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Anissa Tong takes “implied nudity” to a whole other level. With the exception of a single photo seen below (one that I believe she may not know exists), she has been photographed completely nude for a number of different adult websites, but always with hands, hair or other objects covering anything from view. Unlike other implied models, however, she has nothing against the medium, she simply chooses not to do it. She also is into experimentation photography so I expect several interesting photos coming from her in the future.Stats:

Age: 25
Height: 5’7
Weight: 130
Ethnicity: ? (Guessing Chinese or Thai)
Located: New York, NY













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  1. I spot a nipple, good job catching that, Travis.

    I don’t get the whole “implied nudity” thing, really…but, to each their own, I guess. If that’s what she prefers, that’s what we get. It doesn’t, as I suspect some think, add an air of mystery or add to the sexiness, IMO.

    As for Anissa, meh. Looks great in that first picture, and waving from the shower in the robe. But, she is a little thick for my tastes, I think.

  2. I read an interview from her somewhere where she gave the most honest answer to the question about whether she did nudity. Her answer was something along the lines of “I have nothing against it, I think it is great, even as an art form, I just do not really want to do it but have no problem with those that do.”

    Honest reasons like that I have a lot of respect for. It is people that see something against it that I have a problem with – especially the implied nude crowd that somehow sees nudity as wrong.

  3. What is the thai or chinese word for “cankles?”
    Really pretty face. She would make a great receptionist.

  4. That first photo lured me in, but thats just way too thick for an asian girl. She could learn a thing or two from MC.

  5. She’s gotta hit the gym, 6 mnths there would take her a completely different level of sexiness. As she stands now shes pretty but a bit of a fatty, one more big mac could spell disaster!

  6. She’s hot, not every girl has to be skinny imho. But with that being said, the first photo is WAY different than the rest. The first photo is like a myspace photo. =p Contents may differ in reality from what the myspace photo shows.

  7. Girly is borderline sexy thick…a coupla’ pizzas away from being fat.I can roll with sexy thick all day.I’m not gonna bother with fat.Find the treadmill…shed 7 to 10 for me…get a boob job to balance out.

  8. She carries her thickness well…but it’s obvious she has no intention of seeing the inside of a gym.That’s dangerous at her age.I would be fine with her just getting on the cardio & a basic hi-rep/light weight training set.
    She could carry that thickness better imo. The boob job is still key.

  9. Pretty eyes and smile (except in some picss her lips are too large). If she’s going to model, she needs to be more toned to be more successful.

    Dream on, LawBoy:-)

  10. Say hello to Mr. Stairmaster and a George Foreman Grill. And goodbye to French Fries and Haagen Daas. Otherwise her modeling career will be short and uneventful. Great face – what a waste.

  11. Wowza, you guys are mean today. I like her, she’s pretty. First, 3rd and 4th photos are her modeling photos. All the rest were from the “modeling” sites.

  12. Sorry, I should add that my point was those sites have bad photography and she took them 2/3 years ago. I think she looks much better now, even beyond the original bad photography.

  13. Anissa is cute. Very cute. She looks like Carla Maria a bit. And I like thick, but that is too thick on the borderline of being fat. If she posed nude, then she could stay out the gym all she wants. But if she is only going to do implied nude, then she should hit the gym or get implants. I rather not see her get implants, but she really needs to do something to balance out that stockiness.

  14. Anissa Tong has a very pretty face, but I agree her build is a bit chunky. One of the usual features of Chinese girls is their petite and slender figures, but it’s a feature that does get compromised by western diet. Chinese women at US shopping malls are still smaller than their european-derived counterparts, but they’re a lot bigger and less healthy looking than those you see in Central in HK. Anissa has lots of potential though.

  15. 1st photo of her is best.

    People do fluctuate in weight. The first photo seems to have been taken when she was at her best weight.

    So yeah, definitely potential.

  16. Well I think she is very pretty but WHEW! What a heffer. I think with that pretty a face her body deserves better. I’m actually happy with the implied nudity in this case. Full on nudity would be too flabulous..and that’s not good.

  17. It has already been posted in the appropriate thread ogpro – it is blatantly off-topic here, and I will not allow any further discussion of Francine in this thread. Got to the Francine thread it was posted in.

  18. Needs to be careful with her weight, but otherwise she’s beautiful.

    Still sexy, the way she is. If she works hard at the gym, she can become quite spectacular.

  19. I just noticed darklighter1’s comment: I think the “heffer” characterisation is a bit insensitive, and I had to delete jd’s last comment as well. Once again guys, please be more careful in how you word your comments!

  20. How would her getting implants help the situation? She’d still have a weight problem, and its not like big boobs act like a vacuum and suck fat from other areas.

  21. With implants, she wouldn’t look so disproportional to the bottom half of her body. I rather see her lose some weight, but she just needs to do either or.

  22. hey Lawfin… that might get the doc upset with that comment 🙂 she is not bad…just a tad heavy for modeling but i bet outside she is pretty good…her face is very exotic, she is tad overweight for modeling.

