion, actually I would say lifestyles, that have emerged out of Japan’s [street] culture…male gangarus, nuff said.

  23. Your analysis is brilliant 1201. Because there is a style of clothing that you find unattractive, every Japanese male must be both feminine and ugly.

    Do you not see the problem with what you are saying? Let’s say you are a while male (which I assume you are). You do not capitalize your “I” correctly. Should I assume that because you do not know how to capitalize that all white males must be illiterate?

    No, because that would be an incorrect generalization. Except unlike that one, yours are not only generalizations, but they are popular racist generalizations, making them even more offensive.

  24. Man if you deem these pictures exploitation, then what do you think of some really nasty Japanese pictorials, with scatology, golden showers or even worse… The girls never seem to enjoy it….

  25. Wow – *sigh* I find that I am starting so many of my return posting to comments are starting with that these days.

    But I do always appreciate a good debate; even when I find that I may have found myself on the wrong side of it.

    First, to the few posters who commented about attributing content to it maker, you are right of course. My apologies. I felt that the watermark on the last one would be enough for reference, but as a journalist I should know better and you guys are absolutely correct to have called me on it.

    LawBoy: i feel exploited 🙂

    Thanks for that one, it made me giggle when the comments in this thread were starting to weigh on me.

    But I guess I deserved it, I even got a few direct emails from some unhappy readers who pointed out similar arguments as those posted in this thread.

    So, next up, ‘exploitation/pornography’: I hope that those who emailed feel that they got the response they deserved, by the same token I would like to thank them for giving me more information. So I would like to first apologize to for singling them out, the certainly are not the worst example of sites with content that I felt uneasy about, but instead they just happened to be the source of these pics (and the only productions of) Kip that I knew about.

    I have since been assured that they – and other sites – do indeed test their performers before each production, I was very happy to learn this and that had led me the concern over health issues. In the same vein is the issue of pregnancy, I have rarely encountered Thai women on birth control so I felt this was an issue, but apparently not as I was also informed. This takes away a good amount of my worries that I characterized as being ‘horribly exploitive and dangerous to their health.

    For that I am very glad, I am sorry that I had to learn of it after having made a post that appears to have been shortsighted. Nevertheless I am still happy to have learned it no matter the cost to my ego; learning is an important part of life and my work.

  26. Finally, in a similar way that I responded to one of the emails, I will stick to my now somewhat tattered argument if only to agree, concur and state that all forms of pornography are exploitive, it is just a matter of at what level. After what I have learned I will state that my original argument has been put to rest for Cream Pie Thais. I will also agree that just about any position we find ourselves in in life can be deemed exploitive at some level. I am certainly no feminist or apologist; though I find myself apologizing now.

    I like porn and it seems it was simply a matter that this genre of fantasy, was a fantasy I simply didn’t fancy. It should also be noted that this was not intended as a blanket accusation to many, many pornography sites and makers out there.

    Yes, many Thai girls sell sex – and I have never represented this as a problem so long as they are not mistreated. There are many eager sellers, and many satisfied customers. Thai girls who can earn, I am told, between THB 5,000 – 15,000 (approx. USD $165-$500) are indeed make up to 10x their going rate for a single customer. Indeed, many seem happy earning a quick buck.

    If I have offended anyone you have my sincere apologies. And my thanks to those who helped to inform me.

  27. back to Kip I think she is really hot, but I do really like Thai girls so am a little biased. She appears slightly cross eyed, especially in the second and last photos, I don’t know why but I find this very alluring…

  28. 1201: if you don’t agree with our posting guidelines, you are free to leave. And if you breach them again, you won’t have any choice anyway. 😉

  29. I said I found a number to be quite feminine looking [from hairstyle, clothing choices, mannerisms], these are a select group. And I never did bring up ugliness..that was the poster above me.

