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Sachiko McLean

Hi everybody. I thought you might like to know that I’ve just been interviewed by, a site with a long and passionate dedication to women’s rights, especially as it relates to the freedom to express their own beauty in the face of conservatism. My own views on my right to show my body freely – even in contexts that are normally considered to be too ‘respectable’ for this, such as performing classical music – are well known. I do not consider playing piano or singing in the nude is anything wrong or unnatural – indeed, for me it actually feels very right and natural. Read more about why I feel this why in my interview!

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to visit my web site too!

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  1. Face-wise, she is not very beautiful at all, in my opinion. Body-wise, the only thing she has going for her are the huge fake boobs. Speaking of which– having huge fake boobs seems to go against the whole “all natural, no makeup” thing she has going on. Oh well, feel free to delete my opinion! 😀

  2. I certainly don’t think I’m the prettiest model around, although I think you might be shocked by how much less pretty a lot of other models would look if they dared to be photographed without makeup like me!

    As for my body, well, you’re entitled to your opinion!

  3. Jinksie54

    I second your comment.
    Those SALINE bags look so fake and obvious considering she’s Asian #1 and #2 she’s too thin to have big titties.

    I don’t like her legs cause she looks so skeletal. I like meat on my bones.

  4. I think you would be shocked by how old a lot of other models would look if they dared to be photographed without makeup too. And they aren’t actually saline…

  5. Come on guys – you are entitled to your opinion, but Sachiko is hosting Asian Sirens, so perhaps you could speak to her with a little more respect…

    I also couldn’t help noticing that you didn’t mention anything about her interview. Perhaps it is a little too intellectual for you? 😉

  6. I love the premise of the Super Beauty site. And it is an attractive well done design…

    Sachiko, what I especially like is the look on your face in a couple of the shots: Confident, happy, self-assured…It is in keeping with the theme of the online mag’….

  7. “Too intellectual”? Let’s not be silly doc. I have a BA in Philosophy and a JD in Law. I skimmed the interview, and it was quite humorous to be honest. But I’ve been on usenet, and more recently webboards, for 14 years now and I know better than to argue with particular people (say, nude models, artists and doctors) about particular things (say, religion, politics, law, social science, etc).

    Am I being unreasonably elitist? Of course, but for pragmatic reasons only– I know from experience that these arguments take a lot of time and inevitably end with the other side saying “well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion!” and I’ve always found it hard to resist a online scuffle (hence this post).

    I like babes, so I’d rather keep any discussion focused on the models here– if I want to talk politics or anything of that nature, I’ll let myself be baited at work.

    And I don’t think I ever showed disrespect; I’m sorry if it was taken as such. It was actually a test to see how censorship works on this particular board, when it’s a friend of the site being criticized– seeing as there’s plenty of criticism leveled against other models by mods.

  8. and you know what else?

    it takes balls to pose nude! between the disaproval of society at large, the physical criticism that will always take place, and the sad fact that a lot of people think if you pose nude you *deserve* some disrespect… anyway, point being you’ve got to hand it to Sachiko for doing what she does.

    At least… until you start posting nudie pics of yourself on the net, for everyone to see and dissect!!!


  9. Jinksie54 – by your own admission you were trying to stir things up, although my comments were mostly levelled at “ChineseLoverMan” (formerly “ChineseVaginaFinda”), who was indeed quite rude. Your second comment does indicate an underlying lack of respect for nude models though, which seems rather inappropriate here. I’m also sure Sachiko would run rings around you in a debate on this issue, whatever qualifications you may have. 😉

    And ranacubana – right on! 🙂 Too often adult models are made to feel ashamed of what they do, and Sachiko just doesn’t take this sort of shit!

  10. Dr. Lee, you need to look up the word ‘respectful’ – you sound like a New York Liberal. And coming from you, someone who’s posted many a harsh comment about ladies you didn’t find hot on this site or who had what you considered terrible boob jobs, it smacks of hypocrisy.

