Madison Linh

Madison Linh

Madison Linh tells me she’s currently a pre-med student in her senior year at UC Davis and a part-time model who’s worked with “many wondrously talented photographers and artists.”

Madison’s also the second Asian girl I’ve seen turn her blog into an advice column. When asked about her hobbies and interests, she simply stated that she enjoys working her mind and body with chess and tennis. Coincidentally, this entry is being posted on the now 22 year-old Madison’s birthday.

Madison Linh

Madison Linh

Madison Linh

Madison Linh

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  1. you have weird taste doc 🙂 i am viet and she doesnt do it for moi :)) i think its her forehead. 🙂 cute but not outstanding. Shut up Bill :))

  2. Re-read my comments LawBoy – your opinion of her (“cute but not outstanding”) is exactly the same as mine. Is your taste weird as well? 😉

  3. I’ll join in the “cute but not outstanding” chorus.

    But, something tells me that these pictures don’t do this girl justice. I’d like to see how she looks with a very good photog snapping the pics.

  4. I am thinking people don’t like her because of no tatoos. Slim, petite, great skin, nice smile. What is not to love?

  5. Usually just lurk on here, but I was definitely surprised to see a girl that actually goes to the same school as me on here. She’s pretty cute, and she’s an Aggie, what isn’t to like?

  6. I like her. She’s very cute and like me, she’s very intelligent.

    I’d let her change my bedpan any day.

  7. I think she’s cute, I think the fivehead is OK it suits her. On the teeth I find, similarly to slightly crossed eyes the imperfections can be appealing. She looks like she would be good fun to know, and her body is very sexy.

  8. I swear I’ve checked her out in line for a sandwich once or something… I think there are much more… well-endowed ladies at UCD.


  9. Many Vietnamese girls look like her. So, I thinkk that just makes her average. Looks a lot better when she smiles….cute. But, not my type, so hard to sound enthusiastic here.

  10. Nothing personal against her, but she kinda looks like a guy.

    Look at the 3rd pic and I dare you to tell me that doesn’t look like a “cute” tranny.

    I see better looking women than this every time I leave the house. I’d say B- overall.

  11. i’m hypersensitive to any traits that appear “tranny-like”, see my post on Hong Wang.

    Madison doesn’t resemble a tranny to me. Check out those sexy hips.

    I’ve seen many Viet girls with those features (pic 3). At least I think they were girls!

  12. I really like her, she’s definitely average by vietnemese standards but has a really unique and cute face. She reminds me of a girl I dated in college, I know this will sound bad but she has a little chipmunk face. Just find her sexy. It’s interesting to me how many posts here don’t really seem to like asian women, just japanese women. Trust me, there are many more interesting asian girls than the tokyo girls.

  13. Not to take anything away from Miss Linh, but there are many other Vietnamese models that could be featured here. I almost feel like mediocre ones have been featured on purpose!


  14. “I almost feel like mediocre ones have been featured on purpose! ”

    On purpose, acumen? Any idea what sinister reasons might be behind that? Seeing as how Dr. Lee runs the joint, and prefers Vietnamese women, I find that highly unlikely.

    Have you tried browsing, or searching, the archives before making that assessment?

  15. Actually, if acumen is who I think she is (and I’m pretty sure she is!), she has given me some great tips, but I haven’t had time to post them sadly. Maybe I can convince her to post for us. 😉

  16. I already know about Doc Lee’s thing for Vietnamese women. It just seems weird that posts on Vietnamese women here pull from a very small sample. Maybe what I should have said is that some people here have little idea about the kind of Vietnamese beauty (usually quite modest) that is out there.

    I’ve been watching A-S from the sidelines for several years, Bigfoot Dean. Never cared to comment before.

  17. acumen, I think Doc is right, step up and show us some real fantastic Vietnamese women. I would love to see more, and I’m guessing most of the others here would, too.

  18. You got it, Bigfoot. I can’t promise that what I present is going to make your jaw drop, but it will certainly be good.

