Intera Pantip @ Pacific USA

Intera Pantip @ Pacific USA

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from photographer Adam Yurman.

This is a new model I worked with a few months back that just squeezed in as the last edition to the new Pacific USA calendar and DVD out now of course. She has an almost Italian looking face but she is 100% Thai. She has that dark and mysterious look I like that is in sharp contrast to what the general taste in Asia leans towards but then I can tell you that after previewing her to the usual critical industry folks that usually give a thumbs down for being really dark, she is breaking down some doors or barriers should I say?She is slated for the covers of a few magazines and I will do a follow up post when they come out. Hope you all like her but I can almost hear the Doc now searching for the right words to politely express how she looks to ethnic for him. I can also hear Law Boy making chocolate jokes but I am betting he will like her as will Arf. Am I wrong? Let the comments fall where they will. That’s what AS is all about.

Intera Pantip @ Pacific USA

Intera Pantip @ Pacific USA

Intera Pantip @ Pacific USA

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  1. If someone thinks she’s too ethnic, then what are they doing here at an asian girl site? That makes as much sense as a submarine with screen doors.

  2. Great photos Adam, I think she’s beatiful but generally love the darker skin look. It’s pretty hard to see much of the tattoo so it’s a bit hard to judge whether it is a mistake but as a rule I would tend to agree with Johnnie. Her boobs are great, have they been worked on? they look pretty natural in the third photo, Doc?

  3. beautiful! exceptional skin tone and boobs πŸ™‚ i love her elongated face and sharp features. great find Mr. Adam :))
    i think even doc will like this girl πŸ™‚

  4. Great Photo’s, yet another stunning Thai Bird….Fantastic body and great skin color.
    Tattoo’s do not bother me personally, What a good find. Look forward to seeing her follow ups.

  5. I like her a lot. Not fond of the final photo, and i would like to be able to see her ears and forehead, but her skin tone and nipples are great and I like her eyes and lips as well. Good job.


    I remember buying the Pacific USA calendar years ago. My girlfriend at the time was initially displeased, but grew to like it. There is something very cool about posting on a website that communicates with the guy that made that calendar. Keep up the good work Adam.

  6. Very pretty, nice body. I don’t think she’s too islandy, ethnic, etc. etc. We can love all types of gorgeous Asian babes, right, not just the pale, very petite ones.

  7. She is very hot, nice and brown. Bet she smells good too. Also, I don’t think a woman becomes marred just because she has a tattoo on her body. I could see if she had lost an arm or boob or something, but…a tattoo, no. Picky…Picky.

  8. I must say, I love tattoos so I have no issues at all with hers. That said, there’s something “off” about this girl – I can’t put my finger on it (though admittedly I would, given the chance).

    Upon further investigation(!), I think it may be the high gloss/makeup/airbrush like quality of these photos. There’s just an air of unnatural-ness I dislike about this set.

    I’m not saying she’s not beautiful, or desirable – I’d just like to see her photographed in a more natural way.

    lol… maybe I’m getting too picky?!

  9. The tattoo ain’t that bad. Not to the point where it’s unfortunate. Brush some hair over it and you won’t even know it’s there. It does look like she’s got a boob job but I could care less since they look good. But this is my type of woman right here: hot, skinny, Thai, and naked.

    I love her hair color also. It goes great with her skin tone. I wouldn’t mind seeing her with less makeup though. Other than that, this is my type of woman right here.

  10. I have to agree with sevendeuce – of course, glamour photography usually is pretty “unreal” these days, but this may be a little too much – particularly her eyes, which look kind of alien! Coloured contacts perhaps?

    As for Intera herself, as Adam correctly surmised, she isn’t really my type (and I really don’t like tats either), yet in spite of all that, I still find her remarkably sexy. I’m sure she’d get a rise out of me if I met her, even if she isn’t my usual taste. πŸ˜‰

  11. A little tranny in the face…but I dig it otherwise.The tat sucks…but it’s not grounds for disqualification.

  12. Awesome job Adam. Your posts are always my favorites.

    She looks fantastic. I could live with the tat. She’s got a tight body and a beautiful waist, which is what I really go for. Candyman said it best: Hot, skinny, Thai and naked is the best combination.

    She’ll be hanging on my wall soon.

  13. I can’t make up my mind about this one. Looks great in some pics, not so hot, in others. Great body, for the most part, beautiful hair, nice lips…so what is it?

    The face looks pretty good in the initial pic, but, as has been mentioned, a little on the Tranny side, in others.

    She does have a pretty good booty, that’s for sure (from what you can tell in the last pic).

