Viann Zhang Xin Yu


First there were the Paris Hilton sex tapes. Then there was the Edison Chen scandal. And now we have what might be the worst scandal of all – model and actress Viann Zhang Xin Yu has photos of her … with her boyfriend … on the bed together … wearing clothes.

Scandal of the decade perhaps? The century? Dare I say … the millennium?And yes, that’s a real story. They called it “Bedgate” or something stupid like that. The photos are so lame I’m not even going to bother linking to them.

In brighter news, her nickname is apparently “Swallow.” Hm….


Age: 22
Height: 5’6
Ethnicity: Chinese
Lives: Beijing















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  1. Come on Travis, let’s see ’em – I’m sure everyone’s curious to see just how lame they are! It will be interesting to see this girl without glamourising too, though she certainly looks very cute in these (highly artificial) photos.

  2. She had many pics that shot her in some provoked costume and those were shoot in the bathroom . Those pics are very good, hope someone post them or link them hehe ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Given that this model is obviously very high profile, I think we need a bit more background info in this article, rather than treating her as another largely unknown internet model. I’d also like to see some photos that show what she actually looks like – the ones we’ve seen so far are all so artificial!

    EDIT: I’ve found a few more casual photos in the middle of this page here, along with a ton of other very artificial ones. I am happy to say that – in spite of the slightly overdone nose job (which is par for the course for Chinese models and actresses these days anyway) – she really does seem to be a cutie! They don’t really show her body though – I’m sure it’s very good, but probably not as great as it looks in all these glammed-up photos.

  4. @Travis: well, they are naked at least, and apparently engaged in sexual intercourse. ๐Ÿ™‚

    It’s interesting that she’s wearing quite a bit of makeup even in these photos, and it also looks like she has a sizeable tattoo on her back! Once again though, she really does seem to be a cutie.

  5. I just love, love, love this woman! Gotta love those angel wings too, brings back fond memories of clubbing in the 90’s….

  6. Nice post once again Travis, this girl is seriously hot. I’m just as bowled over, if not more by the linked website ‘I am a Chinese girl’ blog (what a name!)
    Tons of stuff on some of the hottest women in China, really a great resource.
    I can’t get enough of this girl off the site:
    but then i’m a sucker for asian women with that straight fringe style haircut, it’s something that asian women can do well, but other women find hard to pull off a lot of the times.

  7. I found this site on my husbands phone. Can someone please explain to me what this site is all about?


  8. @Dr. Lee – I know. But she sure does sell the illusion nonetheless and in the end that is what matters most, since that is all she will likely ever be to us. Smoke and mirrors….

  9. An exquisite beauty! I’d like to see a few more candid pics before awarding her a 10 though. I’m looking forward to more candid/lurid pics surfacing before I render that elusive perfect score. ^_^

    As per the lame pics that have leaked, well, they do look like they are naked in bed… with a cover up and over them. This would have been scandalous a few years back, but in this day and age? Come on! These pics certainly don’t rank up there with the Cecelia Cheung scandal.

    knarf: The award for “Best Comedy Post in a Blog or Forum” goes to you. Well played, sir! LOL

  10. …okay ..yes she’s hot, but from my personal experience of living in China for 5 years and counting….girls like this in China are a royal pain in the ass…nice to look at….horrendous to go out with…unless you like temper tantrums and other childish behaviour….I’ll stick with my singaporean gem thanks….

    kim1215 post if its real….gold…internet gold……

  11. ok, so I have been visiting this site for sometime now. however always thinking about signing up but never doing it. however this lady got me thinking. …. why not sign up and comment on how gorgeous she is.
    She is HOT! and I would have to agree with Badnews on this one. i have been living in South Korea for over 6 years. some ladies here seem like they have all the makings of a super model but all hollowed out and replaced with a 14 year old princess. anyone else have this experiance?

    PS: someone mentioned a scandal Viann Xhang Xin Yu was part of. anyone have links that I can see? sure someone can find it out there. (ive looked. No Dice!)

  12. The “scandal” links are above. 18 posts back. Look for “I told you they were lame”. And yes, they are indeed lame & boring.

  13. My wife: “So, commenting on Asian Sirens, huh?”

    Me: “Yep.”

    My wife: “Oh.”

    Kinda takes some of the thrill out of visiting, but it’s better than a fight. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. NO I’m asian, so I’m trying to figure out of my husband has an asian fetish which would freak me the hell out!

    Seriously is this site just where guys with asian fetishes comment on naked asian girls photos? It just doesn’t look like a normal porno site.. It’s kind of creeping me out..

  15. Hmm… Okay, well it’s not a porn site (we don’t show pornography) and it’s sort of a fetish site, except I would call it more of a niche beauty site simply because it does not “explore” Asian fetishes so much as it shows Asian women.

  16. Though I’m positive many of the visitors have a full blown fetish, so you’ll have to figure out where your husband fits on your own, kiddo. The site itself, though, is more of a niche beauty site.

  17. kim, let’s assume for one second that you are on the level, and not just someone yanking out collective chains.

    Here’s what you need to ask yourself: “Is my husband a good person? Does he love me? Does he treat me well? Am I happy?

    The rest is bulls#it for the most part.

