Dayang Nurfaizah


Dayang Nurfaizah is not a model at all, but a popular Malaysian singer. She has almost 10 albums, dozens of awards, and has a number of hit singles. her naturally tan skin called out to me, and I answered the call.Stats:

Age: 29
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Malay
Located: Kuching









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0 thoughts on “Dayang Nurfaizah”

  1. At least exploit her a bit more and show some of her videos or something. I can’t see what you see, Stroup. Picture 2 looks alright, but that’s about it– nothing exceptional about her

  2. You should demand a refund! Oh, wait…

    Actually I find her music kind of slow and boring, and the chances of finding any sexy photos or videos from Malaysia is virtually zero. I just wanted to feature someone Malay that was different from the previous models.

  3. She is pretty!
    Never mind the lack of nude shots.
    What I saw when I mentally undressed her in the last pic was N-I-C-E!

  4. Longtack – can you please print your nude imagery of her?

    She’s cute – but without the flesh, she’s just another debutante to me.

    Looks Filipino to me also…less Malaysian.

  5. Filipino and Malaysian are nationalities, the majority of both are of the Malay race, one can’t look more or less like the other. In this sweetie’s case, she would look better with black hair.

  6. Hey Longtack

    In that last pic, if you grab her by the ankles and flip her over, those tits fall right out of that dress!!!!

    Well, at least in MY mental imagery…..

  7. Luke72 I don’t have tits!

    oh you mean the pic that is impossible to show you or anyone else?
    oh exactly kroos, they do! Except the dress falls down to cover everything, but new possibilities suddenly are seen – in my imagination that is lol. And I suppose you all want pics too??? sigh

  8. Dear Mr Longtack, please write me down for a set of upside down dress around the ears photos as soon as you have them in print. Thank you.

    PS, TheCollector- I’m assuming you;re not Australian!!! The only Mardi Gras I can think of isn’t likely to have hot asian women swung around by the ankles and flashing nipples.

    But I’d like to go wherever you are if thats the kind of thing on display!!!!

  9. Ah yes Kroos, the one in the US up until the mid 2000’s was very likely to have women of all races being swung by their ankles as things jiggle about.

    After New Orleans got flooded though, you’re more likely to get robbed and left for dead than see any attractive women there.

    It was great for about 48 hours, then it made you want to become a priest.

  10. Strout’s brought us a singer
    Nice, but not a humdinger
    So, if you’re hoping for a hottie named Jade
    The next one will be I’m afraid
    A woman looking like Corporal Klinger.

  11. My libido is sinking
    when i begin thinking
    of a siren who resembles Corp Klinger

    Now Hoolihan was nice
    but those who eat rice
    are the type who put the buzz in my zinger

    so please dbldipper
    keep your thoughts under zipper
    and don’t give ideas to that Travis

    Let ‘im post what he likes
    even fatties and dykes
    if we complain on his site he won’t have us

    Now I like this Miss Dayang
    I think shes a star one
    but i also have thoughts that are rude

    So thanks Mr Stroup
    you’re the best in the group
    but please can you post us a NUDE!!!

  12. That’s some all-star poetry back there. I do think Miss Dayang is hot I think maybe she’d be hotter in person since I don’t have any nudes to view. Also, I see the similarities with Pinay women too. I would probably never know if I didn’t know.

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