  23. like i said, not a bad face and she looks good in clothes, just a tad too much padding for modeling……but more cushion for the pushing 🙂

  24. LawBoy and Travis were right – your comment was a clear breach of pur posting guidelines lawfin, and this isn’t the first time you’ve posted comments like this. It will be the last time I let it go.

  25. wow you guys are tough, i see a few girls here that look like that..and alot better..and thinner…but still!I’m not a fan

  26. Well I don’t think I said anything that can’t be rectified with a little work. I said and alot of people said she is fat. Ok I said a heffer and I apologize and it was outa line but I look at it like this…it’s something that is easily and affordably fixable as opposed to when you Doc say a girl looks too primitive or had a bad nose job/boob job etc. That I see as being mean and unnecessary.

    I still think Anissa is gorgeous, just needs some gym work.

    So not trying to pick a fight just saying certain comments that you think are constructive can also be taken as pretty vicious too.

  27. What posting guidelines? I don’t see them anywhere.

    Yes I am critical sometimes, but I don’t use profanity or anything. It’s like Simon Cowell on American Idol, it is his role to be critical, after all, that is what commentary is for.

  28. For all of you people who keep criticizing her for eating “big macs” and not being 100 lbs, grow enough balls to pose like that half naked with your hairy beer bellies before talking shit.

  29. xthatvietgirl,

    Not to excuse the mean/over the top comments, but you’re rather missing the point. She’s the putting herself out there as a model. If models aren’t better looking than the rest of us, what’s the point? Also, it’s precisely the fact that I have a hairy beer belly that I’m not putting nude/implied nude pictures of myself on the web (and you should all be eternally grateful for that).

  30. Girls like this are the reason I finally registered to comment. I’m really tired of seeing posts from likely fat beer bellied guys talking about how not good looking enough some girl is. I would bet my year’s salary that most guys here couldn’t pull one of the even most ordinary girls here if you met them in a bar yet you think it’s okay to belittle people. This is why I hate the internet, people should have to post a picture of themselves before they comment on others. Every girl that’s been posted here is beautiful in here own way, even if not everyone is my personal type. This girl has wonderful thick legs and ass, while it may not be to everyone’s taste, she’s hot and having seen here at many HIN events over the years, there are thousands of guys who would chew off their left nut to be with her. She’s thick, not cellulity (I know not a word) and very in shape. Beautiful and unique. Love those import models.

  31. Slacker & Vietgirl (if in fact you are a girl), consider the following two people:

    Me – not a model and doesn’t aspire to be, a very private guy who doesn’t seek attention or the limelight, slender and very much in shape as I approach 50. Not going to show my photo here, as this is not white-guys/

    Anissa – a model (and a flabby-abbed chunky thighed one at that IMHO), and by definition seeking public attention in order to advance her (not “here”) career, and thus depends on feedback and pleasing as many as possible who are in her target demographic.

    So I ask you: which of the above two people has opened him or herself to reviews by the public, positive or negative, adoring or, say, perhaps not so much?

  32. I think she is very pretty (thighs and all). A little larger but so what. I hit the gym on a regular basis and consider myself to be in good shape but would be proud to be with a girl like this. I also agree that a model is putting themselves out there so they need to accept comments – good & bad. We are all on this site because we appreciate Asian women, and like everything else, they come in all shapes and sizes.

  33. luvgirls…funny stuff back there. Also, I don’t really think she would care what people think or say about her considering she already has the courage to show her body off in this fashion. I’m sure she has accepted her sexy, curvacious body by now. p.s. i’m hoping this is considered kissing her ass, because…nevermind.

  34. Thanks arf.
    I liken the whole “Ooohhh, so you think you can do better? Don’t criticize if you can’t!” thing to crap I heard in high school! Does this rule mean I can’t criticize a movie or concert because I myself can’t make one? Nonsense.

    Yes she does have the courage to put herself out there. Good on her!

  35. While I agree when you model you put yourself out there, and i’m sure she’s used to those who don’t like her because it’s part of life and fortunately there are likely as many or more who do, I just find it, what’s an acceptable word here, classless to call someone flabby-abbed chunky thighed instead of just saying she isn’t your type. There is a difference, and anonymity doesn’t make it any more cool.

  36. slackerking: Does that mean if your “unattactive” you cant comment your own opinion on people who want to make a career out of modeling when they primary put out there image to be judged?
    A whole lotta models out there are criticized/judged all the time because of this “career” choice.
    thank you very fucking much!

  37. Right, slackerking is saying to show a little class in our critiquing. Fugly is out, Butterface is probably borderline, saying “I don’t like her nose” is okay. And no, these comments are examples and not in any way related to Anissa.

  38. She looks perfect to me. I love asian women with this type of build and bigger.
    Not really into the too skinny look. Give me this type of woman any day including the Jade Amor’s of the world.
    Though I like european and latin women too, it seems asian women can carry heft and still look attractive easier than the other two.

    I joined today after browsing for so many months due to all the comments that women with any meat on their bones seem to get very little praise here.

    Btw, my preference in a woman’s build is a mix of curvy thick with a bit a athletic tone.

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