Kaoru Kikuchi At Miss Bikini Universe Japan

Regular readers will know I an avid follower of the unconventional career of model and entrepreneur Kaoru Kikuchi, so when I found out she was recently a contestant in Miss Bikini Universe Japan – with lots of other hot Japanese girls in, well, bikinis – I figured it would have to be worth an Asian Sirens article. So did she win?

Unfortunately not quite, but she was runner-up (I personally preferred her to the winner though). Here’s a few pics from the show:




Here’s a few other nice photos of Kaoru in a bikini:




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  1. I agree that she was better than the winner but there were a couple of hot girls in there. A few weren’t for me. It’s pretty funny how the guys in the crowd are just sitting there smiling and taking pics with their phones…they look like they’re in heaven lol

  2. Karou appeared to be the standout to me, although all the girls had lovely bodies. I like them like this rather than the more defined/ muscular look of the previous post.

  3. Yeah, I think Kaoru has a sexiness that none of the other girls could match, although a few of them had very nice bodies. Actually, I feel Kaoru’s sexiness is unusual for Japanese girls in general – they’re usually cute, but rarely truly sexy IMHO (in the way that the hottest Korean women are, for example).

  4. She should definitely try out super model contest or miss japan and then miss universe. She’s gorgeous.

  5. Doc, she’s DEFINITELY worthwhile posting!
    I love the first pic as well as ‘the leap’.
    And yes, for a Japanese – unusually hot looking. But while referring to Korean women, you left out the comparison with really sexy Chinese women.
    FTR my generalised order of sexiness: China, Korea then Japan. But, I know – each to their own.

  6. I ended up checking out Clara Bodin, the MC and coordinator of the show 😉

    Not very Asian Sirens spirit, but she’s also hot!

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