    This site lives and dies on the posting of women’s pictures and the comments on those pictures. If there’s a conflict of interest, then either Sachiko shouldn’t post here or Asian-Sirens should find another hosting solution.

    And if you think people come to this site to hear models pontificate about social issues, you’re sadly mistaken.

  11. You’ve said you didn’t like Sachiko’s boob job in the past (as have others), but I never objected to what you said – or any of your other critical comments about her for that matter. Because however much I may disagree with you (which is quite a lot!), you aren’t rude – and nor am I. There’s a critical difference between harsh (as you call it), and rude. “ChineseLoverMan” was rude however, and Jinksie54’s comments were borderline. You (and I) simply express our opinion, however strongly.

    As the chief mod here, I always warn posters about rude comments, whoever they may be talking about. If anything, I was probably a little softer than usual this time. I would be a hypocrite if I simply objected to whatever negative things people said about Sachiko, but I don’t. Don’t forget, I could simply delete any of these comments if I wanted to. If I did, then we would have a conflict of interest – and Asian Sirens would have to pay a lot more for hosting. 🙂

  12. Oh, and one more thing: regarding what people come here for, let’s not forget that were it not for the availability of Sachiko’s server, Asian Sirens might very well never have gotten going again at all. Which means, in effect, that without her generosity you probably wouldn’t be able to come here and say whatever you want about her, and get all this great free stuff. Don’t you think that deserves at least a little bit of gratitude and respect?

  13. Dr. LEE

    sans rudeness –
    I think Sachiko has implants… Whatever they may be made of, honesty is allways the best policy. Just tell us what’s inside em.

  14. Apology accepted. Once again, if you don’t like Sachiko or any other model featured here, you are very welcome to say so (after all, I do!), but do mind your manners.

    And I absolutely agree honesty is the best policy (I complain about models lying that they’re natural all the time!), but they aren’t saline. There’s one other common substance used for them that is illegal in the US, but not in Australia. I think you can guess what I’m talking about. 😉

  15. I am blown away you are a classically trained pianist. I would be in heaven having a beautiful woman play the piano.

    I am quite a fan of Keiko Matsui and have seen her in concert twice.

  16. “I’m also sure Sachiko would run rings around you in a debate on this issue, whatever qualifications you may have.”

    That’s an odd thing to say. Why you think you can be certain of such a thing is beyond me. From what I read, she simply piled assertion over assertion with little or no actual argumentation– and the assertions themselves were fairly sophomoric.

    Whatever the case, she can believe that men become violent if they don’t ejaculate (she did mention something in her interview about people making claims not being backed by studies.. hmm), and you can believe that she would “run rings” around me in a debate– if that sort of thing makes you both feel better. As for me, like I said. I’m not interested in discussing this sort of thing, so this is my last comment on this thread. The last word is yours for the taking.

  17. Lee can be certain of such a thing because a position such as your’s is clearly based on conservative intellectual arrogance – and we have learned, based on a lot of experience discussing this issue with such people, that this sort of position is virtually impossible to defend. This is because this type of position is based on a long history of unquestioned assumptions, which fall apart very quickly when examined logically and with historical examples.

    Santini47 – thanks for your comments!

    ranacubana – thanks for your support!

    ChineseLoverMan – as Lee said, apology accepted!

    imagexposed – I would be happy to play for you when you come to Australia! In the mean time, you can hear a sample of my piano playing (along with samples of my singing) here:

    Great photos of Ange by the way!

  18. ‘Conservative Intellectual Arrogance’! LOL! He can be ‘sure’ of it? From just a few paragraphs on an Internet message board? I think we know who has the arrogance problems.

  19. Given your repeated and highly irrational dismissal of anything remotely resembling criticism toward the Bush administration, I think we can be sure she’d run rings around you too WestCoast. 😉

  20. ‘Conservative Intellectual Arrogance’? heh, but we aren’t even supposed to be smart, nor intellectual. being intelligent & nuanced is a liberal domain 😉
    dang, how did we veer from discussing oversized, bad silicone to politics?