    Many here, like myself, simply like looking at beautiful women. I love Asian women and have had Asian girlfriends in the past. I have also had Polish girlfriends, Irish girlfriends, Black girlfriends, Irish girlfriends, American Indian girlfriends, etc.

    For sheer visual pleasure, it is hard to beat a beautiful Asian woman. If you are really an Asian woman, I think you should take that as a compliment. By no means do I have an “Asian fetish”. I imagine many here are have that same feeling.

    Do some of the posters here have an “Asian fetish”? I imagine some do. Your husband may or many not be one of those. But his browsing here really doesn’t help you in your quest to find out that info.

  18. Yeah, I’m sure there are plenty of fetishists visiting here, though also Asian men as well (me for one), and some Asian women. BTW, I wonder what your husband would think if he managed to identify you on this site. Keep us updated; I’d definitely like to be a fly on your living room wall.

    Anyway, back to Viann:
    They like ’em skinny & pale on the mainland. Methinks without makeup, she wouldn’t stand out in a Chinese crowd (though she does have the type of face that a makeup artist loves).

  19. Thinking about this a bit more, it’s interesting that I (Asian-American male) really don’t care that my wife (Japanese) fell in love with me in part because of my perceived American-ness, yet I can fully understand why an Asian-American female would be non-plused if her non-Asian husband chased her because of her Asian-ness.

    I guess it’s the difference between race and culture . . . or the difference between men and women; or maybe I just don’t care so much.

  20. Being attracted to Asian women and having an Asian fetish are not the same thing. A fetishest can only get attracted to women that are Asian, and usually expects certain stereotyped traits. An attraction is someone that simply finds Asian women much more attractive.

    I don’t know if one is wrong and one is right, but whatever. I, personally, can be attracted to White, Black and Hispanic women, but it simply doesn’t happen as often, since the features I like aren’t usually there. Though I can’t blame someone that is only attracted to Asian women because… I mean, just look at them!

  21. @Kim: you really need to get over your concern about Asiaphilia. We all have our preferences in our partner for various reasons – nobody worries when a guy prefers blondes for example, yet for some reason, preferring Asian women has to have some kind of ulterior motive. There will of course be some guys who just have a fetish and don’t care about the person underneath, but that doesn’t mean all men who like Asian women are that way – your husband is still the same guy you married.

  22. Actually, I’m sure some women might wonder if a man is attracted to them only because they’re buxom & blonde (maybe even Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends). One thing to keep in mind is that, in the US at least, Asians, including Asian men, but especially Asian women, are subject to a stronger set of defined stereotypes than pretty much any other race or grouping of people that I can think of in the dating arena (different stereotypes of Asian men & women). So I can see where Kim is coming from. I can also see where you’re coming from, since racial stereotypes may not be as strong Down Under.

  23. Racial stereotypes absolutely exist everywhere. The only thing is that being attracted to a type of women does not imply that someone believes these stereotypes, and that’s an important distinction.

    As a side, it should be noted that those that “don’t have a preference” or claim as such, are almost always attracted to white women and because white women are considered generic in society, they interpret that as not having a preference, which is of course wrong.

  24. kim1215, some of the girls aren’t even naked. Chill out, men like to watch pretty girls. Asians are way beautiful and this is a high quality site. Men have eyes and always will have. But like Dean said, at the end of the day, is he a good husband? That’s the thing.

    I understand the scandal! It’s a real scandal for this girl to have her pics out there and she’s not even showing anything.

    Shes beautiful and I love those long legs. They seem endless, although she’s not too tall. Slim effect.

  25. I should stress that I’m not saying stereotyping of Asian women doesn’t exist – I’m just saying that not all men who like Asian women do it. Anyone who assumes that all men who prefer Asian women have an unhealthy fetish are just as guilty of stereotyping as anyone else. It doesn’t appear as though there are any other signs that Kim’s husband has any problems here, so assuming that he does just because he visits a niche beauty site suggests that it’s Kim who’s doing the stereotyping.

  26. I’m not sure she’s assuming; I think she’s just worried he has an unhealthy fetish, and given the available information, we and she (and possibly even he) can’t tell if he does or doesn’t.

  27. I think the fact that he visits this site in itself is clearly insufficient to justify Kim’s concerns, and that appears to be the only thing she’s got. That’s being ridiculously paranoid, and many otherwise good relationships break down over silly suspicions like this. And if there was something else, then it should have been obvious before they got married.

  28. Hahahaha that comment was so funny.

    That comment just raised so many questions?! Like, how come you just suspected an asian fetish NOW that you’re already married to the guy and WHY were you snooping around on his cell phone? I hate when people do shady stuff like that like check my history or look at the people I’ve called or received calls from. Is there that much of a lack of trust in your relationship? And do you really know that little about him that, after marrying him, you are just starting to suspect an asian fetish? You’ve really never asked about past girlfriends or talked about his preferences in women openly? Seriously?

    And re: asian fetish or asian preference in general. Bigfoot is right. I don’t care if all of his past girlfriends are asian. I just care if 1) he’ll treat me right; 2) we share similar values 3) have a good connection and 4) find him attractive.

    Seriously… physical preferences are so different among different people…who even cares?

    If anything — are you insecure about your own looks because you want to know if the guy likes only because you’re asian, and not because of any other redeeming physical attributes? I find that women who worry about asiaphilia have this as the root of the problem– also, I say this from past personal experience. If that’s the case, just be confident and trust me that you’re absolutely gorgeous to someone. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. For the most part, we have been on quite a roll, overall. And this bit of heaven continues the trend!

