Soo Yeon Lee is “Ravenous”

This recent Target commercial for Nature Made prenatal vitamins is entitled “Ravenous” and features actress, model and world class table tennis player, Soo Yeon Lee, who’s been featured here before. However, what hasn’t been featured here before, is a portrayal of a pregnant girl. I say “portrayal” because Soo Yeon is just playing a pregnant girl, who’s in a frenzy to satisfy her hunger cravings …. or just to make a mess in her kitchen. Said Soo Yeon of this role: “It was good practice to be a pregnant woman.” See more of her at her official website.

EDIT:You can view the original post and video here.

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0 thoughts on “Soo Yeon Lee is “Ravenous””

  1. Pretty gal, messy gal, pretty messy gal.

    Pregnancy doesn’t turn me on though….

    I do like her pics from the old post.

  2. i agree with fungusfarm. I find her less attractive in that target commercial than on her website and the older post you had of her…

  3. Banned? What did I do?
    CEC, arf, I know where you live. You’re both just lucky I am a nice guy. And I don’t have a gun. 🙂
    Anyway, I can’t see a f*&#ing thing so I’ll just read your comments and live vicariously through you lucky buggers.
    Luke, I hope to go back to Oz soon, and I have a list of all these Youtube vids to see.

  4. Don’t do it Longtack. Sure, it’s easier to get vegemite and youtube here, but is the eye-candy sacrifice really worth it??

    Mind you, you’re welcome to visit Rocky and I’ll let you borrow a local female here I’ve come to know. It’s kind of like throwing a hot-dog down an empty corridor whilst bouncing around on a jumping castle with tattoos, but it’ll be an experience you can remember forever.

  5. Kroos, I rate Melbourne’s contribution to eye-candy pretty highly (Asian or otherwise). I know Doc would spruik the Sunnybank girls too. I think you may need to relocate, or at least get somewhere cooler so they cover up a bit more.
    Longtack I’m sure you are violating something if not the AS posting guidelines. While you have missed some crackers I find this girls greatest asset is her ping pong ability. Unfortunately it’s not Thai style!

  6. She’s beautiful–I like the perfection of the hair in the ad. Her website is fun for a couple of minutes, but then the relentless self-adulation begins to wear.

  7. Funnily enough Wings, it was working in China that got me onto Asian Sirens.

    I was sick of everything else being banned (especially youtube) and started just doing random google searches. This was just before google had to be accessed through hong kong. Somehow stumbled across this site and haven’t looked back. Don’t know why it’s not banned also… maybe it just doesn’t register as porn. Actually, i don;t consider this site to be porn either….. 🙂

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