    As far as looking Italian (which I am) or even Jewish, it’s probably the nose. That is a pretty big honker, she’s got there.

  14. Very sexy, beautiful figure. Does she have coloured contacts? Noticed that too.

    And then, I’m a big fan of dark skinned asian thai babes, so she would have no barriers around here.

  15. Great pictures – but the text is silly. Too dark? Italian? Breaking down barriers? She’s smokin’ hot – therefore there are no barriers – other than how she uses her looks to get what she wants in life (as women have been doing since the beginning of time).

    The tat is close to too much. I’d have to do some up close inspecting to make a final decision. The face, boobs, and rear might be nice enough that I wouldn’t let it break the deal.

    She reminds me that I need to go to Thailand.

  16. Great to read all interesting comments. I would like to respond to a few. Tats, why do they do this? Blame Angelina Jolie. When she came to Thailand to film Tomb Raider and had the renouned Thai artist, Dr. Noo do her back of the shoulder Tat, it started a wave of Thai models and actresses following right behind her like nothing we have ever seen. As for “Silly Text”, West Coast, if you do not know about the barriers in the modeling industry for dark skinned Asians, let me help. There are barriers. But I agree she is smoking hot. About makeup and contact lenses. In the magazine biz we try to create not only sexy photos but images that demand attention. There is a time and place for the natural look and a time for over the top styling. Intera drew the over the top straw and thusly, she got the shocking glam look. To provide balance, I will go out of my way to post a natural looking beauty next time. Thanks for taking a look and leaving comments.
    Intera speaks English really well. I will pass this all along to her.

  17. You guys are TOO PICKY !!!

    IMO, This girl is GORGEOUS !!!

    If you were chatting to her in a club, I’m sure u’ll be smiling ear to ear.

    I’ll be putting on my goofy smile when I’m talking to a beautiful lady. ; P

    I’m kinda over the phase where I put girly calenders on my wall, but I’m definitely reconsidering… she’s really beautiful.

  18. For those wondering it’s pretty obvious she had a boob job but they look wonderful. She’s gorgeous and I don’t care if she had a Coca Cola ad on her back, nothing can take away from that beauty. Who cares if she’s dark or light with that bod and those eyes?

  19. The barriers in Thailand when it comes to modeling need more attention, so I’ll speak on it real quick. For those that don’t know I’m African-American and my skin is brown which comes in real handy when I am there. One of the first things that I noticed in my visits there is that I see Thai people with brown skin all over the place yet the people on television, in movies and in print media all have light skin. I was shocked when I first found that out, but it came at no surprise because I guess it’s human nature to discriminate. Tell Intera that I wish her all the luck in breaking down whatever barriers she can.

  20. ouah

    she is wonderful

    its long time that i don’t see a girl like this
    really my type of asian girl.

    nice body & face
    good photos too

    i am in love πŸ™‚

    (stop finding always something wrong like : tatoo !!! or something futile)

    she is almost perfect

  21. Gotta agree with sevendeuce and Dr. Lee…the models are all attractive but so…plastic….and unnatural looking. Too ethnic? Come on, this is the land of ethnic, but sometimes these models are so airbrushed, made over, glossed over they look like mannekins (sp?) in a store window. Ease up a bit, let their natural beauty shine through and everyone will come out the better.

  22. Adam, how about you tell Intera about us and how to visit her blog entry?

    She will surely have a good time reading and chatting with us, the handsome, rich, funny guys over here at AS who love to talk to and have a drink with gorgeous, charming thai babes. Just a thought.

    I know I have people here supporting my vision!

  23. Candyman wrote:
    “Tell Intera that I wish her all the luck in breaking down whatever barriers she can.”

    Yo, Candyman, nice post. I’m with you but one thing you missed. It’s me that breaks down the barriers, not Intera. I cast her because I don’t pay any mind to skin color. I shoot who ever I think is beautiful and I don’t care what tone their skin is. Photographers through out history have influenced people’s perception of beauty and helped to reduce racism as far back as I can read and see. Fashion designers were a big help too. Ask Iman. I had to mention something about Intera’s dark skin because it’s really hard to get darker models published in Asia but she will be a cover girl next month and that is a breakthrough. Oh, and Lawboy comes through with a chocolate joke just as I predicted! Thanks to all for a fun and stimulating thread here. I will get some AS feedback from our model next week. I am on the road right now.