  30. are those her natural eyes? the creases look kind of weird.

    it baffles me how skinny asian women can be. it’s very feminine; she looks so delicate. she looks like she could fit in sub-size 0. in america, i’m considered small (size 0-2), but when i go to china…they call me “healthy” and “strong-looking” because i’m not this (her) size, hahaha. i feel like caucasian women typically don’t ever get this small. it’s in the genes, i guess?

  31. oh — here’s some more food for thought on the asiaphilia thing.

    my boyfriend actually started looking @ more asian girls on the web because he found asian girls more attractive after dating me. true fact: if you date someone from another ethnicity, you will begin to find more people from that ethnicity attractive. so, it could even just be that your husband is really into you, finds you gorgeous, and wants to see more asian girls because they remind him of you!

    and if this site creeps you out…wow. let me tell you…you ain’t see nuthin’ yet. girls sticking nerf balls up their vaginas, girls naked wrestling and then screwing each other strap-ons at the end, emaciated girls, morbidly obese girls…if this is all your hubby is looking at, i just really really would not be worried. (you should be worried however if he starts wanting you to act out a rape fantasy he has that involves amputees, a machete, and cucumbers. that is definite red flag time.)

  32. screwing each other with strap-ons*

    AND compared to all of the other “asian fetish” sites out there…this is extremely respectful of the girls, and a tasteful presentation of what the posters consider to be beautiful asian women.

    if you want to see a lot worse…well, there’s tigerr juggs, the woman who intentionally blogs on her website in engrish to make her appear more fobby (btw, what is up with those boobs?!)…and there’s asian street meat, which is basically –as you might have guessed– a website just full of asian hookers.

    and lastly there’s years-old mr. chew’s asian beaver, where the descriptions of the porn always talk about “asian beaver” vs. “american cock.”

    i could go on (since there’s so many of these sites out there), but i think the point is clear.

    so, i’d say your hubby is doin’ alright.


  33. Wow, I signed up for the photos, but stay for the comments.

    This is gonna sound weird, but I date mostly Vietnamese women. I just love the food. I’m not joking.

    Some of these women can be rather insane, though…it sucks, but “God doesn’t give me things I can’t handle.

    I just wish He wouldn’t trust me so much.” -Mother Theresa

  34. well. it wouldn’t be asian-sirens without the commenters, that’s for sure. when i was gone i definitely missed reading whatever dr. lee, daznlover, bigfoot dean, arf, stripes, etc. etc. had to say ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. …and omg, my dad is cantonese but lived in vietnam, so he eats vietnamese food mostly. i would never admit it to my mom (who cooks shanghainese food), but when i’m at home i totally end up making pho like my dad used to. i really like all of their preserved veggies (carrots, for ex.) and the way they use cilantro and rice noodles and…OMNOMNOM. ahhh i want a banh mi now. or some vietnamese curry. vietnamese food is AWESOME.

    gah. *hungry*

  36. @ French

    “Wow, I signed up for the photos, but stay for the comments” hahaha very true very true

    @ Christine

    My ex was Vietnamese. She and her Mum were such FANTASTIC cooks.. I loved it. Vietnamese food is very very good ๐Ÿ˜€

  37. kim be a sport…everyone here follows a code of RESPECTFUL commenting in regards to the beautiful women who appear on this site…those that dont get bumped pretty quickly…

    I’m half chinese half australian mix…so hey …I’m an equal opportunity employer :D…white girls, chinese girls, brown girls…I dont mind…if shes hot….then shes hot regardless!

    Also …having lived in asia and china for the last 7 years…there is definitely a demographic of asian women who will ONLY date white guys or westerners…i see it all the time out socially….even the ABC guys get bumped for a western dude…so while people always talk about asian fever, there’s an opposite female equivalent to this equation…

  38. Lots of topics here – my thoughts:

    Kim – True beauty has nothing to do with this site. Beauty is found in the mind and soul. Every night, I fall asleep next to my own Asian-siren and would not trade her for any of these women, regardless of their looks. In fact, my Chinese-lovely is usually the FIRST to point out an extraordinary-looking woman to me. How lucky I am.

    If this was an Italian-sirens site, the debate would be whether women from Palermo were more difficult than women from Milano. My Viet had a nasty temper, which could rage on for hours. Although I was normally the victim (being the closest), she was just as tough on her family (never forget those phone calls to her sister -“ngoc ngoc ngoc you’re so stupid ngoc ngoc.) [not making fun of the Vietnamese language, but ngoc was almost impossible for me to pronounce.] I suspect that there are very sweet Vietnamese out there somewhere. Cannot disagree with the comments on the food – I long for the spring rolls (rice paper filled with a special pork/garlic barbeque meat, lettuce, cilantro, dill, etc. dipped in my favorite peanut sauce) that my mother-in-law used to make.

    East-West. I’m guessing that Chinese women in Shanghai/Beijing are more open to Western men than those in other areas. In Hangzhou, I am mostly ignored. A couple of times we got negative comments from passerbys. On the other hand, our mixed baby boy is a definite chick magnet.

    I’ve also heard that Japanese women will date, but not marry Western men. Perhaps those who have lived in Japan have better info.

