Yumi Lee

Yumi Lee

Yumi Lee (Korean) wanted to let you know that she just finished a new launch of YumiLee.com. The new site features all new photos, HD videos, webcam videos, candids and more from her. Some of you may remember her as a former Playboy Cybergirl (Nov 2004) and also a Perfect10 model. She also did bikini calendars and magazines as well. I think it’s strange we never featured her before!

Since I have no time to review her site myself, I may as well ask you guys to leave some feedback here. (You always have something to say anyway! ;-))

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  1. This is the first time I saw her, anyway judging from her pics I still prefer the previous Korean playboy model Sung Hi Lee.

  2. I have to agree with mitosblog – I always did feel she was something of a “poor man’s Sung Hi Lee”. She does have much better tits though (all natural I think).

  3. It has been years since I have looked at any pics of Yumi Lee. I forgot how how she was. I wouldn’t call her a poor man’s Sung Hi Lee since Yumi is hotter than her, but you could since Sung Hi Lee is more well known than she is. Yumi looks more feminine and has better tits, but both ladies are Korean goddesses, so you can’t go wrong with either one.

    I have a weakness for chicks with candy.

  4. Come on now Travis – Candyman is certainly entitled to his taste and opinion, and I think Yumi’s body is objectively better overall (nicer, natural tits, and longer legs). On the other hand though, she definitely isn’t outstanding in the way that Sung Hi is, and Sung Hi has fabulous abs (which are always a big turn on for me) and a more striking face. Plus Sung Hi just has a sexiness to her that is hard to put into words, but very easy to see: she doesn’t end up looking nasty like the third rate import “models” who TRY to look sexy – she just plain IS truly sexy.

  5. I prefer to have both of them at the same time butt naked at my house. I’m just saying that Yumi is a little hotter than Sung Hi Lee. Not by much, but just a lil bit. Like I said, you can’t go wrong with either woman, but Yumi has better looking breasts and she looks more feminine because she is less muscular than Sung Hi Lee is because she probably spends more time in the gym than Yumi does. I prefer Yumi’s softer, less muscular look.

    If I was going to join either of their websites, then it definitely would be Sung Hi’s site. But let’s celebrate the fact that we have two Korean goddesses that pose nude for us to look at.

  6. First of all, why even compare? Because they’re both Korean? Come’on.
    Sung Hi in her prime is one thing (incredibly beautiful) but now she’s pushing 40 (or is already…who really knows) & isn’t nearly what she once was in terms of her overall hotness. Sung Hi is basically 5ft 3, has stubby legs & is not the Sung Hi of the late 1990’s any longer.

    Yumi is taller, natural, has a more feminine body overall, incredible breasts and very beautiful in her own right. Her beauty can stand on its own. Yumi is very pretty in person as well, I’ve met her in CA several years ago.

  7. While I largely agree with your comments about these two models as they stand in the here and now (it is true that Sung Hi hasn’t aged especially well), I do think comparing them is valid, as there is a very strong resemblance between them, and both are Playboy models as well (how many other Koreans have modelled for Playboy?).

  8. They do look somewhat alike. Sung Hi is simply better looking (in my only somewhat humble opinion). Also, I disagree that she hasn’t aged well. I would say she has aged quite well. ~39 years old and still that attractive? She is still better looking than most of the models on this site.

  9. Sung Hi Lee is hot but not beyond comparison. If someone can explain why, please do because I don’t see Sung Hi having qualities that make her the hottest woman alive or beyond comparison because she’s not perfect. And since they have such a strong resemblance to each other, you can make a fair comparison between the two. And after looking at numerous pics between the two, I find Yumi Lee just a little hotter than Sung Hi Lee.

  10. I’ve been a long time fan of Yumi. I was really hoping she would return to modelling. Her site redesign looks very nice. As for comparing Yumi and Sung Hi, they are both Super Hot Chicks and I love them both!

  11. Are you a Philadelphia Eagles fan Eaglesfan? This season is making me nuts. Anyway, I might just join her site for a lil bit since I don’t have that many pictures of Yumi. Here’s a few of my favorites pics to look at also. Yummy 😉

  12. Actually, Travis is right in asbolute terms – Sung Hi still does look very good for her age. But whatever that special quality she had when she was younger was, I feel it’s largely gone now – she just doesn’t do it for me any more like she used to. But once again, she is still a very attractive woman by normal standards, and I’d still take her over almost all the current import models put together. 😉

  13. Man i have loved Yumi Lee for a very long time i had seen her i think for the first time in pics wearing a NC shirt and i think a black skirt in like a dorm room. Those were awsome and if anyone would have them somewhere let me know. Another hottie is Tia Kai and i know both have been in modeling for long time but in my opion there beauty is getting better

  14. I am a Philadelphia fan and most seasons drive me crazy:P I just keep hoping that Dallas finishes at .500.

    I hate Dallas but love Yumi:D

  15. Well I’ll lay it on the line for you Eagles fans…McNabb is OVERRATED and you guys keep trying to make him into something he’s not…a talented QB. Accept this and wish for the best. OK sorry for the sports talk.

