Julia @ Adversus.nl

Julia @ Adversus.nl

Check out 12 photos of Julia at adversus.nl. Can anyone guess her erthnicity?

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  1. I’m with QGR – my first guess would be Indonesian, second would be Malaysian, and third would be Filipina; maybe she’s one of those Filipina ladyboys?

    Also, despite the “ladyboyish” looks, I think she has a certain kind of primal, sultry sexiness to her. She certainly looks willing, but then a lot of ladyboys do!

  2. @Candyman & QueensGirlsRock: Guys! The other Asian models were supposed to be posted in the upcoming weeks!! You are ruining my post schedule! 😉

    @jd: what does ‘slackin’ mean?

  3. My bad. My links can be removed if you want because I wouldn’t mind discussing the other chicks on there. I just couldn’t figure out how the hotter chicks were somehow missed. But the topic needs to stick to Julia.

    As for Julia, my first impression was Thai but now I think she is Indonesian. And she is sexy. I love the pic where she’s lying on the floor. Plus she might have some nice sized boobs underneath that dress. But her face had me wondering if she was a woman or not. She reminds me of one of those ladyboys that you see and be so sexy they have you going hmmm.

  4. Add me to the Indonesian camp. (I was going to say Dutch/Indonesian, but I see little evidence of the Dutch.)

  5. Yes. I agree. We are in potential Ladyboy territory here. Nevertheless, s/he is very sexy in these pics.

    Well done Candyman and Queensgirl with the extra helping of “hers.” Aom. Wow. Stunning!

  6. You guys are horrible. She’s a very attractive girl and doesn’t come off as manish. Everyone likes to talk shit then they go home to their disgusting girlfriend/wife. She defininitely looks “other Asian”, meaning definitely not Japanese, Chinese, or Korean.

  7. If he/she really is a ladyboy, then Thai is certainly possible. If she actually is a woman however, then she looks more Indonesian or Malaysian to me.

  8. This thread has gotten hilarious. And Robin, I meant you aren’t posting up to your usual standards.


    I’m considering writing an article or two, but my schoolwork is insane.

  9. So you are saying Indonesian and Malaysian women look like men? -_- Whatever it’s a ladyboy, nothing wrong with that.

  10. From her neck I’d say its a woman. And she’s sexy and looks willing indeed. Hot legs too. I’d have a go at her.

    What was the question again? Yep…. thai or filipina. lol

  11. Ladyboy is kinda harsh. She may not be that cute in the face, but she has sexy long legs. Oh yeah…and I do love Njoek Huong (Boi) with all my heart. Zoiks!

  12. absolutely- a crude “crush” Law(n)Boy… i am dying for 3some, 4some, whatever-some… hmmm…




  13. I think if she was a ladyboy I dont think she would not be showing her neck so readily. I think she looks sexy. My guess is Thai but could be Filipina too.

  14. I meant to say she would not show her neck so readily if she was a ladyboy. Typical ladyboy pics they hide their neck as much as possible by different angles for the shots.

  15. i think the comments on this page just might show conclusively that us white people can’t tell the difference between asian men and women lol

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