Asian Girls In The Dressing Room

Here is a video of some girls playing around in what looks like a dressing room. The ones I recognize are Francine Dee, CJ Miles and Charisse Kailyn. Can anyone identify the others?

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  1. Francine, if your reading this, I still love you with all my heart and you will always be my favorite. 😛

  2. I wanna be there. I wanna be there.. I wanna be there… Please tell them.. Invite me. Being a cleaning service is no problem if I can be there… lol.

  3. GoodTaste: your comment was a serious breach of our posting guidelines. This is your second and final warning.

    I also deleted BaTanha’s response, which was effectively a duplicate of what he posted in the Sung Hi thread anyway.

  4. Was my comment that offensive? Yeah, I should have sounded more mature and not as angry. Sorry doc. “Emperor I’m a foul man, but my music is not.” – Amadeus Mozart. I’ll watch what I type more closely.

    Still I got to give my relaxed “honest” valid opinion on what I posted earlier.

    I feel the general western approach of what a beautiful Asian woman should look like is not to my liking. As in the noted video, many western Asian women seem to want to augment their bodies in order to look more as some call “womanly,” basically look more voluptous like a bigger breasted causcasion or hispanic woman. This has always left a foul taste in my mouth. The nice trim proportional aspect of the good looking Asian woman is what I fancy, and to see such beautiful girls change themselves through surgery leaves me a little cold. If it ain’t broken don’t fix it. This is my subjective opinion of course and it’s just hard to understand what other people find more beautiful sometimes.

    Also, the personality of these girls doesn’t strike me as attractive. The blatant gestures of being a straight sex object leaves little for the imagination. Woman from Asia generally seem to keep many reservations about themselves which leave a sense of mystery to their character, which is fantastic. The girls on the video appear a little shallow and that always knocks points off for me on the beauty of an Asian woman.

  5. Hahaha! Finally got Curtis G.’s post. Saw the post this morning without the sound.

    Oh my sweetness, Francine is fun in that one.

  6. GoodTaste: You’re perfectly entitled to your own views in all these matters, even though this “international woman of mystery” fantasy seems to me every bit as much a Western concoction as what you’re complaining about. Frankly I think insulting these women publicly is simple Western crap behavior. You can quote Mozart when you can write music like him.

  7. GoodTaste: relaxed opinion? I think you’re WAY too serious – the girls appear ‘shallow’? They’re having FUN! AKA goofing around. Lighten up, dude. As far as the ‘sex object’ claim, they’re bikini/import models. What do you think they do? And if you don’t like their look then I guess we won’t be seeing you much around these parts. If this site had a ‘no breast implant’ rule, no one would visit. A lot of men (me included) prefer them to saggy natural boobs – or worse, flat chested woman.

  8. WestCoast you wrote like a master strategist. Thanks for your opinion. I wasn’t relaxed. I was a little peeved because I was too much while obviously the Porn Summer Games post a few doors down wasn’t. May you be fertile this current spring mating season WestCoast.

    Urgal: Who are you to tell me who I may or may not quote? Only Bach, Bizet, Satie, and The Beatles can quote Mozart? Rediculous. And who am I?..A man?…a woman?…can I walk on water? Also I don’t have a western concoction on what a beautiful Asian woman is and I’m not western crap. I like what I like, whether is be German music, Russian Novelists, European philosophy, French Cinema, Mexican food, warm climates, and (here it comes) more traditional Asian women. I’ve apologized for being a bit rude minded so lets not get crude here.

  9. I have always found FD and CJM to be quite sexy. But I agree with GoodTaste that the augmentations are unfortunate. They would both look better without the cartoonish fake breasts. As for their playing around—all good by me.

  10. IMHO, you have my permission to spout your “Mozart quotes” until blue in the face. Mozart never said that. That is from Amadeus, an absurd fictionalized bastardization of his life.

    But your exotic mysterious notion of Asian women is just as much of a cartoonish racist stereotype as ridiculously huge fake breasts on a westernized import model.

  11. While GoodTaste may have expressed his opinion in words too strong and crude for this forum, I have to concur that some innocence (real or imagined) is nice in any woman. I don’t see it, necessarily, as a racial myth.