    I think the comparison between Yumi and Sung Hi is ridiculous because they look nothing alike. Both are Korean and beautiful though. I’m a huge fan of both but comparing them is ridiculous. Different body types and completely different faces.

    Thrilled Yumi is back but any of you guys that think Sung Hi aged poorly have to get out more and meet actual Asian woman over 30 and still say that.

  16. darklighter1, I agree with you 100%. As an Eagle fan I think McNabb is very good, but not one of the greats – makes some great plays but also makes just enough stupid ones to keep them from winning it all.

    And true on Yumi, she’s pretty – but she’s no Sung Hi – who IMHO is the most beautiful Asian bikini model of all time. I think a lot of the guys who rag on Sung Hi are bitter she married a Caucasian. I have an amazing picture of Sung Hi from the cover of a calendar from back in the 90’s – great tan, long hair, toned abs, brown sequined bikini, and a great ‘come get me’ expression on her face. Greatest pic of all time.

  17. True all around WC! And yup Sung Hi is the Queen of all Asian models as far as I’m concerned. She’s the girl that got me hooked on Import Models when I was a young’n. Doesn’t take anything away from Yumi who I think is also gorgeous but in a different way. Truth be told both women have been in my top five favorite models list for years now.

    Are people really that upset SH married a white guy? Most of these Asian models do date or marry white guys. That’s pretty sad if they’re that prejudice.

  18. What’s wrong with an Asian hottie marrying a Caucasian guy? Why would someone be bitter over that? And how exactly does that diminish the hotness of the hottie?

    Relating to this post, I think Yumi is very hot! She has a great body. I love that she has natural breasts too! But they seem to be playing tricks on my eyes. In the top large pic, her left breast seems to sit just a little lower on her chest than the right. In other pics, her breasts look perfectly symmetrical. In some they look larger than the average for Asian girls and in others they seem smaller.

    About the Yumi/Sung Hi debate. I say there is no debate. That’s like saying Mike Tyson could be Muhammad Ali. No one will ever know. In her time, Sung Hi was the hottest hands down. And if Yumi was “competing” for that hotness back when Sung Hi was in her prime, she would have lost because as most of you readily admit–Sung Hi was the hottest. But now, in this day and age, Yumi is right up there among the hottest.

  19. Sung Hi Lee is the best, still! Even at almost 39 years young, she looks better than most girls/women posted on here. The thing I always thought set her apart from other models, was her eyes. She could change the feel of the picture with them.
    Yeah, she’s not a kid anymore, but I’d still take her over all the others.

  20. This girl is quite pretty, the pics Candyman posted in his last post are far better than what I could see on the site. Photoshop shouldn’t be in the hands of people who aren’t good with it. ;D

  21. Dear Yumi –

    I think you are very beautiful and sexy, but the fact that your videos do not play on the Mac without lots and lots of fiddling (and I have not yet even succeeded) is a sign of poor technical skills and poor business sense.

    Make it easy to see the stuff so your customers are happy. That’s the first rule of business.


  22. Yeah – I really hate the sites that don’t work on Macs, particularly the ones that only work on Windows Internet Exporer. This is just plain irresponsible, unprofessional webmastering, and totally unnecessary – there aren’t any features worth implementing that don’t work cross platform if coded properly.

  23. I wonder if she ever finished that engineering
    degree she said she was working on in one of
    the early incarnations of her website way back when…

  24. Looks like she’s MIA again. Over a month since her last post or photo set. I guess nobody was rushing to sign up this time after the last two year absence. Good luck Yumi! Stay in touch!

  25. It’s been over 4 months since her last update! Like a fool, I forgot to cancel my membership before it was automatically renewed. I paid 3 months membership for a site with no updates. What a rip!

  26. In my humble opinion, Yumi is the prettiest woman I’ve seen. I’ve signed up for her website a few times over the past few years, whenever I find there’s been updates. Sung Hi is also pretty and hot, but Yumi beats her in all areas. I especailly like Yumi’s sweet and sticky video… her best, although too short. I look forward to any future activity on her website.

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