  24. Chairman Kaga: it’s spelt “mannequins”. πŸ˜‰

    And I couldn’t agree more: that’s why I don’t touch up the photos on Sachiko’s site at all – it means you see blemishes and wrinkles you wouldn’t normally see in glamour photos, but at least she looks like a real person! On the other hand though, airbrushed glamour photos are obviously far more commercially successful.

  25. Hey guys, I’m a new member but not new to AS. This being my first post I must say that she looks fantastic and I am fan of tattoos.

  26. Hey Doc,
    Ouch. Hectic comment there old friend.
    You wrote:
    “but at least she looks like a real person!”
    What do you mean, Sachico looks like a real person? And Intera doesn’t? There is nothing real about Sachico’s gigantic breasts pumped up even further by the artistically exaggerated camera angles you use. And further, why do you have to sound critical of what is simply a different style of photography?
    I think you should be more open to other forms of photography but that is just my humble opinion as you like to say. And to address your comment about commercially successful, my photos have to be successful because I have to pay the models … a lot. Cheers,

  27. Hi Adam – it seems you’ve taken my comment the wrong way somewhat! It was not intended as a criticism as such, just a statement of my preference for a more “warts’n’all”, naturalistic style. I understand the commercial realities you have to work to, hence my last sentence. You are an inifinitely more successful photographer than I am after all, but I just prefer to see more of the reality. Clearly however, most consumers disagree with me, otherwise they wouldn’t want such “unreal” perfection in glamour photos.

    Also, when I say Sachiko looks like a real person, what I mean is, she doesn’t look like a mannequin – real people have wrinkles and blemishes, and I want to capture that. As for the angles I use, I normally shoot from a very low angle to make her legs look as long as possible (as she doesn’t wear high heals), which actually makes her breasts looks smaller!

  28. Hi Doc,
    Believe me, I got your comment exactly as you intended it. The very phrase, “at least” sounds negative no matter how you spin it. Me, I love the blow up doll look. I never made claims that what I do has anything to do with reality. What I do is intended as a relief to reality. It’s pure fantasy. There are plenty of amateur snapshots on the web of young hot girls if you want natural beauty. Nothing natural about my stuff. But I am open to all styles and I don’t criticize them if they are different from my own.

  29. Hi Adam. What I mean is, you may think wrinkles and blemishes look bad (or inappropriate) in glamour photos, but at least that allows you to see what the model really looks like. In other words, I am not attacking your style, but rather trying to defend the imperfection of the naturalistic style i.e. it may not look perfect, but at least it looks real.

  30. I like the way Adam shoots these models and the thought that goes into the shoots. From the makeup and clothing to the settings and props, he does a great job. Although the may not be natural, they are beautiful and the women are tasteful and gorgeous. Yes, I like to see a natural nude but it isnt concept photography. The thing about natural that is appealing to me, especially amateur with non professional attributes like on sachikos site, is that it seems approachable. Dr. Lee’s pictures look like anyone might have taken them. Like snapshots of a girlfriend. So maybe what it lacks in sophistication or artistry, it makes up for in approachability and honesty.

    I like the amateur look when it reveals a natural beauty, especially when the model is young, natural (not overly enhanced) and really doesnt need much make-up or lighting to look lovely and sexy.

    Adam’s work is in a different class and I like everything about it. The tone and composition are wonderful. It doesnt arouse me the way amateur shots do but I enjoy it on a different level. πŸ˜‰

  31. I think redlaw’s comments are pretty much on the money – I have my own well known preferences, but each approach has its own merits, which I think he has stated well.

  32. Howdy all,
    This has been fun. thank you all.
    I think Redlaw should work for me doing PR. Thanks for making what I do sound good.
    I have a comment about the word glamour as it applies to photography. In the dictionary, glamour means to impart a heightened sense of beauty or style to a subject through means that may be unreal or artificial. My models are very artificial but so is a Christmas display in a department store window and tell me those aren’t fun?

  33. You make an interesting point here Adam. I guess when I (and I suspect most people) use the term glamour modelling, what we mean is as opposed to fashion modelling. That is, when we look at the model themselves for visual or sexual pleasure, rather than her being a faceless, nameless vehicle for clothing or makeup. The way you define it here, fashion modelling could be considered the highest form of glamour modelling, which I think is contrary to the spirit of the term as it is normally understood.

  34. Adam’s definition does not imply “that fashion modelling could be considered the highest form of glamour modelling”. The definition states that glamour imparts a heightened sense of beauty or style to a subject. In his case, the subject is the girls: it’s the girls to whom a heightened sense of beauty is imparted.

    What is fashion photography imparting a heightened sense of beauty to? The clothes? Heightened from what? How those clothes are normally photographed? In fact I don’t think his definition even applies to fashion photography.

