Diem @ Playboy Casting Call

Zamscan has another tip for us: Diem. (part Vietnamese?)

Now, as most of you know, we can’t place Playboy photos here, but we can link to the files elsewhere (of course we wouldn’t do that if Playboy would let us use just one photo). Only four pics (one, two, three, four) and a short video clip. (Download clip here)

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  1. Too “indi” for me. And if Playboy is reading this: when are you going to realise the stupidity of not allowing us to post any of your pics here? Just like the RIAA, by not allowing “fair use”, you are pissing off your potential customers, and in the process losing potential sales and ultimately encouraging piracy. We have no control over the sites we link to, but if we posted your pics here, we would only post small samples and link to you for the rest. As it stands though, we have no incentive to give you the free advertising you could have had.

  2. I didn’t think she looked all that hot in the last three pics, but after watching the video, I would say she is alright. If she wasn’t posing nude then I wouldn’t bother looking at her.

    And I still don’t get why models and Playboy are against the free publicity. What’s so wrong with posting a sample pic? What’s funny is that they have sample galleries linked on Bad Girls Blog so they aren’t against publicizing on other sites. Either Playboy doesn’t like sites like Asian Sirens or doesn’t want people discussing their work. And some models don’t like being talked about either. But for the few who comment, there are hundreds who just read the articles so you would lose potential fans and customers by being a hater.

  3. This girl looks so hot. Here’s to hoping she ends up being a playmate.

    I sure wish Playboy would feature more girls like this and fewer blonde bimbos in their magazine. We need more girls like Hiromi Oshima. Ironically, Hiromi has been in almost every issue lately. Usually its just a small pic of her at the mansion or something, but she’s usually there. Now, not only do I find the rabbit on the cover, but I play Where’s Hiromi also.

  4. I think Lynn is hot enough to be a playmate, but I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Diem. I’m tired of seeing blonde bimbo after blonde bimbo in Playboy. I want to see diversity but that will never happen. And what drives me nuts is that they will put Hiromi in 1 little ass picture in the back of the magazine and will look hotter than the models who got full pictorials. WTF.

  5. You’re right Candyman. Hiromi is hotter than the other girls. Heck, they should give her a pictorial in every issue. I’d buy it.

  6. I hope that Diem gets to be a playmate, but I think Lynn is way more their style (being that she looks more white…)

    I’m totally all about moving away from blonde white girls and thus also in favor of expanding the “hot asian” away from Asians that look like white girls with black hair =^.^=

  7. Lynn has the better chance because of the way she looks, but knowing Playboy we probably won’t see much else of either of them because they’re not big tittied blonde bimbos. If they only give a goddess like Hiromi a little ass picture in the back of their mag, then I don’t see these two getting more exposure than beyond a set for the web.

    Another example is Yen Hoang who is one of the sexiest chicks that I’ve seen in Playboy but I haven’t seen her in anything else. How can that be? Whoever is making the decisions over there needs to be slapped.

    It can’t be that all the readers want to see is BTBBs because guys just want to see someone hot and naked. If that is the case which I highly doubt, then I can’t fault Playboy too much but they should have been more diverse in their models a long, long time ago.

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