    Fake boobs or note, most porn stars do nothing for me, and I can’t say I find this particular clip very sexy. Of course, I can only speak for myself.

    But, this blog, like life, is made up of people with different tastes. We have a myriad of beautiful women, for us to enjoy.

  12. That quote was meant as a goof to make amends with the moderator. Just look at the context it was used in. The point was no poster should tell another poster what to write. Write what you want for chrissake.

    On topic, luvjgirls you got to be out of your mind if you think in “general” Asian woman don’t have a more subtle demeanor than western women. Surely there are going to be countless exceptions to the rule, but that’s just what it is – exceptions. I live in Los Angeles and the sterotype of the people in this region is that they are extremely “fake”, and to my opinion most people from here fall face first flat into that generalization. It’s true. I’m not one of them but I’m just an exception to the general rule. Los Angeles is a Mickey Mouse environment and I except that.

  13. tonkatrucker, I deleted your post for three reasons:

    1) You’re ID request was off-topic for this thread.

    2) The name of the model is very clearly stated on the page you link to!

    3) We have already featured her here.

  14. It’s gettin a little heated in here…and it’s not because of Francine’s magnificently large, round breasts either. 🙂

  15. Must be getting ready for an import-tuner show.Please Francine…GO HARDCORE.You’re right at peak.

    Most of these chix live in Vegas.

  16. CJ and Francine are a fantasy of mine. Maybe one day. 🙂
    I mean coffee and a chat, of course.

    They may not be a mystery asian woman in the usual way, but there’s so much yet to discover about them. Trust me….. 🙂

    I must check Francine’s webcam shows one day. She seems to be a lot of fun (and her looks and her lips, omg!)

  17. Imagine if, underneath the mouse ( or bear, moose, whatever) costumes, there were Asian strippers, GoodTaste.

  18. Bigfoot Dean that would be way too cool to ever happen. Last time I went to a strip club the hottest chick in there was the half Vietnamese/Japanese all natural waitress we had. She was so beautiful. All over me where big breast implanted women, and I could think of was the waitress. God bless her.

  19. After Bigfoot’s explanation, I have decided that LawBoy’s Beavis and Butthead subthread is totally irrelevent, so I’ve deleted it. LawBoy – you should know the rules around here by now. What were you trying to get across? I still don’t get it.

  20. So, now I’m a rat? Sorry LawBoy, I didn’t know I was snitching to “The Man”.


  21. Whoa doc! I think you on accident deleted my Chuck E Cheese chime. It was comedic gold. Now there isn’t a frame of reference for Bigfoot Deans last post.

  22. This thread is something else. It’s full of anger, deleted comments, and a whole lot of nonsense rhetoric posts that vanished without a trace . I’m gonna let this thread die so here’s my last post:

    Bigfoot Dean said it best with the words “this blog, like life, is made up of people with different tastes,” so we should respect those various tastes. Still, we also got to remember that there is only one GoodTaste. Just one!…and he’s number one. 😉

  23. LawBoy…I’m sorry man, it may have been me. I was just laughing at the way you were writing like a drunkard. 🙂 I didn’t intend to be a rodent or vermin or what you just said above. No hard feelings, I hope. Please Please find it in your heart to forgive me. :))) I love you man…and Francine too.

  24. LawBoy that video is awesome. I love Francine Dee too. You’re the man!
    No matter how many times Doc deletes you, you are still the Man! 🙂

  25. Actually, i’m more of a South ParkFamily guy/King of the Hill fan, but(t) the Beavis and Butthead references reminded me of when i actually watched MTV :-()

  26. my wife likes ren and stimmy…i am forever beavis and butthead 🙂 how did we get back to this again ? :))) sorry doc :)) ok arf…lets talk about boobs and butts ok? 🙂

  27. wow this made me fall in love with francine dee. Something erotic about her that i just love.

  28. The one with the reddish / pink bikini and silver necklace is Cher. She’s a very nice woman – and works with CJ at Spearmint Rhino in Vegas. I believe the video was shot in the dressing room at the SR.

    I had dances with Cher and CJ (together!) just last week. I can hardly believe it myself!

  29. So now I know where to go if I ever get a boy’s night out. So many strip clubs, so little freedom (and cash).

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