Tokyo Game Show 2008 Xbox Booth Babes

Not to be outdone by their conservative Sony counterparts, Microsoft’s Xbox booth babes at Tokyo Game Show 2008 paraded about with short shorts and open tops. I love the console wars.

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  1. God do I wish everyone didn’t have to be so PC in the US and companies could do something like this without getting boycotted by every right wing group around.

  2. It’s not just right wing groups getting up in arms. It’s the whole politically correct crowd, liberal do-gooders, feminists, etc. Repression, negativity about sex, and generally uptight sticks up the ass can be found among most segments of US society.

  3. Right on, luvjgirls, thanks for pointing that out. Feminists here in the US are almost all liberal and don’t like to see women ‘demeaned’ – they don’t see women using their looks to be the equivalent of smart men using their brains. And as I’ve said before, we do have nudity and porn here in the US – plenty of countries around the world don’t even allow that.

    wylde8, booth babes are alive and well in the States – ever hear of SEMA, the huge car show in Vegas? Hot Import Nights? The adult industry has an annual convention in Vegas – you can meet the stars at the booths?

    PS – the cowboy boots on those booth ladies looked stupid. Some 4″ CFMP’s would have been much better IMHO.

  4. Err… am I the only one who is confused by the dance remix of “Auld Lang Syne” (aka, that New Year’s Eve song no one knows the lyrics for) playing for this convention?! ^^;;

  5. I admit to being confused by this whole Conservative/Liberal, Politically Correct discussion, and how it relates to this post.

    Companies to things like this ALL THE TIME in the USA. Have you ever been to a car show? A motorcycle show? The models are far more scantily clad than this.

    I think you guys are arguing against a Straw Man, on this one.

  6. Um, yes, what you describe is everywhere in the US. At the same time in response to those things, there is all the retarded brouhaha about Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction”, fines from the government for “indecency” to broadcasters, and the picketing by feminists of bikini coffee and barbershops. Only in America.

  7. E3 collapsed because spending got out of control, but it’s back now in a scaled down version.

    Go to any car show and you can find booth babes, you just won’t find anything in America that’s on the level of what they do in Japan where they have booth babes all over the place. Plus what company in America is going to spend the money it would take to get a whole bunch of hot chicks to line up in a row to be photographed?

    Anyway, someone provide some both babe pics.

  8. This so-called “feminism” is yet another thing I am intending to write about at my blog in the future. In my opinion, this is just as suppressive of women as anything men have done. Why shouldn’t I be allowed to show my body freely? How does that “suppress” women? I think it actually empowers us – sex remains our greatest power over men, and trying to suppress it only empowers men, not women. How the hell is that “feminism”?

  9. You guys are right. I could have worded that better. It certainly isn’t just the right wingers.

    However, some of you must not go to a lot of car shows with the exceptions of Nopi/Hot Import Nights. Those shows are more about the party atmosphere and people showing off than the cars, so booth babes fit that format pretty well. However, its a much younger audience for the most part.

    I love cars and go to tons of car shows. Heck, I own 4 cars myself and am restoring two of them. I will guarantee you that none of the shows I go to have any booth babes, scantily clad women, bikini contests, etc. They really push the concept of it being a family event. I wish they did have that stuff, but they won’t allow it. The shows that do are the exception rather than the rule.

  10. sachiko…”this is just as suppressive of women as anything men have done. Why shouldn’t I be allowed to show my body freely? ”
    Amen, women should walk around topless if they want to 😛

  11. It would be nice if you could go to one of these game trade shows and actually be able to play and sample these hot booth girls, but noooooooooo!, you have to play with xboxes. Lame.

  12. Mike: I guess I had always just associated that song with New Year’s Eve. ^_^;;

    Sachiko: Well said and I look forward to reading your blog piece on the subject.

  13. In Japanese department stores at closing, they always play Auld Lang Syne. Most Japanese believe it’s a Japanese tune. Typical. Just as many believe chopsticks (China), tempura (Portugal!), etc etc are Japanese inventions. Oh well. Won’t stop me from chasing after J-girls!

  14. thanks 4 the info luvjgirls. This whole time I thought asian pussy was a Japanese invention but it was really Chinese the whole time LOL

  15. All we need now is a big industrial sized rubber pool with plenty of mud, and let the Sony vs Microsoft wrestling commence.

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