Vanessa Phil


Vanessa Phil is sort of an import model from Texas. You can view more photos of her here and here, or view the few I selected for you below. That is how this works.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: 5’3
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Located: Texas






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0 thoughts on “Vanessa Phil”

  1. Agreed….she is like an Asian Brooke Burke, but natural.

    She is hot and Viet.

    I like that she has ever so slight bags under her eyes. Really, I find that cute in Viet girls.

    Every photo shows ONLY her left side. Why?

  2. Yes, Majiemao, I agree, “Asian Brooke Burke”.

    French, I wondered the same thing regarding her left side…..Kroos answered my question.

    She has lovely skin on her left side of her body. Nice left jaw line, too. pretty.

  3. lol @ kroos and ewww! She looks like both Michael Jackson AND Brooke Burke? Still like her a lot, though and I would love to see more of her backside:-)

  4. She is pulling off slim and at the same time womanly and strong. I like her. There is both youth and wisdom behind those eyes.

  5. I was hooked when I saw that arch in her backside in the top photo. Third shot down is my fave too…she’s seems to have something in her eyes. Like she’s hungry and wild.

  6. Hot and sexy. I’d be surprised if she was under 30 and if she’s 40 that makes her hotter still. I’d love her in my bed!!!

    lol kroos…that reminded me of the nickname for Jackson Bird – (he’s some kind of Aussie sportsman) – “Janet” 😉

  7. arf: Nice picture!

    I think she is gorgeous. Beautiful lips, nice jaw line, and look at her measurements- a bit unusual: 32-26-34 but I love smaller hips

    I think the make-up leads to the Janet Jackson comments, and Janet Jackson used to be quite hot. Vanessa is from Texas….don’t mess with Texas.

  8. The first pic is ridiculously hot, but after that I felt a bit let down. I get the feeling that she greatly benefits from some good photography, lighting, and makeup. I’d have to see more to know for sure, but for now, I’m not convinced.

  9. It’s funny I get the opposite feeling Wylde8. I think the photo’s don’t do her justice and she would be hotter in person.
    It looks like her head is a bit big, maybe due to the small hips.

  10. Glad you stepped in with a correct assessment of hot Vanessa here, Luke….

    Some Vietnamese girls just have larger heads compared to their bodies.

  11. Oh hallelujah! I’d say she’s way hotter in person than in pictures. God I love viet girls! right after Filipinas, there’s nothing better.

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