Unusual Japanese Sex Sites

250 Japanese girls prepare to have sex on camera in the largest ever group sex extravaganza. 250 girls and 250 guys go at it together in a large warehouse; From JSexNetwork.com

To me, the Japanese produce some of the most unusual sexual content found on the internet. Of course, unusual can be good or bad! Can you guess what this picture is all about? To find out, click THIS LINK.

Let’s discuss content you’ve seen on Japanese sex sites that you found to be unusual or even bizarre.

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  1. To get this started, I’ll say that I like the group sex scenario depicted in this posting.

    If I had to pick the worst thing I have seen on Japanese sites, it would have to be the scatological content! YUK!!! If you don’t know what that means…..look it up.

    Other common themes are bukkake and bondage. What am I forgetting?

  2. Definitely scat/piss videos. I also have seen alot of vids for beastiality.

    Never did understand the whole incest/rape themes in japanese sex videos.

  3. I enjoy the zenra genre, meaning they take ordinary non-porn activities such as ballet or taiko drumming and turn them into porn.
    Other things I like on J-porn: public sex, game show bizarre antics, shrine sex festivals. Most are from Soft On Demand.

    Don’t like: rape, yanking off clothing of terrified non-consenting women in public, pouring baby eels through a funnel into a vagina…

  4. Haha….this is mild compared to some of the Japanese stuff I’ve seen.
    Just think of any kink or perversion you can and not only have the Japanese made a video of it….they’ve made a video of it in public.

  5. I remember walking into a porn shop on okinawa, 8 years ago called the Yellow Box, and finding the scat aisle and knew it wasn’t for me. Plus, I didn’t understand why they feel the need to blur out genitals, yet still show the bungholes. Hey LawBoy…I just said bunghole.

  6. “pouring baby eels through a funnel into a vagina” ……shudder…and the scat stuff? WTF?!?!?

    Japanese women are incredibly hot but the funked up stuff they shoot there vids around but yet they blur out genitalia? I just don’t get it.

  7. I saw this vid awhile ago and it didn’t surprise me at all. I lived in Japan 4 years and I can say that their’s is the weirdest culture I’ve ever come across, and I’ve been all over the world. People are people though, and you have good and bad people in each country/culture. Still, Japan was something to get used to. Behind those polite smiles and bows the men would flash at you hid a very strong dislike for foreigners as well, but you can find that in many countries…but many countries aren’t noted for their politeness, while Japan is, but it’s an insincere politeness a lot of times. Anyways, I’ve seen a lot of crazy and disgusting stuff over there, the stuff mentioned above is normal for over there.

  8. Yeah, the genitalia blurring has never made sense to me either. Japanese are indeed very strange, especially their sexual culture.

  9. Arf, “Are you threatening me? :))
    you want to know strange doc, this is a culture that has a fetish for poopy 🙂

  10. If you click on the link there is a large picture displaying all of the women in the scene. The one in middle of the first row is really quite cute.

    I’ve seen a woman getting wine poured into her vajay-jay (I can’t help but smile whenever I think of that word). I am not sure what happened next or if it was a way for the woman to absorb the alcohol the vid clip didn’t include anything else, just a couple minutes of red wine pouring… in and out. I didn’t really care to investigate.

    I am not cool with the scat thing. I can’t see myself dropping a hot one into someones’ open hands, no matter how beautiful. I wouldn’t want much to do with them afterwards anyway. I can’t even condone ass to mouth, let alone dookie munching. An acquired taste I guess… haha. To each their own though I suppose. Although, I don’t mind so much getting peed on as long as it doesn’t get into my eyes, mouth or nose. Hopefully the Japanese do not practice eating asparagus prior to the “water sports”.

    There are many things in porn that bother me. Women being mistreated and abused. Big, soggy looking wee-wees. Bad lighting… I could go on and on. Fetishes and all that are just another sign that the end of the world is drawing neigh… haha j/k.

    You know what I do find to be very, very disturbing? I have been getting interested in Asian Tranny porn! I’m sorry but some of those guys/ gals are the hotness. Perfect bodies, until you get to the pee-pee, of course. Haha!

  11. Japan produces the weirdest adult content out there. No question. Some of the stuff I like watching because it’s very erotic and is also something that I wouldn’t normally see in American porn. I like watching bukkake and gokkun vids which are very erotic. I really like the stuff that Soft On Demand produces. I also like the group sex stuff.

    I’ll tell you about two of my personal favorites. One was the video where they got together a hundred chicks and tried to teach them how to give a blowjob. Most of the chicks are all shy and whatnot but there is always the one whore in the crowd who comes out of nowhere and gives one like a professional. The other was this video where they got two chicks to live in this house for 24 hours and they would try to do normal until a whole group of guys come in and start banging them. One scene one of the girls went to the store while the other one stayed behind and she comes back to find her covered in splooge. Good stuff.

    I won’t watch anything that has to do with scat or bestiality. What’s so hot about a chick eating dookie? I don’t get the mosaic on the genitals when they allow so much debauchery in the videos that are produced. And I don’t get the incest/rape stuff either, but I guess that is what Japanese men fantasize about because there is a ton of stuff of that genre.

  12. Candyman your second personal favorite looks like a triumph of filmmaking a la Citizen Kane. I am all the wiser knowing such a film exists.

  13. Man, I love seeing hundreds of beautiful Japanese women all nekkid, but as for the rest of the fetishes mentioned here, sorry, i just don’t likey.

  14. Another fetish the Japanese have is for girls in schoolgirl outfits. Check out this pic.

  15. There’s so much about Japanese women that I find just irresistable. I love seeing them in erotica. However there is just one problem: nearly all Japanese erotica seems to be created by men who really dislike women.
    Women – the women WE all like obviously – are repeatedly used as toilets and kleenex. Rape is classified as erotic content. The women’s unhappiness is actively sought after, and even if it only acting, it is still an image of personal misery which is being manufactured for consumption. I find it all very disturbing.
    It seems like the most beautiful and sexy womwn in the world are habitually treated like crap. It saddens me.
    And I can’t figure out the pixilated genitals either – WTF?

  16. Disagree. I’ve seen tons of J-porn that is not coercive or degrading. Have seen plenty of women experiencing joy & ecstasy, even if just acted.
    Perhaps western feminism (venomism) has left you snipped! = )

    While the censored genitals used to bother me, now I’m used to it. It encourages makers to be more inventive & subtle, and not so crude. Except for bukake, lol.

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