    Hmm can this stem from the hate I have for how the men in Japan men view the women as, as second rate citizens. I don’t know, perhaps. Getting molested on train-like settings so that pervs can live out their fantasies..oh that must be sooo pleasant for these girls. Coffee shops, where girls dress up in some anime get up and act like little submissive twats serving coffee, and addressing these men by master while never looking them in the eye. I don’t even want to know what goes on behind closed doors at these “cafes”..well it goes without saying, it is Japan after all. These are just one of the many e’fd up things they come up with that are openly advertised on the streets. They even have organized gang rape. The ring leader being some fricken loser in a group called “Super Free” aka the rape club. I’d also like to mention the income inequality among the two genders is disgusting, and for a DEVELOPED nation at that, we’re not talking about Nicaragua here. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Which leaves me with little to no respect for the men in Japan [cause I really don’t think selling school girls used panties in vending machines is necessary], so excuse me if something offensive slips my tongue >=D.

    And the Kip pics are hardly Paul Po pointed out. Though I do think she was exploited at some point in her life cause Thailand is notorious for child prostitution.

  30. 1201: the poster above you did not characterise Japanese men as a race as ugly – that was you. Speaking in an abstract way about individuals is very different to racial profiling, which is what you did – and that is against our posting guidelines.

  31. Getting groped on public transportation is also highly common in S. Korea & Taiwan. Wanna characterize all men from those countries too, 1201?

    Thanks WS, for your humble & informative response.

  32. bill, you dont have to apologize…we always appreciate your posts…a good excuse to see boobs 🙂 btw, you should come to saigon sometime 🙂

  33. Like they don’t do those stuff where you are 1201?

    Gender inequality?
    Themed restaurants or cafes?
    Groping on the trains?
    Feminine looking men?

    You must be living in a utopia.

  34. i agree with Dr. Lee, and perhaps you should include a link to their site for reference. Most people arent going to notice the little watermark:)

  35. Dr. Lee: Ok..right, I seem to be the scapegoat for everything. Well I explained myself above and I didn’t mean it to be a racial thing.

    luvjgirls: Shame really, Mexico City has women-only buses while Japan, instead had only some brilliant minded individual thought hmm if I can’t freely grope women on buses, I guess I will just make bus-like setting places where you can freely molest women and I will advertise it openly. Sorry man that is just fricken gross. And the society and culture in Taiwan [republican-ruled while Japan is democratic] and South Korea [republic] differs. And I am NOT characterizing people from different countries. It’s just the views and inequity of women in Japan is pretty bad and it’s not being made any better.

    Mugestu: What so have they become the norm? Damn the fact that you can justify all that is appalling. First off Japan is a first world nation where the gender inequality [worse amongst any first world nation] should not be exasperated even more [to the extreme really] with their little genius fantasy land ideas and gimmicks. I’m living in a utopia? Ok you can take the pervland fantasy world.

  36. Thanks everybody.

    Doc, allasianreviews: As to updating the original post, I will update the ‘CPT’ to the linked full name as I agree that was particularly egregious and unfair, so I will do that in just a moment. As for updating the rest of it – believe I would love to as it would make me feel like less of a pikey. Yet at the same time, I think it would not be in the spirit of the debate; it would also make all of the posts that follow seem somewhat misplaced. Certainly my post explaining my original intent and then coming around would seem weird.

    No, I think I will leave it there for future readers to have the same experience and then to enjoy the debate in its true spirit.

  37. 1201:

    I’m just attacking your “holier than thou” attitude.

    I’m not justifying them, just saying that those happen elsewhere besides Japan and that we cannot point the finger and act superior.

    My friends have stories of getting groped or flashed (some even had men masturbate in front of them!) here in the US during rush hour. There are tons of feminine looking men here in the US, just go down to your fashion district. Glass ceilings have faced women regardless of race. All of this in a first class country like the US.

    These things affect everyone, not just Japan.

  38. No, it is simply the cold truth. Each country has its own problems, it may be the same as another and it may not, and affects everyone differently. For example the US’s civil rights in the south or the gun control problem is not something Japan has particular issues with. Gender inequality, I know many nations face [I am only including the 1st world countries by the way–leaving Japan being the worst–you agree with me on at least that bit?] WHAT I am saying is Japan seems to only make the problem worse, for reasons why I have mentioned above. Ok in layman’s term, basically if you were a woman, where would you rather live Japan or the US? Exactly.

