Tracey Oanh Bui


Tracey Oanh Bui is a Vietnamese Model currently living in Amsterdam. Sometimes I am surprised when I hear the locations that these women live, because there are areas of the world that you simply do not associate with being attracted to the women there.Stats:

Age: 25
Height: 5’4
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Located: Amsterdam





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  1. I’m not usually a huge fan of Vietnamese women but WOW. Tracey is absolutely stunning. Her facial features are perfection — wonderfully pouty lips, an incredible nose, beautiful teeth and sultry eyes.

    An absolute 10. Gorgeous. Dammmmn.

  2. Interestingly – as a great admirer of Vietnamese women – I don’t find this girl very attractive. I love the Eurasian look that many Vietnamese girls have, but this one just looks almost entirely European to me, and not a terribly remarkable one at that. The surgeon’s knife hasn’t left her with much of her heritage, or much character. Without makeup I suspect she’d be very bland, but then so are most fashion models.

  3. Doc, with respect, can you explain the difference between ‘I don’t find this girl very attractive’ and ‘yuck’ which got one commenter recently, severely rapped over the knuckles?

    They are both comments, to me, that indicate displeasure. But I guess your reasons for not liking her looks are more extensive than whoever it was said, with just a simple word.

    I, for one, think Ms Bui, is delightfully attractive and would definitely turn my head.
    btw I wonder if she is any relation to ‘our’ Nancy -swoon!

  4. You take the Vietnamese nose away from French, and French takes his vote away from you…

    Doc is spot on on this one…

    What is it about Europe that makes the Vietnamese woman hate herself?

    I’ll take Nancy’s (swoon) nose, please.

  5. Its like anything Travis, if you’re a genetically gifted woman who can make money off your appearance, you don’t hang out in the small towns of the US or the communist countries smaller than Montana that tend not to reward such gifts…

    You head to New York, LA, Paris, London, Tokyo, and yes, Amsterdam.

    Unlike others, I didn’t see anything post-surgical on this girl, but who knows.

    As for being Eurasian/HAPA, it is my opinion she is full Vietnamese (as much as that is possible in such a post-colonial place)>

    That said, she does have a look that transcends a lot of traditional Asian advertising markets (where 6′ blonde models also find a lot of work, strangely enough), and I’m sure she’ll find plenty of print work.

  6. What amuses me so much about Tracey is how she doesn’t look “traditionally” Vietnamese and how I find her attractive as a result. On the flip-side, it would appear that both the Doc and French find her distinct lack of Vietnamese-iness unattractive.

    Having said that, I absolutely adore her nose. If a surgeon’s knife was required to craft that nasal perfection than God-bless them for pure artistry.

  7. If I may? The beautiful Ms.Bui and the previous Ms. Cruz (also beautiful) clearly DRAWS A LINE between members who prefer their women of the ‘full-figure’ and those who prefer their women to be of the ‘Victorias Secret-Type’. BOTH!..are completely desirable. Fortunately, Travis likes to tease us from time to time, exibiting the EXTREMES to solicit the REACTIONS!! SAIL ON..AMIGO!! (:-}

  8. @longtack: there is a huge difference between simply saying ‘yuck’ and explaining one’s opinion in a respectful manner (even if it is negative) – I’m surprised I have to explain it to you. You really can’t tell the difference between “she’s ugly” and “I don’t find her attractive”? The first is an insult and an absolute statement; the second is just a respectful statement of one’s own opinion. The latter is welcome here; the former isn’t.

  9. Myself I do not care for the second picture. Something about her facial profile that just does not appeal to me. As for the rest of the pictures I find her a very attractive women. Even if she did go under the knife still looks nice to me.

  10. I’m with wknight.

    BTW, I found the comment about Amsterdam to be amusing. Have you been there? There are *plenty* of good looking women there, and its a fairly multicultural city as well.

  11. I don’t think she is the prettiest out of the bunch…but I love the fact that she doesn’t wear a cake full of makeup πŸ™‚

    Hello everyone πŸ™‚

  12. Oh..I also love the fact that she is a bui!


    We might be related hahaha. Modeling is in both of our bloods hahaha

  13. Who are you Dutch tulip Tracey?
    Is there more to you than eye can see?
    Do you have that Viet look?
    Will you be an open book?

    Now, I’ve known a van Steeg and a von Klink*
    Enough, in fact to make me think
    That in the world of Nguyen and Pham
    Why are you in Amsterdam?

    *still ho gung after all these years

    I had good fortune, all will agree
    To live with those far across the sea
    From the land of Pho and mango tree.
    That part of my life, filled much with glee.

    No matter; β€˜tis no need a Siren be
    To know precisely ethnicity
    I’ll take your word and will suppose
    You’re Vietnamese in spite of the nose.

  14. Dbldipper, that may be my favorites of your work yet.

    Perhaps a poetry and model coffee table book fortune is in your future?

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