Subliminal Nude Pictures Focus Attention

Subliminal Nude Pictures Focus Attention

Here’s one for our more scientific visitors! 😉

Nothing focuses the mind’s eye like an erotic picture, according to the results of a new study. Even when such pictures were actively canceled out, subliminal images of female nudes helped heterosexual men find the orientation of a briefly shown abstract shape. Such nudity-driven focusing worked almost as well for women, as long as the image accorded with their sexual preference.

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  1. I don’t know if anyone remembers those Levi’s jeans ads that showed clothing yet had no bodies within them. I thought they were pretty sexy.

    Its amaizing how the mind is able to fill in the blanks.

    This chick in the picture is SEXY. Wide spacing between the thighs denotes Stamina!

  2. Finding the body’s orientation has nothing to do with nudity. It’s the brain recognizing the prefered optimal female shape (hip to waist ratio and all that). The shape in the pic LOOKS like it could be a female, could just as well be a lady-boy.

    Cops are starting to use a technique like this when working on crime scene photos. They block out all the people (dead and/or alive) in the pic and it’s been shown to affect what their brain sees in the picture. Been effective so far.

    Me, I’d rather NOT play fill-in-the-blanks when it comes to ogling asian hotties. Full frontal nudity all the way!

  3. The heterosexual men, however, had a more difficult time detecting the same orientation when it was located where an invisible picture of a nude man had been; this was not the case for heterosexual women when viewing their own sex naked.

    All women are, too some extent, bisexual.

  4. @Mike, what does it mean to be bisexual? If I like looking at pretty girls does that mean I’m bi? I don’t want to have sex with them, I just like looking at them.

    When I was younger I had a Tom boyfriend. It was (still is) fashion in Thailand. But we just went places together, never did anything physical except hold hands and hug sometimes. Am I bi? I don’t think I am. Other women like me don’t think they are.

    That paragraph you quoted makes sense to me. Women like to look at pretty women, naked ones, too. Often we like it more than looking at a naked man, unless the man is really gorgeous. Average attractive man naked versus average attractive woman naked – probably enjoy more looking at the woman. Is that bi? I don’t *feel* like it is.

  5. funny how it is more acceptable and some how chic to see two women together but if two guys say for example Dr. Lee and CLM just going out and sometime holding hands and hugs …the thought just gives me the willies :))

  6. Gives you the willies? It gives me nightmares! 🙂

    As I have mentioned previously, I have a radical new theory of female sexuality based in part on the observation that normally heterosexual women are still sexually attracted to other women. One of these days I’ll publish it…

  7. My theory is that EVERYONE likes to stare at hot girls — males and females. We just can’t help it. Hell, even my g/f looks at other girls (and I don’t even get jealous!).

    I think the “acceptability” of two girls holding hands etc versus two guys doing the same thing is a matter of violation. See…men are, by nature, intruders (you know what I mean!), whereas women are not. It’s a lot less harmful to our fragile brains to see a situation where we know there won’t be any natural penetration going on (strap-ons is a whole other issue). And, of course, the whole gotta be a macho manly-man thing… Whatever, now I’m just talkin’ out my ass!

    I still see Asian girls where I live holding hands. They are foriegn students so I’m pretty sure it’s a cultural thing and not a N.American sexual thing.

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