Vanessa Ng

Model asked to have her photos removed, but sent email to the wrong email address. Photos removed today.

This beautiful young lady is Vanessa Ng. She is very new to modeling, only 19 years old and standing at an impressing 5’9. I wish all the best for Vanessa as she continues to look towards a modeling career.Stats:

Age: 19
Height: 5’9
Weight: 125
Ethnicity: Chinese/Vietnamese
Location: Richmond, Canada

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0 thoughts on “Vanessa Ng”

  1. Extraordinary!: Girl-next-door looks,tall,lithe figure,strong jaw-line…but…what’s with the eyes??

    Nice post Travis.

  2. Beautiful face (nice smile), great legs…really there’s nothing to not like about her. It’s all good.

    Nice one, Travis.

  3. Very pretty and it’s nice to see some shots where the model is actually smiling (and a perfect smile at that).

  4. She’d be a great fitness model. Really cute.Love the dark skin.Really dig the last name Ng. Looks stylish on paper…and gives off a futuristic vibe when pronounced.Maybe it’s just me.

  5. Flashpoint, 175 lbs? To each his own, I guess, but I think maybe you are looking for


  6. I surely prefer the smile over the standard tough Asian babe look. Beautiful lady, beautiful smile, nice body.

  7. Ive never written on a thread here in all my time enjoying the content of AS…but today I have to say…”Va-ne-essa….f**k yeah!”

    Nice find Travis!….& well done for the string of discoveries you’ve been posting up as of recent!

  8. Very cute eyes and smile. I do not like color contacts on asian girls, but hers don’t bother me… actually probably because her facial features look very white. She looks like a western model with tan skin and asian eyes. I’m sure she would be very successful in asia as a model, because they love features like hers over there.

    My only complaint is that she needs to fill out her chest. Being so tall, she looks flat. This is a case where I think some augmentation would work wonders, and get her to victoria’s secret levels of hotness.

  9. lawfin, hotness does not equal augmentation. asians are inherently flat, its part of their look. if she gets a boob job, she will look too fake like them chinese actors with size B or C bra sizes. grow up and dont be so superficial

  10. Wow. This is a really hot girl. I dig her look.

    Nice to see a girl that can look sexy in “normal” clothes (see pic 2 and 3) as well as the more revealing clothes in pics 4-6

  11. I understand you guys who like small tits, just like I understand how some guys like other men. Thing is, your mindset is completely alien to me and to most men.

    As it is, her body is like a high fashion model: skinny, flat, and tall. If that’s what she wants to be, then awesome.

    Women need to have at least some curves though, flatness is not hot. Looking at her pics, the only times where she looks like she has anything at all up top, it is clearly her bra.

  12. Seems like most everyone likes her, but she does nothing for me. Too thin, actually looks more japanese or chinese than vietnemese, and not much style. Best wishes though, sounds like most will dig her.

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