Ultimate Asian Hotties List?

Panward Hemmanee

Kineda.com think of theirselves as ‘the authority of Asian hotties’ and therefore they created the ‘Ultimate Asian Hotties List‘. It’s broken down by ethnicity. Each ethnicity list is exclusive to the five hottest girls of all time.

We at Asian-Sirens agree with Fleshbot.com. We also think that this list of Asian models really can’t be the ‘ultimate’ one: after all, it only includes seventeen models from eight countries, and we all know there are a hell of a lot more hotties out there than that. Just browse our archives! 😉

But hey, every list that features Asian hotties is a good list! So check out the girls at Kineda.com!Model above: Panward Hemmanee, nicknamed “Pei” back in her homeland of Thailand, is an upcoming TV drama actress that has been featured on numerous magazine covers including the likes of VOLUME and MARS magazine.

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  1. Fun to look at these lists and see who they think is hot.

    They list Ase Wang in the Thai section but she is not Thai. She is from Singapore. She was in FHM Thai edition but they often have ladies from other countries, including some non-Asian ladies.

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