Tominari Tetsu

(Photo by Tominari Tetsu)

Check out the photos by Tominari Tetsu. His site is a pain to navigate, but worth it.

“In addition to a photoblog-like assortment of still lifes and snapshots from his everyday life, Tetsu’s real talent lies in capturing models in some curiously intimate and incredibly sexy situations that manage to stimulate the imagination as much as … er, other parts: we don’t know, for example, what caused the hottie in the thumbnail image to your left to start stripping in the middle of what looks like an ordinary lunch in someone’s apartment. But we do know we’re long overdue for a trip to Japan if that’s what we can expect to find on the menu once we get there.”Fleshbot

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  1. A pain to navigate? It’s a nightmare. I’d like to see more of the girl above, but I don’t have two hours to search blindly for her.

  2. Do you figure that he’s banging them all? Some of them are kind of scary looking….especially the accordion girl.

  3. Yes Robin, I’m sure the Japanese have no inkling that westerners are shaving. They will certainly welcome any gaijin input on the subject.

    As I’ve reminded before: the bush volume appears greatly exaggerated because of the blackouts.

    My gf likes to shave, and did so even before coming to the US.

    I prefer the natural j-bush, as it is so soft and silky. A little trim is ok too.

    Saw a great t-shirt today: “The only bush I trust is my own!”

  4. Thanks Robin. Good site with nice pictures. Excellent post even though the site is somewhat disorganized.

  5. If Japanese girls shaved, they’d be just plain ole’ asian. What a bore. Now go on, nuzzle and enjoy the bush. And smile for me while your at it. 🙂

  6. This babe has such soft and perfect skin, she’s yummy looking. Pretty and nice shape, very sexy for an amateur.

    That site is… err…. creative.

  7. Thanks, ttt. Very helpful.

    Note to Web designers: Please place your navigation buttons so they don’t move every time the picture changes. (I don’t like having to take my eyes off the picture to find the “next” button.) 🙂

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