Unknown Chinese Model 3


When I was younger, I wanted to be a lot of things when I grew up. I wanted to be a fireman. I wanted to be a police officer. I wanted to be a singer, an actor, a baseball player, a football player, an astronaut and a novelist. The one thing I didn’t want to be was a stool. Boy was I ever wrong.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: ?














Gallery 1
Gallery 2

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  1. Candyman is dead right, the tat leaves no doubt about it.
    Which is funny because i would have had her down as Chinese too, she doesn’t look very Mongolian at all to me.
    I feel fairly confident in making that call also as i’m currently based in Inner Mongolia.

  2. Have her legs grown a little longer? It’s probably just the angles/photography that make them look that way, but Agnes has always had a great body, which appears to be bordering on perfection here.

    It was pretty amusing to read that old Agnes thread I must say. I guess I must have brought things fairly well under control since then, although there’s still the occasional wildfire. 🙂

  3. Of course I’m right. Knowing about Asians is what I try to do. Agnes has a look to her that is so unique to her, then the tattoo is a dead giveaway. Thank goodness that she doesn’t have anymore tats.

    But it’s been a while since I checked her out. She looks amazing in those two galleries, especially in this one pic where she’s biting her lip. Here it is again so that you can get a better look.

    As for her being Mongolian, I haven’t seen anyone provide proof that she wasn’t, not that it’s a big deal to me. Until then, I will consider her to be Mongolian.

  4. Absolutely perfect beautiful body. I would just love to rub them long legs down, and her nipples have such a nice shape to them just the way I likey.

  5. I knew her from same place… it’s AS after all. 🙂

    I already liked her from before but she is looking a lot better in these new pics. Makeup can really change a woman. And she looks more toned, less skinny. Maturing, thats good thing. 🙂

  6. I was in heaven, then the tat! Why oh why do women do that to such a lovely body and beautiful skin? A shame, truly a shame.

  7. Boy O’ Boy!…I just can’t stop looking at this hottie. I just love the way her skin has that little sheen to it. So silky smooth, it gets my saliva factor going.

  8. lee, i don’t think her legs are any longer. she was barefoot in the met-art shoot, and she has heels on here. 🙂

    she has a really pretty face and slender body. i think i used to find it gorgeous when hip bones jutted out a little like hers do, but now i think i’ve converted to the soft tummy camp (independently of seeing these pictures). haha, reminds me a bit of that scene in pulp fiction when maria de madieros’ character is talking to bruce willis’ character about wanting a cute little pot belly (though i don’t really want a pot belly).

  9. Yeah, that probably is it. I like to think I am able to blot out heals in my mind and just look at the legs independently, but this wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been fooled by them.

  10. Five sets for her on MetArt. All outside, public. In one of the sets, some guy wanders in and gets up close and personal (one shot of her being held, like the groom carrying the bride across the threshold.) She’s nice, no doubt.

    Question for the group – many of you have advanced degrees in Asianology. Exactly how could you tell that she is Chinese? During my stays in China & various travels I haven’t seen many women with this facial look. Mongolian is even more puzzling. Most of the northern Chinese I’ve met with the Mongolian background have tended to be stockier, more muscular and darker in skin tone. Just curious.

    Finally, I suggest that the posters put the tat comments to rest. Travis posted and got numerous comments about tats and bjs. IMHO, everyone had the chance to vent – liked them, hated them, didn’t care. That should be enough.

  11. Some Asian ethnicities tend to be pretty distinctive (Koreans & Thais), and if you see someone from SE Asia, you can pretty much tell that they are not northern Asian. China is as vast and diverse as Europe, though, so someone who looks Japanese/Viet/Malaysian, etc. could very well be Chinese. To my (Chinese-American) eyes, Agnes does look exotic, though, so she could be Mongolian or have some central Asian mixture in her.

  12. “Finally, I suggest that the posters put the tat comments to rest. Travis posted and got numerous comments about tats and bjs. IMHO, everyone had the chance to vent – liked them, hated them, didn’t care. That should be enough.”

    I disagree. No issue should be “put to rest.” If an issue is relevant to the post at hand, people should feel free to discuss it.

  13. Knarf – for most topics, I agree with you. However, every model that shows here with tats elicits the same comments. Plus, I’ve know many a person with that stupid-looking tribal design on the arm that looked so cool at 20 look idiotic at 40 when the try to get a job. I’ve seen a stunning Japanese woman who completely destroyed her look with the tramp stamp. Just seems redundant in this case. Many of the “Westernized” models seem to have them and there ain’t a darn thing we can do about them.

  14. I was originally thinking she might only be part Asian. However, she is ALL sexy. And I think I saw her boobs pictured in the dictionary when I looked up perky!

  15. knarf: An issue ceases to be relevant when a person repeats themselves ad nauseum about a subject without presenting any additional detail.

    It gets old fast when it’s the same dissenting voices regurgitating their opinions.

    As per Agnes, absolutely smoking body and perfect breasts. Although they aren’t featured here, in some of the other posted galleries of her there’s some VERY fine shots of her ass. Me like! ^__^

  16. She looks absolutely incredible in these pics. I’ve got no complaints about anything. She kinds looks like Nina Dobrev a little in these pics.

