Liu Yi Fei – Chinese Actress and Singer

Liu Yi Fei

Currently appearing in the film The Forbidden Kingdom, I recently happened upon some pics of 20 year old Chinese actress/singer Liu Yi Fei. (aka Liu Yifei or Yifei Liu) I was quite taken by her beautiful face. I’m sure she would qualify under Lee’s definition of delicate features. You can find her detailed bio on Wikipedia. Here she is singing in a music video. For more lovely pics of Liu Yi Fei, click
Liu Yi Fei

Liu Yi Fei

Liu Yi Fei

Links for Liu Yi Fei

Unofficial Fan Site
Liu Yi Fei on IMDB
Liu Yi Fei Bio on Wikipedia
Liu Yi Fei – Google Image Search
Liu Yi Fei Music Video

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  1. I went to see Forbidden Kingdom yesterday and I was quite taken by her presence, especially in the scenes showing her musical talent.

  2. Ok, I see what happened. I didn’t know she also used the name Crystal Liu. When it came up in the search results, I didn’t know it was her.

    I just noticed that two years ago Marco said she was age 20. But Wiki and IMDB are currently saying she’s 20 now. They say her birthdau is 25 AUG 1987.

  3. BTW, you are right about the delicate features – she is very much my type! Still, I have to wonder if she might have looked even better before she had a nose job – it does look a little out of place in profile.

  4. Like I was telling badboy last week, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor because of how stunning she is when I saw this on the 13th. She definitely deserves another article.

  5. Just beautiful, angel face.

    For now, she’s just maturing. Give her 3 or 4 years and she will be making male fans crazy.

    Here’s a video with her dancing, in a somewhat sexy way.

  6. Now this is a good post. Yes! Your last two posts Northman where kind of lame but you definitley redeemed yourself with this one. I’ve seen this girl’s face before, it’s hard to forget, and it’s nice to know there’s a name along with it.

  7. Liu Yi Fei… i liked her better when she was younger, especially when she did the “Love of the Condor Heroes”. Angelic… no doubt about it.

    Off topic: since she is featured here as an actress in the movie Forbidden Kingdom, might i suggest that you also feature Li Bing Bing who also appeared in the movie? She’s hot as hell.

  8. guys r awesome.. you found such a great girl today..I’ve been to her “Forbidden Kingdom” just now.. She’s great and I found her again here on my computer, thanks to you.
    Now, I’m waiting for the hot Li Bing Bing. Whos gonna blog her up??

  9. After watching her dancing video.. I feel like I am watching Jolin Tsai? their dancing are alike. am I right?

  10. Is that third photo a real photo of her? It looks like someone shopped her face onto someone elses body. In addition, her boobs don’t look that big in other pictures or on video. If it is fake, the autograph is a nice touch to make it look authentic.

    As Candyman mentioned, he wrote a review of Forbidden Kingdom last week and recommended it.

    Also, thanks to Anastasia for posting about Liu Yi Fei back at the end of March in the Asian Divas group. I wasn’t familiar with her before then. I guess I am in the minority and her looks don’t impress me much so I didn’t pay much attention to the post about her here by Marco under her other alias.

  11. Hmmmm……good point Badboy, thanks. Maybe that is a fake photo because you really don’t see her posing that way in any other pics.

    I really don’t want to post up any fake images of people here. What do you think guys….should I delete it? Are we quite sure it’s a fake?

  12. I too like the “classically oriental look with delicate features”, but I also like many other looks on Asian ladies.

    I look at them, one by one, and either they grab me or they don’t. I can still like them if they are dark or light or have rough or delicate features. It just depends on each one.

  13. i was about to say “nice rack” she does look too thin to have such blessed equipments 🙂

  14. Usually I’m not into Asians like her. I usually go for Asians who are darker with less delicate features, but I just look at them one by one and make a decision, and Liu is just a cutie so I will be on the hunt for more pics and whatnot.

    Li Bing Bing on the other hand I do not find all that hot. She looked alright in The Forbidden Kingdom only because she was heavily made up and was wearing tight clothing. She also looks too Western for me.

  15. Northman, it is not that I find Liu Yi Fei unattractive or there is anything specific I dislike about her looks.

    Here is an excerpt of what I wrote about her in the Asian Divas group:

    “She is very pretty but to me at least just from her pictures is not as beautiful as Gong Li for instance. Then again, I could say pretty much the same thing about Zhang Ziyi.”

    I don’t think I would turn my head if I saw her on the streets of Hong Kong (or anywhere else) for instance. Thats what I mean about not being impressed by her looks.

  16. Liu Yi Fei and Li Bing Bing both do have classically oriental look with delicate features. Li Bing Bing looks almost like a Japanese Anime like Yuna from Final Fantasy. They are both beautiful and pretty women. My choice would be Li Bing Bing just because she looks more feisty. Liu Yi Fei is pretty but looks too homely nice. Depends on preferences.

  17. Northman, pliz..Upload Li Bing Bing for us..
    I’ve been in to her since she star in Romancing Hongkong.

  18. is li bing bing eurasian? She looks mixed, with some sharp western features…can’t find anywhere that she is eurasian…anyone know?

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