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Honey Cruz is a retired model that showed up on several low budget sites, and a few import model sites. I have a hard time telling if she benefited or suffered from the image alterations, and because there is no centralized place to find her photos, I have no idea which are older, newer, etc. As usual, when I’m not sure, I leave the opinions up to the AS crew.Stats:

Age: 34
Height: 5’5
Ethnicity: Filipina
Located: CA










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  1. Damn she is fine! What is the back story on her? When did she retire? What’s the oldest/most recent picture? I need me some answers!

  2. Filipina?? Partly maybe…her name, origin,facial features,body shape…all…sing Latina. She would fit in perfectly in my Barrio!

    Who cares, her ethnicity? A weekend with that lush body and your troubles disappear…guaranteed!! (:-]

  3. Sexy, gorgeous smile, mmm her lips, really love her eyes, and especially the little beauty spot above her lip which just captivates me .
    A tiny thing but when it’s missing (as in the idolthumbs gallery), she kinda looks ordinary, not as special.
    She’s 5’7″ according to the idolthumbs gallery, and apparently has Spanish blood as well.
    Every pic looks great, except for the pouty one in jeans and cap above. It MUST be the smile!

  4. Nice flashback to earlier days of AsianDivaGirls. Google for Christine Honey Cruz. Couple of small galleries to be found. And, yes some sites have her at 5’7″. Yummy! Too bad she stopped modelling.

  5. If the female body could I design
    Allowed to make parts as I define
    Though many are models from which to choose
    It would be hard to best this Honey Cruz.

    First place I’d start would be her height
    One not too tall, nor one not too slight
    There may be those who put up a fight
    But I find five-seven to be just right.

    Now some of you may well exhort
    With the JVs would you love to cavort
    I’ll take no issue, but must retort
    For me they tend to be just too short.

    From there I’ll touch upon her hair
    A topic on which we’ve been known to swear
    There’s really only one color that will cause our stare
    Black, ebon, schwartz I will declare.

    From Honey is a feature this guy submits
    She sports the most wonderful set of tits
    Although man-made they’re not unfit
    On her they most perfectly sit.

    I’d love to see more, maybe further down
    No chance for me to exhibit a frown
    So sad for a career that appears to have ceased
    For this lovely Siren of the East.

  6. I have to say that apart from the blonde shots (where I guess she was dieting hard), I do find her midsection to be a little too thick to be worthy of all the gushing here. She’s certainly a cutie though, and as I said previously, I really like her boob job.

    And nice work again dbldipper. 🙂

  7. Wingsfan, mouth? Whats that?? 🙂

    NIGHTHAWK, 99% of the filipinas have some spanish ancestry. So they are my favorite and arguably the best mix in the whole wide world: asian and latina…. 🙂
    It’s not a big secret, I been telling you guys for years about the highlights of filipina girls. lol

    She smiles great, sexy body with the usual and wonderful brown skin. And then there’s also those perfect breasts. She may have gotten married, filipinas tend to start a family. And I bet she still looks very sexy at 34! Most filipinas do.

    Doc, it’s true she has some baby fat, that’s usual with filipinas. Their charm and inner ‘power’ makes you forget all that. 😉

  8. Thank you to Travis for bringing Honey here.

    And kudos to dbldipper for the poetry. Will we have an Asian Sirens coffee book with poetry and sirens, someday??

  9. ditto what daznlover said in his two previous posts…

    1) Thank you Travis
    2) dbldipper: Man, you are good….thank you.

  10. @daznlover – there are many reasons to focus on the mouth:-p In this case, I was looking for similarities between the hard body and soft body photos.

    I like LITTLE belly bulges!

    Ain’t no dbldipper, but I’ll give it a go:

    The lovely Miss Honey Cruz
    Whose assets we love to peruse
    Whether her hair’s black or red
    If she was in your bed
    You know you never would snooze

  11. Perhaps dazenlover has inside information about island ethnicity not available to Wikipedia? I wouldn’t dare challenge you, amigo, as to the accuracy of your statement, especially in light of the fact I am TOTALLY IGNORANT regarding “island ethnicities”.

    The last time I made an OBSERVATION here (Miss Philliphines Pageant) about cross-curtural ties in island cultures: I was rendered in boiling oil, chopped in small pieces at the High Alter…the remains cast into the Java Sea by the island homies!! Not going there again!

    Regarding the lovely Ms.Cruz: I made no assignment as to when, how or where her ancestry was achieved! OK?

    Interested parties may visit this site: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethnic_groups_of_the_Philippines

  12. Doc, it’s very difficult for Filipinas to maintain a small waist. Filiponos love junk food. Coca cola is their national drink, LOL.

  13. NIGHTHAWK, apparently it’s me who is at risk of being boiled in hot oil this time. If that’s the way to go, please, just let me boil with a sexy filipina by my side. 🙂

    I sure made a generalization and I must thank you for that link. I’m surprised to see that study about only 3.6% having spanish ancestry. I would challenge that study, though, because the sample appears to have been 28 individuals. Not much credible…

    Anyway, what I really meant (more than asserting ethnicities) was that filipinas have a lot in common with latinas. Their surnames (even if many were imposed by the colonial spanish rulers), the way they party, the way they express themselves out loud, the way their bodies are shaped (curvy, round, small breasts), their vibrant personalities, their jealousy, their religion (majority of devote catholics). And last, but not the least, the intense and passionate way they fall and live in love. There are many similarities with latinas. After all, the spanish were in power for 333 years, so their influence is all over the Philippines.

    By ethnicity, we don’t know exactly how many have spanish roots. But culturally, there is a lot to say. And after the spanish, USA was in power and left a solid mark also.

  14. We need to identify the common gene in daznlover’s hybrid filipina/latina mix, isolate it, then inject it into all the crazy-ass Viet women I meet.

    btw…just got my visa to Vietnam…

  15. Cougar city.Excellent boob job. The hint of tummy thickness works for her…though I’m happy to help her work it off if she wishes.

  16. I married a Filipina and they are wonderful women! This Filipina is gorgeous, she could rock your world and keep any man happy!

  17. When the wrinkles come and boobs hang low
    And teeth are made of plastic
    You know the model’s past her prime
    But Honey’s just fantastic

    Of course she’s not 18 no more
    or even 27
    But a night well spent with Honey Cruz
    would be a night in heaven

    Age has brought maturity
    but not breasts around the knees
    Age has brought her wisdom
    and tight little bod to please

    I haven’t reached the stage just yet
    of prowling round the gate
    of nursing homes in hopes of picking
    an old gran who need a mate

    But I will admit I have a thing
    for ladies of an age
    who look this good when are undressed
    I collect them in a cage

    ummmm…. i think i lost it towards the end there….

  18. French: see if you can find our old friend LawBoy. I think he got ‘lost’ over there and never came back. :))

    Nice going, kroos! Filipina Milfs can be pretty hot too. Up until the cage thing, the poem was top notch. lol

  19. She looks the best in her tub photos. Some of the other photos don’t flatter her too much. Pretty lady

  20. damn me likey what a nice rack she’s got going on there I’ll have t see if she has any good videos out there. Kaila Yu is another one of my new favs I just discovered today not sure if she’s on here I’ll check but here’s a few nice pics of her on my blog http://instantcelebs.com/?p=1370

  21. Oh Boy!…I love tub photos too. By the way daznlover…I’ve been wondering about LawBoy for a long time now also. Hope he hasn’t retired for good. Asian-Sirens never go out of style.

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