  19. I know you do, Doc. 🙂

    Ooh, it would be cool if you were “The Professor.” Not that Doc Lee isn’t cool, too.

    Darn! I should have called MYSELF “The Professor”.

    I guess “acumen” will have to do.

  20. How kind of you, Doc!

    But I like to be safe and not assume that people think the same way as you do. There are few things worse than failed expectations.

  21. I’m quite sure you’d have many fans here acumen – but I’d be very happy to examine several more of your more revealing photos, just to re-confirm. 😉

  22. whoa, how many of u guys are actually chick????

    I LOVE vietnamese women. But only the ones that look Japanese….

  23. Guys aren’t chicks, please rephrase lol

    acumen is sending Doc some pics….. How come I don’t have cute vietnamese women sending me pics? Doc, you’re lucky!

  24. Sorry LawBoy – you know, doctor-patient privilage and all that. You’ll have to subpoena me for them. 😉

    Not that acumen needs a doctor mind you – she looks very good indeed. 🙂

  25. yeah, don’t post them Doc. we all bag out/criticise girls on this site….when, if we ever met them in real life, we would probably drool over them.

  26. Man she has you guys all fooled. Take it from someone that knows this chick. Someone who is now good friends with her old best friend since elementary school. She is not a pre med student, she lives in a delusional world where she tells you that she’s going to uc davis, but was kicked out due to academic probation and is now a bar girl in east san jose; who gives lap dance to the right guys with money. She’s also a gold digger, multiple guys on the side and will try and scam you out of anything and everything to get what she wants, with little respect to anyone. Yes she will come off sweet and nice, but it will only last so long till the tantrums kick in….I’m talking child-like. Lastly I have two domestic violence cases against her with a restraining order. Moral of the story is, you can’t judge a book by its cover and you should consider who is writing a book.

  27. so do we get to see the pics?? I have found mental stability doesn’t worry anywhere near as much as the facade. At least to start with anyway…

  28. @ Wingsfan, Go to the Bar called Nha Em in San Jose, CA and you tell me if a UC Davis student can work there till 2am-3am and still be able to get to classes. BTW she does not drive or have a license. The past weekend was funny too, somone else who recognized her at the club, and yelled out ” Hey hoe bag in the white dress. Aren’t you the one who gives $5 dollar lap dances at Nha Em’s?” At the same time its pretty sad, but after I thought about how much grief she has put my family and I through, I found it funny again. Take it has the infinite truth or not, I know what I had to deal with for a year. I’m actually updating a restraining order against her this week because now she’s coming to my place of business due to screwing the DJ, while she is supposedly still dating another Guy who works for my gods son’s father at best buy. LOL ain’t that something….

  29. MugenTruth, if I went to the Nha Em at 2am, I would need a restraining order on my wife!

  30. BTW, what kind of a guy pays $5 for a lap dance and then calls the girls a hoe bag at a club? Without the dancees, there would be no dancers.

  31. @ Wingsfan, Haha yes you probably would need one if your wife caught you in there.

    Dr Lee, Like I said take this as fact or fiction. I’m just here to speak the truth. I am currently engaged to the most wonderful women in the world that would make Nulinh (aka Madison Linh) look like [edited by the Doc]. Anyways, I digress, if my words of truth or not enough I can always email you the pictures where she arrested for domestic violence; her in handcuffs and the marks she left on my body and face.

    I would think you being the admin of this article, would want to hear some truth to someone who has a delusional state of mind. After all of this is someone who told a judge that i had thrown her out of a car at 80 miles per hour. If that was the case, she would be dead and not be able to give you an interview. The judge street called her a liar and dismissed the false allegations she made against me.

  32. MugenTruth: please mind your language. Although Madison is nothing special for me, that doesn’t mean we can resort to crude and insulting language to describe her (regardless of any personal feelings involved). Please comply with the posting guidelines at the bottom of the page.

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