    Finally – the girl in this post is certainly very pretty. Echo Christine – it is easier for “larger” Chinese women to shop for clothes here than in China. Mine is a size 4 and she and her friends spend scads of USD at the local malls.

  39. We’ve been on a roll recently and it continues with this lovely lady!

    Second from the bottom, DAMN!

  40. Hey Christine, I didn’t know you were into Vietnamese food! It’s actually my favourite cuisine, followed by Thai. I do like Chinese, Japanese and Korean as well, but Vietnamese and Thai are my faves – I need at least a weekly shot of pho. ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. @dbldipper: funny you should mention ngรณc – I was once involved with a Vietnamese girl named Ngộc, and damn it was hard to say her name sometimes without calling her stupid! ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Dating Vietnamese is like riding a tiger Doc, it’s pretty cool but when you want to get off you better be a fast runner…

    I think they use their food to bait me. I fall for it every time. There is no escape. Resistance is futile.

    In 500 years, everyone on earth will have Vietnamese genes…

  43. After all these years, only now you guys tell me about the wonders of viet food. Goes into my task list… ๐Ÿ™‚

    christine, I’m impressed at your knowledge of porn and hardcore sites. Makes you even hotter, the fact that you’re so open minded and interested about them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. We didn’t eat at Vietnamese restaurants. Never was good enough.

    Exception was LA. A million Vietnamese there so some fantastic places to eat. My fav was on Westminster or Bolsa and translated to 7 courses of beef. Literally. Beef cooked various ways (or cooked yourself) that you rolled in rice paper with stuff. Jeez, I never ate so much that was so good.

    The pho she used to make at home was fairly easy. Thin sliced beef cooked in a ginger/onion/chicken broth with the pho noodles (large and flat.) Garnish with pepper, onions, green onions and cilantro. Secret is to let the broth cook for awhile. The family added that Spiracha (sp?) chili sauce for heat and flavor (not me – I put the C in Caucasian & am a wuss.) In the restaurants one can get a number of varieties. Never found one that was better than home-cooked.

    Viet egg rolls put all others to shame. Again, not that hard. Mixture of ground meat (pork or turkey), bagged cole slaw, bean thread noodles, fish sauce and a couple eggs rolled in the traditional wrappers and deep fried. Family cut them up and ate over noodles with peanuts, cilantro and fish sauce/chili sauce mix. Wuss me just ate plain with sweet/sour sauce. Amazing how quickly one can eat a dozen or so.

    I didn’t have much Vietnamese variety since my mother-in-law tended to cook my favorites.

    French has a point. Already 2 more with Vietnamese genes.

  45. there is great Vietnamese food in Melbourne, my wife is Thai and for some reason doesn’t like Vietnamese food. It drives me crazy as I grew up eating it regularly. She loves Japanese and Yum Cha which I am not big on. The shame with Vietnamese and Thai food here is there is as many bad restaraunts as good ones so choosing a new place is a lucky dip.
    On the girl she looks spectacular, I would like to see topless photos as her boob to waist ratio is like something from a comic in some shots. I liked series from yougoboy27, if you are going to photoshop you may as well go all out!

  46. Christine:

    All the hormone-spiked milk & meat in the US (along with a generally more fat and protein-heavy diet) makes Asian-Americans stronger-looking than our Asian cousins.

    Oh, and maybe my heritage is showing through, but the best Shanghainese cuisine beats the best Vietnam has to offer hands down.

  47. Luke72: this is a forum about Vietnamese food ๐Ÿ™‚

    oh yeah, the girl in the photos…where were we again?

    Badnews and Valinith: Your posts here way earlier about some women like this (the acting like a 14 year old princess) really hit home…

    I like to see happy photos, models doing more natural things. Lying on a tile floor next to a window in a high rise apartment is not artistic, original, nor memorable- to me…she has “issues” written all over her.

    But I digest…

  48. Travis, actually, I’m not a fan of wings, but of the Detroit Red Wings (the 19 is for the Captain, Stevie Y).

    This gurl looks cute, but not so much in the “scandal” photos.

    I ONLY like Asian women.

    …or women who’ve been to Asia

    …or women who can spell Asia

  49. I’m Korean, I was adopted when I was 1 yrs old, I’m 26 now, and I don’t feel like I am like any of these girls on the site. I’m not the typical “soft spoken, naive slanty-eyed girl”. I didn’t want to start an argument or make people think I was some crazy jealous wife. Wow, I feel like people are starting to get hostile with me! I simply am curious what kind of site this is. As I said before, its different from other sites, I mean, I watch porn, and I love Asian porn especially, but this site is DIFFERENT from those kind of sites.

    Why does everyone assume the worst in me! I’m very happy how I look, and yes, every guys I’ve ever dated (I have only ever dated white men) have always been into Asian girls after have dated me.

    My husband never acted like he even liked Asian girls, or even ever wanted an Asian, so this site got me really surprised. I almost felt like maybe he was hiding the fact that he really was into Asians, and just pretended to not give a crap to get me.. You know the hard to get type of thing, that normally doesn’t happen to me. Usually men will do anything to talk to me or I scare most of them off.

    PS Thank you all for the posts, it does make me change my mind about some men out there. And it definitely opened my mind to a lot of perceptions out there.