    And I’m pretty sure the US won’t any time soon open up some public masturbation cafe. Yes feminine men, masculine women, gender bender at its best, what else is new.

  39. is posting pirated movie links allowed on this forum? If saying f**k is not allowed, then neither should links leading to blatent theft of these sites.

  40. It just isn’t practical for us to police links (we’ve tried in the past). It is up to the content owners to take it up with the site hosting the material (indeed, being posted here can help them to track it down).

  41. I dont mean to be lil miss tattletell, im just saying guys, if i came on here and posted a full site rip of sachikos site, or pacific beauty, youre saying you would leave it up? I think not, you’d be policing then…

    Oh and its internal BREEDING heh.

  42. you would think the site wouldnt mind the free pub. and so more people will come on their site to see kip…adam does it all the time with his post and i am sure sachiko wouldnt mind the free pub 🙂

  43. Hi all, Adam here from Pacific Beauty.
    I see my name and my website mentioned in this thread so I thought I would add my two cents. allasianreviews’s complaint is interesting but he must be new to the game. Going after Asian Sirens in regards to contributing to content theft would be like wasting the informant and letting the dealer get away. I love it when people help me to know where wholesale theft is occurring. Then it’s up to me to take action against serious (for profit), abusers, not Asian Sirens. And we are really, really good at that. All in all, we have found that a little content theft is good for business, but a lot is not.

  44. To answer allasianreviews’ question: yes, I actually would like the link to stay up until I’ve found out about it. THEN I would take it down, along with the site hosting it. If the link was taken down before I knew about it, then this wholesale theft would continue without me knowing. So basically, unless a content owner asks us to take a link down, we won’t. But if they do (which obviously will be after they’ve found out about the offending site), we will comply with their request. A lot of the time though, the DMCA will take the offending site down first.

  45. Okay, I wanted to get to the bottom of the whole issue of this post myself, so I’ve done a little digging of my own. As it turns out, it seems Bill was right after all – indeed, this is so hot that I can’t reveal how I came by this information. But I am quite certain that my source is accurate.

    18 year old go go dancers do not get tested for short time bonk sessions or video shootings in Pattaya hotel rooms. Such crap. The CPT “stunt dick” with his one hand held video cam is lucky to get the girl to spend 2 hours with him in his hotel, let alone go to the VD clinic together. The girls have tourists pointing digital cams at them every day and have no idea which ones are headed for the internet and which ones are simply fond vacation memories. Nor do they care a hoot as long as the extra money for photos and video is paid in full. They will do almost anything for the extra money, often to support a drug habit.

    Anyone who has ever been to Pattaya and tried to do anything with bar girls knows that this special trip to the clinic testing story we hear
    from allasianreviews is pure bull. And as a bonus for the readers who are not keen on what CPT is promoting, one of the girls in his video he rode all around the track bareback failed her monthly aids test, and everyone is talking about how dumb this guy is to do her with no condom.

    How could anyone be so ignorant to think that 18 year old, drugged out, bar girl hookers would take the time to go off to a VD clinic and get tested for a short time bonk with a dumb tourist and his video camera? All the punters who bar fine her have video cameras. Only difference is she will ask for extra money if you turn it on.

    So there you have it. Once again, I am very confident as to the reliablity of this information.

  46. Oh, and one more thing: I’m not making any accusations, but allasianreviews’ spirited defence of Cream Pie Thais (and protests about the RapidShare link) should probably be viewed in light of the fact that he undoubtedly collects a fair bit of affiliate money from them. 😉

  47. Let’s face it, with genuine bargirls, chance is they don’t have much knowledge to protect themselves and so they may get into difficult situations, like not being tested and going in a video without protection.

    But regarding other veteran models, they should know what they’re doing and should be really careful with their tests.

    Then, like in any business, there must be porn companies that do the right thing and those that don’t. Some test the girls and some don’t? I wouldn’t bet… who knows for sure? The bargirls need sex education so they can be protected.

    But the bottom line is: if you think an AIDS test, taken today, tells you that you are healthy today, you are fooling yourself. AIDS has incubation time, like most viruses.

