Faline Song

Faline Song

It’s unusual to start an Asian-Sirens feature with a face shot. But with Faline’s pretty face, exceptions can be made. Sexy Faline, age 21, is a model and college student based in Southern California. She admits to being short, 152cm (5’0″), but makes up for it with her hot looks and fun-loving personality. At first I wasn’t sure of Faline’s ethnicity, but her web site, Miss-Faline.com, reveals she is Taiwanese. Oh, she’s good friends with our girl Charisse Kailyn too!

You can visit Faline on MySpace and Yahoo Groups as well. More pics of Faline, click

Faline Song

Faline Song

Faline Song

Faline Song

Links for Faline Song

Faline’s Official Web Site
Faline’s MySpace Page
Faline’s Yahoo Group
Faline’s Xanga Page

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  1. wow,…she’s got some curves!!!

    wonder why she wears so much make-up though. bet she’d still be real pretty without laying on the paint.

  2. WhOoHoO it’s Faline. Thanks Northman for featuring one of my really good friends here. Faline is such a hottie, to top it off, she’s a really sweet girl. WeE! GO FALINE…

    Much Love,
    Charisse Kailyn

  3. Wow she’s sooooo cute!!! Nice find. I agree with cubana, she would even look great without that makeup. Thanks for posting this beauty!!!

  4. I agree with ranacubana: a cute 21 yr old girl is going to look great naked, barefoot, and with the face nature gave her, so why spend precious money on clothes, shoes, and cosmetics? If this page leaves you hungry for more, check out http://www.xanga.com/Faline_Song . Scroll to the bottom — as I know you will 😉 — to see some explanation of the name changes, sort of.

  5. Hey guys! Just saw my page! wo0o thanx NorthMan and Charisse! 😛 Just thought i leave some comments too just to clear up some of the things u guys are saying.

    Makeup! Every girl loves their makeup! haha and especially for shoots. When we are shooting for like glamour style sometimes the photog require more makeup so it’ll show up better on camera and bla bla bla.. but i do agree on natural beauty. I do plan to do some shoots in the future with more of a natural look. 🙂

    My name: I mainly go by Faline Song and Miss Faline and nuthin else. Wonder why they put Wang on that site. haha but thanx QueensGirlsRock for pointing that out and plugging my xanga. 😀

    To see more free pixs go check out my website and sign up for my mailing list. You will get all the updates and more candid pixs of me sometimes without makeup! haha Thanx guys!


  6. Thanks for checking in with us Faline. Good info! I’ll add your Xanga page to your list of links. Don’t be a stranger. 🙂

  7. Hi Faline,

    I apologize for getting your name wrong but believe that you were billed that way on the website promoting the Model Showcase Event. So maybe it was Moses’ invention since you weren’t using a last name until recently?

    Anyway, I changed the name on the Flickr page that was referred to earlier to Faline Song.


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