  50. As Christine says, have you ever considered the possibility that you are the reason he is now into Asian women?

    And yes, this site certainly is different. ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. @French sorry I got a bit off topic there!
    Kim, why not stick around and enjoy what’s on offer, I find this to be a consistently entertaining site and your view point would be highly valued.

  52. Kim: I think this site is kind of like Maxim… with more nudity. And better commentary. Well, basically like an asian Maxim but with a lot more intelligence and a lot less clothing.

    My boyfriend tends to visit a variety of sites when it comes to porn — so he’ll visit some asian sites but he’ll visit a lot of non-asian ones as well. As daznlover says, guys like pretty girls, so if there just happen to be a bunch of pics of pretty asian ones all on one site…why wouldn’t he come back, right? ๐Ÿ™‚ And I would say the variety and caliber of girls that get posted here totally warrant the repeat visits.

  53. plus, not all of these girls on this site fall in the categories of pale-skinned wannabe-cute waifs or typical u.s. import model. i think that there’s a pretty wide variety of girls featured, but sometimes there are just recurrent trends in the posts. for instance, there’s masuimi max, who i used to be really fond of, and then there’s sports illustrated models like jessica gomes and jarah mariano.

    there are also the various met-art models, who are generally very fresh-looking (but always make me wonder if they are actually hookers at their respective locales…since their nails can get really tacky?! anyway, off-topic…)

    so there’s a whole slew of people featured…asian adult actresses living in or working in their respective asian countries, or asian adult actresses that are more westernized and have a more american look/attitude, sports illustrated/fitness models, high fashion models (which i used to post, sometimes), tv/movie actresses from various countries, singers, blah blah blah…

  54. (oh btw, that was a response to kim saying ” I don’t feel like I am like any of these girls on the site”, if that wasn’t clear. sorry! :))

  55. Now I’m really into this site LOL. It does interest me, and its not weird, people here actually have an intelligent convo! Now I’m just scared that my husband will see me on it…! I think I will just tell him.. Unless he is already figuring out its me!..

  56. Hi kim. The girls in this site aren’t the soft spoken type most of the times, either. Just normal girls anyway, but all of them are asian.

    If ever you wanna try a modelling career (you say you’re attractive), maybe you can earn a place in A-S too, who knows? Full nudity is not required – although I only speak for myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. hey now, hey now…we don’t want to scare the new girl away! let’s keep it at the intelligent comments! LOL.

  58. btw this is further proof for lee’s belief that the more intelligent the commentary, the more women will become regular visitors at the site. so, maybe the guys can have their thinking caps ready at all times ๐Ÿ™‚

    that’s probably difficult when the blood is gushing to other areas of your body…hehehe

  59. I don’t wanna scare kim. Being on A-S as a model can be an honor for many girls. Anyway, mostly a joke. ๐Ÿ™‚

    kim and the husband… interesting to see how to plot develops. Good luck kim, no fears!

    Lol @Luke & fingernails.

  60. You bet christine, it’s hard to follow the intelligent route with so many women tempting us in A-S. I think most men here are terribly brave!! LOL

  61. Well I promote Sachiko as “the thinking man’s glamour model”, so I guess it’s only natural that with me running Asian Sirens, it has become something of a thinking man’s Asian glamour site. And in spite of that slightly sexist description (unfortunately “thinking person” just doesn’t sound right!), I’ve tried to make this a place that’s attractive for women as well, and it seems I’ve had some success at that. I don’t accept that intellect and sexuality/nudity have to be mutually exclusive.

  62. dbldipper: Per your Japanese dating comment further up, let me assure you that there are plenty of gaijin who marry Japanese girls in Japan. ^^

  63. Second that. It’s very common. Many couples remain in Japan, yet it is common for them to move to the guy’s home country. I know one couple, she can’t stand Tokyo anymore and prefers London. Her Brit hubby is the opposite. So they alternate living six months in each place!

    Kim: I don’t detect any hostility at all in the responses to you. I agree with the many who thought you to be a little over-reactive & paranoid. That’s not hostile – it’s descriptive. What’s with the spying on him and then not immediately fessing up and having a rational adult discussion with him about the whole thing? I don’t know you at all; the only thing I can go on is from your writing. This site “creepy” and for “fetishists” (whatever that means)? You’ve had a sheltered life if you truly believe that. My Japanese girlfriend knows about my past, my tastes, and doesn’t think any less of me or judge me. I think your initial comments say things about you, how you view your identity and ethnicity, being an international adoption, and how you view relationships and men. The fact that hubby looks at A-S means that he’s a guy who likes looking at beautiful women. Not exactly headline stop-the-presses news.

  64. If you were me, or any other good looking Asian women, you would understand where I’m coming from. I use to get the grossest emails from men just asking to F*** but even worse than that.. One day I had a man email me telling me he had never been with an Asian girl, and he was getting married in a week, so he wanted to know if he could have a secret encounter with me before he tied the knot!

    I have every right to act the way I do, and that first email I was kind of in shock. Honestly my life has been pretty boring lately, so it kind of intrigues me that I can be secretly on here… My ex compares me to Asa Akira.. but I would be too embarrassed to have a pic like that on a website!

  65. You are completely missing the point Kim. You jumped to conclusions about your husband, this site, and the people on it, simply on the basis that it specialises in Asian women. It is understandable that the people here will react negatively toward you judging them in this way, as well as your spying on your husband. We know there’s a lot of what you’re talking about out there, but I do not allow that kind of thing here – I trust you have now learned that your initial conclusions were incorrect.