  48. Dr. Lee, I just think cpt were unfairly picked on. If people think cpt is exploiting these women, then what do you think about At least cpt takes a soft approach to shooting these girls instead of degrading them like is the norm on the other thai sites.

    Honestly these arguments are worthless because we could go back and fourth all day but the truth is everybody already has made up their minds about the subject.

    I think ill just go back to lurking and enjoying the sexy Asians:)

  49. allasian, I’m guessing that CPT was “picked on” here, because the initial post used pictures from that site. I don’t think anyone said they were the ONLY site that exploited women, or that they were the worst.

  50. Yeah, according to my source, AsianStreetMeat is actually even worse in some ways. But as Bigfoot has already said, CPT is the subject of this post.

  51. allasianreviews wrote:
    “At least cpt takes a soft approach to shooting these girls instead of degrading them”

    Hi allasianreviews.
    You made an interesting point about how porn is all about fantasy. True that. AsianStreetmeat is the bottom feeder champion of truly sick fantasy but Nigel wears a condom, Mr. CreamPie does not. Aids has a much more long lasting effect then being degraded in a fantasy video. Who do you think hurts the girls more?

  52. Some of these later comments are heartening. I never meant to pick on CPT, it was simply the source of the photo in this case.

    Nevertheless, I think some of the late points being made are true; ASM is certainly a bottom-feeder who like to put forward the ‘fantasy’ of degrading the women he uses. Whether it is peeing on them or chaining them to a toilet, this fantasy remains a bit unsavory for me. Still though, as pointed out, Nigel wears a condom.

    There are ‘feature-girl sites’ that work to present the ‘GFE’ experience out there that I have no doubt look to protect the women.

    However with some of the others, I still have my doubts.

    Your reporter in Asia promises to follow-up with all the details!

  53. a very wise man once told me “whap that sucker” :)) that is just crazy going bareback, even with one as hot as Kip..and yes asianreviews “thy lady thus protest too much” :))
    btw, is it really that dangerous in thailand?
    Hi Adam, I am VN :)) cheers to you bro.

  54. AIDS is certainly worse. Worse than any degradation. Though having sex with someone as ugly as Nigel is bad in its own right.

    Nigel does not use a condom for a number of his anal sex segments, and his site is far more offensive. I’m not willing to give him credit for being intelligent yet.

  55. All this info from these most current posts is really scary. I don’t know what the hell to believe. Not knowing what is on the up and up with these sites, just don’t support them.

  56. Travis, GoodTaste, LawBoy, Adam & Doc (among others): That is why the topic needs more review, investigation and reporting.

    I am working on it! 🙂

    LawBoy: I thought you were going to be dragging yourself to Thailand?? Better sights in Vietnam then?

  57. Hi Travis,
    You had me laughing. Thanks. Nigel does look a lot like that small, mythical troll in Lord of the rings. Ought to be a law against having sex without a mask for him! I did not know Nigel goes bareback. Have only seen a few short previews floating around the net and all with his raincoat on.

  58. Yo Law Boy,
    Here the known facts about disease danger in Thailand. Thailand has reduced the cases of Aids some 85% in the last 15 years due mostly to the nationwide promotion of condom use both in the professional sex community and in schools. A world record and miracle according to the WHO. Porn Videos promoting bareback sex with short time bar girls is bad ju ju. I would like to cream pie the guy in the CPT Video but with a real cream or possibly fruit pie, nothing sexual of course 🙂

  59. i was worry there adam when i got the part where you want to “cream pie the guy in the CPT video” but then you cleared it up….phew..i thought you were about to go to the other team:)

    adam, Bill….my time is short this time so no thailand this time…rain check on the Beer and pataya:) office calling me back 🙂 cheers to you guys and how i envy you guys living in the land of the cream pies :))

  60. The office (girl) is calling LawBoy. We get the message. 🙂

    Good luck on your investigation there, Bill. Go as deep as you can. But safely. lol

  61. arf, with a chick or a dude? :)) is it even possible to give a guy a cream pie? pennies for your thoughts 🙂

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