  21. That’s the beauty of what Sachiko does – she brings together what are normally considered to be totally opposite things in a seamless way. Many people are uncomfortable with it (just see the comments here), but obviously her fans love it!

    As to why so many people are so uncomfortable mixing intellectual discourse with sexual gratification, that’s a whole other interesting discussion. It seems to be particularly true of Americans – why is this I wonder? Is it another expression of the conservative Christain hypocrisy Sachiko mentions in her interview perhaps?

  22. Doc, you’re baiting me with “conservative Christian hypocrisy”. i’m a lazy a$$, socially liberal Catholic/yet financially & politically conservative living in hellishly lefty NYC. personally, i don’t overly care about anything. but , i’ll argue you for argument’s sake. salines or silicones?

  23. Well she’s already said they aren’t saline…

    And it’s good to see we’ve managed to stir up a fair bit of discussion here. 😉

  24. Dr. Lee, you need to look up words before you use them. Start with ‘irrational’. My only objection to criticism to the Bush Administration is that it’s coming from someone who thinks they fully understand my country because they spent a few years here in college. And buys into the silliness the largely liberal press points out.
    Case in point: as Nik2 just pointed out and I’m about to add to, the fact that you and Sachiko think that anyone who defends our country or has some conservative leanings is a Christian is laughable – I’ve been called many things, Christian isn’t one of them. I’m an Atheist with some Buddhist leanings.

    The fact that you and Sachiko go straight to name calling speaks volumes – I won’t stoop to that.

    Why won’t you answer the question about the implants? What’s the big deal?

  25. It’s more fun to tease. 😉

    And your response shows that you either haven’t bothered to actually read what she has written, or are unable to comprehend it. The conservative Christian mindset runs deep throughout US society and its laws – you don’t have to be Christian yourself to be affected by this (for example, the illegality of prostitution and the near illegality of abortion). And where is the name calling of which you speak? Seems you are imagining we said things we didn’t again (such as when we criticise the Bush administration you always think we are ‘attacking America’). That’s irrational.

  26. A good example of conservative Christian hypocrisy in action is 2257 – the conservatives could push this sort of law through because most Americans are too ashamed to admit that they enjoy porn. Where does this sense of shame come from? And you can be damn sure that the same conservatives who pushed this law through look at porn themsleves. As one ex porn actor said (whose name escapes me right now): “until Americans admit they’re jerking off, they deserve to have their dicks cut off”. 🙂

    It works in more subtle ways than that too. For example, Jinksie54 clearly holds an underlying assumption that a nude model cannot possibly be intellectual – for example, he says the views expressed in Sachiko’s interview are without merit because she didn’t back them up with enough evidence, when he must know that the format of an interview makes this impossible. So in effect, he looks down on the girls whose pictures he covets! This is an internal conflict based on conserative Christian values he has been taught by society, whether he himself is Christian or not.

  27. Sachiko, I think that you are very beautiful and sexy. You are my personal favourite of all of the models that I have seen posted on this site, to look at, and from your official website I also believe that you are a woman of equally beautiful character and intelligence, and strong integrity, which is still a relatively rare thing in the world of modelling, even among some of our most exceptional Asian Sirens.

    I disagree with “ChineseLoverMan”. I personally like the look of your breasts very much and I find them, much like the rest of your body, very attractive and pleasantly erotic to look at, whatsoever they might be made of.

    Thank you very much for making yet another grateful young man very happy with your very beautiful and stimulating photographs.

  28. Thanks Jiyoruji! After all the negative comments above it is nice to have something positive!

    It seems that not only do a lot of people not ‘get’ what I do, they seem to be offended by it. I don’t know why it is so uncomfortable for some people that a nude model should also be intellectual and have integrity – it seems a lot of people really want all nude models to be dumb and nasty. Anyway, I am glad to see at least you appreciate what I do!

  29. Some men are intimidated by a woman who has a brain in addition to beauty, and who doesn’t shy away from showing either. Strange world, this.

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