  66. Oh yes – Christine’s fingernails comment was a joke of course, although it would be interesting to hear her explain her rationale. ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. Asa Akira? ๐Ÿ˜› Maybe it’s time for some pics kim. By the way, maybe I missed it above, but who is your husband on this site. Just curious.

  68. Holy crap!…it’s me. ๐Ÿ™‚ I just now realized your on the other computer in the bedroom. Sneaky little you.

  69. yeah, the nails comment was a joke. i just recall seeing one photo gallery a long time ago where they posed a naked girl by a bunch of haystacks and a farm field backdrop and tried to make her look like some virginal innocent girl from the countryside, but she had these really tacky acrylic nails on with a glittery design on them. needless to say, i don’t think she really pulled off the look well, hehehe.

  70. btw kim, i don’t think that what you’re experiencing as an attractive asian female is exclusive to, well, asianness? i feel like attractive big-breasted blond-haired blue-eyed women or attractive black women get the same kind of stereotyping propositions. like, “oh hey, you’re a really hot black woman, and i’ve never slept with a black woman before, wanna f***?”

    asshole guys that typecast people are out there regardless of your race. i think it just comes with being young or attractive or both…some guys just have funny kinks like that. i think it’s really only demeaning when it’s tied to notions of submissiveness or your character…the same could be said of fetishizing black women and believing they’re more lively in bed or something.

    i feel like those kinds of people are pretty rare. or maybe i’m naive? i don’t know…the bad apples of the bunch shouldn’t turn you off of the good guys that just find asian women beautiful. ๐Ÿ™‚ and there are many! and why shouldn’t there be? we’re damn hot!

  71. Please excuse me if my post comes off a little superficial, I am simply looking for some advice on a topic I struggle with in regards to Asian women.

    Even after 10 years in the Bay Area I never used to find Asian girls hot until I dated this half Filipina who blew my mind 2 years ago. Since then I have only slept with a couple of Japanese girls, and Indonesian, a Cambodian, and since I have come down with a serious case of ‘yellow fever’ as my friends call it. It is a serious issue because I can’t seem to find other women attractive anymore. Every once in a while I see a cute brunette and be taken away by her, but even an average chunky Asian girl can walk in the room and steal my attention completely. I can’t help it. They are more gentle with words and comments, softer, tighter all around, make better noises, more sincere, freakier in bed, sexier, stronger sex drive, more modest in demeanor, more attentive to detail, respectful to others, seem to have better values, they smell better, beautiful eyes, the seem to get wetter during sex, and all around more beautiful to me as people. I either want to get over this “yellow fever” issue, or marry an Asian and be happy forever.

    This is why, unfortunately for me the super hot Asian girls that I am attracted to generally tend to go for white guys, specially the blond and blue eyed kind and that doesn’t help my case since I am a darker skinned South American guy. Are the stereotypes of Latin men working against me?

    Living in the Bay Area makes it even harder because they are all over the place, but they always seem to be with white guys only, especially the ones I am most attracted to.

    So, someone please give me a hint, how do I recognize the Asian girls who DON’T necessarily like white guys only? Where do they hang out? Is there an Asian nationality that is less into white guys? OR, how the hell do I get over this thing they call “Asian fever”…. I hope my post does not offend anyone, this is not my intention, I need real advice and I hope someone can sympathize.

  72. you said you dated a filipina girl two years ago, and since then you’ve slept with two japanese girls, one indonesian girl, and one cambodian girl. that basically makes 5 sexual partners in the last two years. so…i don’t see what your issue is in ‘attracting’ asian women; you seem to be doing fine? and i also don’t see why you find your attraction to asian women problematic?

    not all asian women in the bay area are dating white guys. i would know! i live in the bay area! i’ve seen a lot of different couples…asian with asian, asian with indian, asian with white, asian with black, etc. etc. in my personal experience, though, not one asian guy has ever really hit on me…i don’t really hang out with many asian people to begin with (i don’t know…it’s just how things turned out), so i have limited social interaction with other asian people. as a result, i tend to get hit on by white guys mostly, so my bf is white.

    and, i don’t think being south american is working against you. i think many girls find south american men hot! when i was a freshman in college, i had a huge crush on a guy that looked kind of like gael garcia bernal. and diego luna totally made me drool in y tu mamรก tambiรฉn. gosh. what a cutie.

    so all i’m trying to say is…1) no i don’t think being south american is an issue. and even if it were, why would you want to date a girl that doesn’t like you just because you’re south american? silly goose. 2) i don’t really understand what you’re complaining about? you seem to be attracting a lot of asian women already? so why is it worrisome to you that you are solely attracted to asian women?

  73. addictedtoasians, just keep going, some asians out there seem to be attracted to you. Maybe not all of them, but you can’t win them all. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    From what christine says, looking like gael garcia bernal could really help you out, but not sure if you can do something about that. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I understand what you mean about stronger sex drive and sexier. You started with that filipina, they usually change a man and drive us nuts.

    You’re doing fine, 5 asians in 2 years. Just exaggerating a little bit on all those qualities you listed. I mean, they can’t all have that complete list. But keep going at them!

