Suzuka Ishikawa


It is not uncommon to experience stressful moments. We all experience anxiety on a regular basis. I am convinced that were it not for women like Suzuka Ishikawa, that stress would take quite the toll on our lives. Luckily, simply gazing at Suzuka Ishikawa should help that stress melt away, releasing your tension and leaving your entire body – well, almost your entire body – completely relaxed.Stats:

Age: 22
Height: 5’3
Ethnicity: Japanese
Located: Saitama, Japan


















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0 thoughts on “Suzuka Ishikawa”

  1. I have to tell you, the current front page of Asian Sirens right now may be my favorite ever. I like all the front page photos including that one tattoo girl’s back.

    Also, what do we think of the semi-creative writing intros instead of regular intros. Yay/Nay?

  2. This one is definitely Doc approvedβ„’.

    As for the intro, I thought it must have been another poster at first – but I like ’em creative.

  3. this girl is about as hot as Japanese girls get, she’s really something.

    Creative intros are good Travis, the one you did for this girl really sums up her vibe quite well followed by the all essential brief stats makes a good combo!

  4. Indeed, I am in dire need of some stress relief, and Suzuka is the prescription πŸ™‚

    Very pretty, and too cute for words. Love everything about her.

  5. Hole in one! Bingo! Ringer! Touchdown! Goooooooooooooal! High Five! Kudos! Git ‘R Done! Checkered Flag!

    In other words, a WINNER! Love this woman!

  6. Suzuka’s great. She retired a few months ago unfortunately.

    She even made a few uncensored movies last year. She’s also a big time squirter in case you’re into that kind of thing.

  7. I just let out a little howl after laying eyes on this perfect little morsel. I’m in love with that beautiful bush of hers. HOT!

  8. i actually had the first picture but i didnt know her name. thanks for the ID =] her other pictures are awesome

  9. Nice write-up and what a lovely girl! I would not say she is as hot as they get, but she’s really cute. Her body matches her face to create a very attractive package.

    I would definitely trim that bush a bit. πŸ˜‰

  10. Travis: I’m definitely digging the semi-creative intros. ^^

    As per Suzuka-chan, she’s a definite cutie! Then again, I’m extremely biased towards Japanese ladies. She’d definitely be one of my ring girls at an MMA event at the Saitama Super Arena (an awesome stadium experience I might add!).

    maxdiesel: How dare you mention how she’s a squirter without adequate proof (links please!). :-P~

  11. Yeah, I recognized her not by the name but by the fact that she only smiles without showing her teeth. She has a lovely figure and her movies are well acted!

  12. I feel like I’ve seen this girl on the internet a million times before. Maybe I did and just didn’t know who she was. Either way, she’s hot.

  13. wylde8 does have a point: she’s definitely a cuitie – and I think above average for a JAV girl – but she still looks very much like a lot of other JAV girls.

  14. Part of the reason she is familiar is because if you have been with this site awhile you have seen her before. She was on a front page post about some website’s list of best Asian models. She also is seen as one of the main photos of many websites, but often without her name there. Chances are her familiarity is because she really is familiar.

  15. WoW!…My favorite part of Sir Wankalot’s clip, was at exactly 14 seconds into it. Face first and lovin it. Also, I’m with sevendeuce on seein a little squirt or two.

  16. is it just me or do these lips look botoxed? it’s kind of the only thing that is off for me. cute girl otherwise…

  17. i agree with knarf. nice intro, but more background info would be good!

    as a former poster myself, i think your regularity/frequency in posting is really admirable. keep it up, travis! you rock! πŸ™‚

  18. Yep – you were certainly very good at digging up the info (and writing about it)! To be fair though, most of the models Travis features have very little (accurate) information available about them.

  19. yeah, i can imagine — i remember how hard it was to find info on anonymous gravure model #4012. also, on those sorts of websites, i have to admit…everyone starts looking the same after a while.

  20. Your celebrity posts would be a very welcome counterbalance to Travis’ posts, even if you could only do (say) one a month. Travis has the nude adult models well and truly covered now, so you could just focus on who you want to write about. But I know you have much more important things than AS to worry about these days. πŸ™‚

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