  17. She is very pretty and unique looking. Those breasts are so nice and natural- refreshing even. As for the tattoo, it “outed” her in this case and we were able to identify her from an earlier post.

    Having said that, I agree with BOTH knarf and sevendeuce: No issue should ever be off the table- but if every post from someone is about nose jobs or tats, then we are sort of beating a dead horse and that poster will soon be known as “that guy”. But we can’t hinder our writing. I came to this forum only six months ago, and have learned much by clicking links to older posts- sometimes the same topics pop up every six months or so. The Tattoo wars will come again- maybe in 4 months or sooner if we see a model with a particularly different tattoo.

    For example, a lot of non-Asian models now have dragon tattoos. When are we going to see an Asian model with a distinctive American tattoo? How ’bout a Chinese model with a tattoo of a crystal meth-loving male skeleton (with its mouth open) riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle straight out of a dirt grave? 🙂 You are laughing but if you have ever been to Sturgis you know EXACTLY what I am writing about.

    You know, even the shoes fit this model. She is pretty much natural and the shoes are a simple black and white…very artistic.

    Christine: I dig the Pulp Fiction reference. I want pancakes!

  18. Thanks to French for saying what I could not articulate.

    I’ve been reading for a over a year now, but only recently took the dive to comment. We all have our hot buttons. Mine is usually teeth. Drives me nuts to see a gorgeous woman in Europe or Asia have a teeth like a picket fence. A close look at Agnes reveals that a set of braces would do her well. Yet, what’s the difference between that and breast enhancement, lipo, botox, whatever the model chooses to enhance her appearance?

    How about a Chinese woman with a tattoo of a Chinese woman?

  19. Talking about Pulp Fiction. christine I smiled at your reference to bellies. I do like a flat toned tummy, but some baby fat is really cute too.

    I know we talked about this before and I’m glad you ended up liking some less toned tummies. They can be fun. 😛

  20. sevendeuce,

    As one of the “…same dissenting voices regurgitating their opinions.”, “…ad nauseum… “, I would like to know who it is that holds a gun to YOUR head requiring that you read comments here, or who it is that will try to hold a gun to MY head to enforce my compliance to your wishes?

    Seems most are mature enough to understand that this is a “COMMENTS” section for their comments. I didn’t notice the heading being “COMMENTS that are acceptable to sevendeuce”.

  21. I love her tattoo and non poofy belly with hips jutting out in a sexy sort of fashion. There’s a comment accepted by arf. 🙂 Hope you all liked it.

  22. I can appreciate sevendeuce’s point insofar as you know what the comments will be as soon as you see pic 3. I think it would be almost unanimous that Agnes has an example of a pretty s@#t tatt which is a shame on someone so beautiful. However I think Travis’ arcticle was exploring the issue rather than trying to bring it to a close.

  23. Alright guys – this is starting to get a little heated, so let’s call a halt to it now. Ultimately, this discussion doesn’t really matter anyway – as long as comments are within our posting guidelines, I will always allow them. And at the end of the day, we’re all just recycling our opinions about what we like to see in the women featured here anyway.

  24. Absolutely love her body, although I’ve seen her in other pics where she didn’t seem as long and lovely. Her face is just alright for me, but by alright I just mean in the context of all the other models here. Very hot pic, something about the shots are really sexy.

  25. Although I’m not particularly fond of tats, I can assure you that if I EVER was lucky enough to see Agnes’ up close and personal, there would be NO complaints!

    OK, maybe the wife would complain, but not me.

  26. Travis, any way to change the header from “UNKNOWN CHINESE MODEL 3” to “Agnes” or “Woman who brought us peace in our time”?

  27. AsianWomenAlways: I never said I was required to read all of the comments (but I enjoy doing so). I also never said people need to conform to my opinions.

    I merely stated that regurgitating the same opinion, in the same way, ad nauseum adds no real value.

    If you want to keep commenting on tats, boob jobs, bad teeth, knock knees, etc. – have at it and godspeed, my good man!

    And yes, there is certainly truth behind what Dr. Lee stated up above. In some way, most of our comments are about how well a particular model fits into our idealized fantasy template(tm).

    I will now go back to admiring her breasts… :-P~

  28. sevendeuce,

    Dr. Lee was exactly correct.

    I never said you were required to read, nor should anyone conform to your opinion, but you certainly implied such. Anyway, I doubt any of us will change our opinions of what we like and dislike no matter what anyone posts.

  29. AsianWomenAlways: I did NOT imply that people should conform to MY opinion. Nor did I imply that people should be required to read anything at all (myself included).

    I merely stated that regurgitating one’s personal distaste for something without any additional detail does little to add any value to a discussion.

    I don’t appreciate your implication that I’m “immature” or that I feel everyone’s comment should somehow be acceptable to me. I’m mortified that I could elicit such a response!

    Please re-read my previous post and notice that I’m fine with people posting what they want but I don’t see why I can’t comment that posting the same negative opinion over and over is redundant. That’s simply my opinion on the matter. 🙂

    Cheers (sincerely)!

  30. “regurgitating”

    Pretty much sums up your opinion and supports my claims.

    Enough on this. Take care.

  31. AsianWomenAlways: Actually, if you took the time to read my replies you’d realize that what sums up my opinion is exactly what I wrote. ^_^


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