  74. Christine, Thank you for that great answer. I found this site today and was very impressed at the sincere interest related to the appreciation of Asian women’s sensual appeal. Hence the site’s name Asian-Sirens is fitting for me since I find myself suddenly so sex obsessed like a teenboy when it comes to asian girls.

    I realize I mentioned those 5 girls, yes I am happy about that. It is that kind of sex that makes me want more and more now. Those relationships all came and went with their circumstances, mostly good:-) and they only fueled my appetite for more.

    My comments about the Asian girls with the white guys thing is prevalent and I have browsed the forum and seen other discussions about it. I admit, maybe they just stick out more because they are with a white guy. I got to admit though my white brothers are definitely pulling from the top of the cake with the cherry on top:-) I got to give it up to all my white friends out there with super fine Asian girls.

    I don’t mean to sound worrisome, doh, but I realize I might be missing out on other hot non asian girls around me because I have tuned them all out. Again this the name of this webiste fits my Asian obsession predicament, Asian-Sirens ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you for your response, I feel better since that came from someone who is likely to be a really hot asian girl who is even sexier because she is writing on this site too.

    Sheeitt.. Thank you!!! By the way, Gael Garcia Bernal looks white;)

  75. Addicted: exactly what are you seeking from us? Some kind of passcode or secret knock or handshake that will open up the floodgates to unlimited access to the hottest Asian women in the Bay Area?! I’m “white” (whatever that means) but far from blonde hair/blue eyes and have never found it any obstacle to dating them. Saying that being South American is a problem, well, that’s a silly excuse if I ever heard one.

  76. addictedtoasians: i have to add a few things i just thought of ๐Ÿ™‚

    i, too, noticed that some asian women are looking, actually, for white men a lot of the time. sometimes their preference is natural, like they were raised in an all-white community and ended up just liking white people because that’s all they know. or, they could be social-climbing asian women who have these extremely rigid and antiquated and WRONG notions of “dating up” vs. “dating down,” thinking that one race is better than another. you wouldn’t want this kind of asian woman anyway. so, even though many of them are hot, there are just as many hot asian women that don’t have such screwed-up versions of social status.

    it’s also – as you mention – that the white guy/asian girl couples stick out a lot more. when you see an asian guy/asian girl couple you probably don’t think twice. but if there’s interraciality, it becomes that much more striking. ๐Ÿ™‚

    i wouldn’t really think twice about “missing out on the other hot non asian girls around [you] because [you’ve] turned them all out.” you like what you like. think about it: it doesn’t really make sense to say, ‘girl A is really hot, but girl B is WAY more hot to me…but if i go with girl B, am i missing out?!’ even if the difference is that the girl is asian/non-asian. plain fact – you find asian girls hotter, you have one life to live, so GO GET ‘EM, TIGER.

    and gael garcia bernal might look white but my crush didn’t…he was el salvadoran! and, diego luna doesn’t look white at all! ๐Ÿ™‚ also david archuleta from american idol was pretty cute (i don’t watch the show, but my old running buddy did, and she liked his music).

    and if it’s any consolation, my aunt married a nicaraguan man and they’ve been married over 10+ years! i expect my cousins on that side of the family to grow up to be absolutely beautiful, lol.

    but at the time, she had dated a taiwanese man for a while, and also a white guy. and i personally find my aunt very pretty. when she was young, i guess she received a lot of compliments about her looks. so, i hope those were some comforting words for you.

  77. psh, lee, you just need to expand asian sirens into an advice column for all those lonely guys out there that need asian-specific dating tips and just can’t seem to ‘get’ us!

    i guess one we’ve already covered is to be REALLY careful when trying to impress a vietnamese girl named ngoc by speaking in her native tongue, am i right?

    maybe the next one should be about what to do when a chinese mom says ‘sorry, this soup i made is too salty!’ LOL. incorrect answer: “have you tried watering it down? it might help.”

    i kid i kid. ๐Ÿ˜›

  78. Hmmm…I was just wondering, having blues and brown hair instead of the usual blond hair like most white guys have, how would I do out in the Bay Area with all the asian beauties? I would be willing to try a little bleach action if necassary. Not really.

  79. hmm arf…my answer would be…brown or blond, you probably wouldn’t do so well with your wife in tow. ๐Ÿ˜‰ i’m sure she’d give you a good smack upside the head for ogling too much

  80. btw luvjgirls…don’t go around mentioning that there’s a secret passcode to everyone, geez. you guys who like asian women used to be such an exclusive club…y’all really need try harder at keeping it that way! remember? the first rule about the “guys who dig asian girls club” is that you don’t talk about the “guys who dig asian girls club?”


  81. Um, weren’t we supposed to commenting about Viann? Can’t even remember what she looks like anymore.

    christine: LOL re Fight Club reference.

  82. Ha!, I am loving this site so far. Thanks Christine, Yes, I am trying to crack the code. Yes, I have had some success, I don’t think I qualify as lonely but its the high hanging fruit that that I need to figure out. Yes, one life to live, might as well go for the cake I want. This weekend, I got 5 numbers, 4 of which I didn’t ask for, and that 1 I asked for was the only Asian girl I was able to engage. I definitely have to work harder for it.

