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Debra Lamb - Beverly Hills Vamp

I first caught actress Debra Lamb on video in a little-known gem entitled The Stripping Telegram: Special Delivery, which was shot in Hollywood in the mid-80s. In it, she played a pizza delivery girl who forgot the pizza but more than made up for it with a sizzling routine that showed she had formal dance training. Her exotic looks were familiar to me and I was sure I’d seen her somewhere before, so I did a little digging and found her featured in the June 1987 issue of Easyriders magazine I had in my collection.

Wanting to learn more about such a striking girl, starting with her last name, I checked magazines stands, book and video stores (these were the pre-Internet days) and found her featured in a now-defunct publication entitled Focus, which included her bio and list of acting credits. That was in 1994 and she has since been among my favorite B-movie actresses. The above photo of her as Jessica from the 1989 B-movie classic Beverly Hills Vamp should save me from having to explain why.As well as being a personal favorite, Debra is the most successful (if not only) Asian-American “Scream Queen” of all time. Ranking right up there with other icons of the genre, such as Brinke Stevens, Linnea Quigley, and Michelle Bauer, Debra has appeared in over 40 films and videos, as well as done countless modeling gigs. Despite all that, she still finds it hard to believe that so many people have seen her work and that fans and critics alike consider her one of the big names in B-cinema.

Several months ago, I was wondering if I could find any current news on Debra (if I didn’t, I probably would have done a “Whatever Happened to..?” entry on her), and I came upon her psychic healing website. After sending her an e-mail through her site asking for an interview and receiving no reply, I assumed she wasn’t interested in delving back into her modeling and acting past. However, I recently learned that was far from the case. (It turned out she never received my message due to a technical glitch.) Thanks to a mutual friend putting in a good word for me, Debra sent me a message through Facebook, welcoming me to contact her and was very open to an interview, which we did three days later.

While speaking with her, she talked at length about her career, the people she’s worked with, her nearly 10-year hiatus from acting, and her recent comeback. Besides having a great sense of humor, Debra was one of the most enjoyable ladies I have ever met, let alone interviewed, and she placed almost no topics off limits.

During our lengthy conversation, I also learned a lot about Debra that I wouldn’t have found out from other sources, such as; she was almost in the Navy, loves to snack on raw onions, has had almost every kind of pet you can think of, doesn’t close the bathroom door when she’s at home, and politics is not among her favorite topics.

Check out the condensed excerpts from my full and exclusive interview with Debra at Idol Features.

Debra Lamb

Debra Lamb
As Diana in Trashy Ladies Wrestling (1987)

Debra Lamb - Supercycle
On the cover of the March 1988 Supercycle, which was their best-selling issue of all time. Debra told me it wasn’t just because of her but also because of the bike featured. I think she’s mistaken about that.

Debra Lamb
Debra’s most popular poster

Debra Lamb - Kissing Time
As Jane in the 1993 UCLA short film, Kissing Time, one of Debra’s personal favorites. This was a 1920s-style silent film in which her character performed a seductive dance that ended with her spitting a ball of fire.

Debra Lamb - Draculina
Gracing the cover of the spring 1994 issue of Draculina. Fellow Scream Queen Linnea Quigley is pictured at lower left.

Debra Lamb
From her Draculina photo shoot

Debra Lamb - Focus #3
1994 issue of Focus that includes accurate information on Debra’s career up to that point. The comments on all of her movies were actually written by her.

Debra Lamb - Ballerina Finale
Showing her fire breathing skills as “Raven” in Ballerina Finale. Originally entitled Curtain Call, this began production in 1994 as a UCLA short film that was later expanded upon and released in 1997.

Debra Lamb
Debra did her own makeup and wore this Tom Bliss-designed bra for a photo shoot she did during the making of Ballerina Finale.

Debra Lamb
As an Asian Elvira for a 2010 photo shoot for Dark Beauty magazine

Debra Lamb
A very recent photo of Debra sporting a very different look. Her t-shirt holds a clue as to the title of her comeback to the B-movie scene. (Photo by Topher Adam)

Debra Lamb
From an even more recent shoot (Photo by Darrie Evans)

Debra Lamb Psychic Healing
Debra’s Self-Made Fansite
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Debra at Dark Beauty Magazine
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Interview with Debra at Idol Features

Big thanks to Reyna Young aka “Miss Misery” at Last Doorway Productions

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  1. Why do psychics all seem to have a similar look????

    She’s also got a bit of Diana Ross thing about her which is not altogether a bad thing….. but sadly not my typical asian preference. The beach photo is damn good however.

    All in all however, i reckon she’d be one fun lady to be with…. back in the day or currently as an asian milf.

  2. Great interview and post overall CEC. Comprehensive! Even a shot of her breathing fire.
    She has to be in her 50’s now? Hot then, and still pretty fine now. And modest as well about her fame – makes her a lovely lady to talk with I’d say.

  3. Retro sexy, great interview! She seems a lovely lady and she has awesome tits, she can read my fortune anytime 🙂

  4. Speaking of retro pornstars, I’d like pieces on Kristara Barrington, Mai Lin, Linda Wong (who sadly died of a drug overdose).

  5. @johnny & luvgirls – Despite rumors that Kristara became a veterinarian, she currently resides in the “Whatever Happened to..” file here.

    I was very happy to see that Debra wasn’t residing there as well, and is looking better than ever.

  6. @luvjgirls:

    Loved Linda Wong! She perfectly meshed that “Stanford coed” look…with the pornstar sexuality.Too bad she could’nt actually deal with her life choices. The other one that I’d be curious about from “back in the day” was this curvaceous Asian hottie who went by the name of MEI LING.She did a few b/g scenes …but mostly got paired up in lesbian scenes with blatant blondes (Seka)…or sexual chocolate (Desiree West). Mei was hot.

  7. She’s still a very sexy woman. That top photo is certainly breathtaking with that incredible body of hers.

  8. ….i have a mei ling VHS tape floating around somewhere…there’s something about that period of adult films which i find so much more appealing than todays versions…maybe it was the blunt lighting, and the fact that nobody back then knew what gillette was? 😀

  9. Haha, I love that mean and bitchy look but she’s scaring me in that first photo.
    What a body though

  10. Ahh the light only hides the darkenss that allows it to shine. Of all the inta-net clap-trap out there, what I believe to be the most likely story about “Linda Wong” (while we’re on the subject of an eariler generation) is that she was born in Sept, 1951 in either Honolulu or San Francisco Linda Carol Seki, was (dhur) ethnically Japanese (see that long, thin, beautifull nose?) followed the money and the fun BUT had a deep-seated need to be viewed as more than an art OBJECT, got into opiates – painkillers that they are – and died of what looks like an intentional overdose at age 37. And the night divides the day.

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