    My new mission is to figure out Asian girls and make them switch from white boys to hot latin lovers. I am sorry but I’ve only heard we are better in a ton of ways not just sexually. More chivalry at least is for sure. I can’t describe how often I see white guys treating their girls like they are bros. For example, making them stand in public transportation while they sit (I see this while traveling countries and see it with whites and asian couples), not opening car doors or any doors in general, making them buy drinks, the list goes on and I am always dumbfounded… why do these girls like guys like that? I am not trying to talk shit here but specially in the bay area, these no-class or tact having geeky engineers out on dates with super hot Asian girls sitting there Twittering from their phones during a date… I see that LIKE WTF???? Asian ladies, here is where I come in to save you and start a new trend. Asians for hispanic lovers club. A land of pleasure.. can we start that???

    ha ha!!!! White friends out there I don’t mean any diss.. you guys always get the finer girls anyway so don’t worry I am not a real threat to your domination with the Asian ladies. My white friends think its hilarious that I’ve come down with this fever.

    Ooops. I need to get back to work..

  83. addictedtoasians… chivalry and all that is nice in the books, but remember this: nice guys have a harder time getting the girls. Therefore, get the girls to pay you the drinks. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  84. daznlover, i like nice guys! ๐Ÿ™ nice girls like nice guys. problem is, the nice guys sometimes just aren’t as aggressive or fake as the non-nice guys. so they get left behind sometimes…but the nice guys do win out overall. nice guys, please stay nice and you will get the girl in the end!

    plus, you don’t want a girl that doesn’t like your niceness. ๐Ÿ™ mean girls = bad.

  85. arr. fake was the wrong word to use. i just mean…i don’t know… non-nice guys can sometimes put on a face to get a girl, but nice guys are more honest? and sometimes girls can’t see through that fake mask if it’s really painted-on well.

  86. I have to second what Christine says. Growing up, I could have gotten a lot more action if I was dishonest, but in the long run, doing the right thing has served me very well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  87. christine you made my point. Nice guys are… welll… so… I don’t know.
    See what I mean? ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think the best is to be a nice guy with some non-nice guy tricks, to spice up things. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  88. Changed my name still the same Kim. So I click the box saying I want to be notified when people reply but I never get an email.

    As for the Latino lover, “Once you go Asian, you never go Caucasian”.

    Oh and I told hubby that I check the site now. He says he doesn’t comment on pics just looks and reads. I told him I’m taking over his dirty little Asian site, I feel bad that I did but I like it here!

    Oh Christine how old are you if I may ask. I love reading your posts.

    PS I love giving advice to people with yellow fever! Ask and you shall receive ^_^!

  89. Yeah, I had to disable the email comment notification feature – my server was getting drowned in bounces from email addresses that no longer existed.

  90. kimsoo, I hope that coming here makes for a even better relationship with you and hubby. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Another hot conversation topic can always be good.

  91. Aww thanks for caring. We have a great relationship. I guess I should be really happy he looks at hot asian girls instead of blondy blues! These girls are hott! I was looking at a few of the new ones, and I was getting kinda turned on. My peeps are so hot. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  92. Frankly, I think all women are somehow bi – I mean, if you were a girl, wouldn’t you be? Women are just so much more attractive then we are. ๐Ÿ™‚

  93. WoW!…a lesbian in the making. ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s so neat. I wish my wife would be a little more bi-curious now.

  94. Some women just like looking at other beautiful women, without necessarily being attracted sexually. I’m not categorizing them all as bi.

    Still, I think a bi or bi-curious woman gets bonus points. ๐Ÿ™‚

  95. I am not bi? Are you guys talking about me? Some girls are hot but it doesn’t meet I want to lick a box! Not for me.

  96. Oh no no no!…Sorry kimsoo, I was refering to daznlover being a lesbian when he’s reborn. Next time around type of thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  97. Gee, since most guys prefer to hang around with other guys, shouldn’t we all be somehow gay?

    The perfect women is a transsexual with a masculine attitude. j/k

  98. i am asian and have an asian girlfriend. i dont think that the stereotype for asian to look for white males is quite true. however, i have found that many japanese girls that come to canada do look for white males exactly for the lack of chivalry attitude. the jap girls like the fact that white males treat them like “bros” because it makes them feel equal; whereas back home, women are usually put behind men in importance.

  99. Interesting comments in this thread. I am new to this site but I am drinking it up and loving it.

    I can only speak for myself. I am an art director by profession, which means I have a fascination with design and appearance.

    Going along with that drive to see and create things that are attractive / powerful / fascinating is a very strong appreciation of the beauty in the female form. Women are beautiful in so many ways, physical and beyond the physical. Women fascinate me and I just love to admire them.

    I married an Asian woman, not because she was Asian but because I loved the personality, values, charm and appearance as a total package. She knows I love women and looking at women, and we have one simple rule… I can look all I want but no touchee other women. She understands my fascination with the beauty of women.

    I’m sure many people signed up here have their own reasons, but I suspect a lot of us just appreciate the particular beauty and grace inherent in the Asian female form and as cultivated in their society.

    Porn is fine but beauty is timeless and in many ways, seeing women in settings that show off their beauty is sometimes sexier than seeing them naked. Some of the photography that has been done in the linked galleries is just phenomenal and painstakingly artistic. We don’t see that in the West much. I guess that’s the art director in me. But anyway, that’s why I am here ๐Ÿ™‚

    BTW she is gorgeous….

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