    Adam: semantics aside, your photos and photo style are terrific, and Intera is beautifully captured. Bravo.

    BTW Doc: since you’re correcting spelling, “modelling” should have one “l” and “spelt” is now spelled “spelled”. πŸ˜‰

  35. As far as I see it, Adam’s style tries to portray perfection, using a model’s beauty. If I met her on the street, I would see that she probably isn’t so perfect after all. But since I only have the photos to look at, it gives me an illusion of perfection.

    It’s based on a real model, so I tend to believe she can be perfect and I appreciate the whole effect. It’s just beauty, in the end, and I never know how much of it is really real. But i like to believe in. πŸ™‚

  36. urgal: I do not use American English, I use international English, as I am in Australia. πŸ™‚

    Also, Adam said: “glamour means to impart a heightened sense of beauty or style to a subject through means that may be unreal or artificial”. This could apply equally (or even more) to fashion photogaphry and modelling – it doesn’t say it’s about women specifically. Clearly, when people talk about “glamour modelling”, they are using the kind of definition I put forward in my comment above.

  37. To further clarify my popint, fashion and product photography do try very much to glamourise and beautify what they’re photographing – look at how much nicer a Big Mac looks in the photos than what you actually get, for example. Mainstream glamour photography applies much the same sorts of techniques to photographing women. Hence, by this definition, the subject is irrelevant – we’re only talking about photographic and post production techniques. Once again, I don’t think this is how most people define the term “glamour modelling”.

  38. Doc: ‘Hate to burst your bubble, but international English, the standard of English taught to L2 learners around the world, is now American English, not British English (RP). The replacement occurred 12-15 years ago, and even former colonies like Hong Kong have made the switch. You can call your dialect “British English” or “Australian English”, but calling it “International English” is nostalgia. The sun has set on that part of the empire too. πŸ™‚

  39. Dr: you use British English not “international”, whatever that means.

    I agree that she looks like a mannequin, not human.

  40. Sorry guys: I’m going to trust the international English dictionaries in all my word processors over what you guys think. Americans like to think your brand of English has taken over the world, but it simply has not. I’m the one who lives in Australia, not you, and I know the way things are spelt here.

    P.S. It is true that a lot of American spellings (such as “spelled”) are now widely accepted due to their ubiquity (particularly on the internet), but English English is still the real English language. πŸ˜‰

  41. leche: you have just gone and said again exactly what I just told you not to say. As you clearly have no respect for our posting guidelines, you have left me with no choice other than to ban you.

  42. wow, that was fast πŸ™‚ doc has got to be the fastest gun in ausie land πŸ™‚ btw doc….do you think Intera’s breast has been augmented? if they are, they are super nice and natural. i love her shape…the dropped pendulous look is awesome…got to get the name of the doc who did this job:)

  43. @ Doc: I didn’t get a chance to read leche’s remarks, and he probably did cross the line and deserve to be banned, but I think you’re being just a little hypocritical here because you yourself, have made quite a few less-than-flattering remarks about many of the girls who have been featured here. Not insulting or derogatory….but less-than-flattering remarks that could have gone unsaid….especially by one of the admins of this site.

    It appears that a big factor behind you taking action against leche was because his remarks were made about Sachiko McLean, whom you have some sort of relationship with. (I don’t know if it’s just business or business and personal, but that’s not my concern anyway.)

    There are many girls who have been featured here who have not been my “cup of tea,” but since I’m a contributor here, I’ve followed a rule that I was taught in elementary school: If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.

    Now, the readers/commentors shouldn’t be required to strictly adhere to this rule, but the staff, who want to make this the kind of site a girl would WANT to be featured at, should. If we don’t, then we shouldn’t be too thin-skinned about critical comments made about “our” models.

    Not defending leche, he probably deserved the boot….just bringing up something for consideration.

  44. Say goodbye to Spanish milk. I recall his monosyllabic rhetoric from the first Sachiko blog AS post. I’d also propose a permanent banning on anyone that doesn’t capitalize as well, but that’s just me. I <3 Grammar.

    As for Intera, I would be incredibly curious to see a non-Adam photo of her to see what her skin tone is in real life. It is personally my favorite skin color, but I have a feeling Adam managed to enhance it further. It is too perfect.

  45. not sure from where “leche” hails, but if its from phils, his handle is offensive. but i guess it doesnt matter now.

  46. I strongly agree with the point that we should be respectful of the models posted here. But I think it’s inevitable that we’ll differ in what crosses the line, or even how many less-than-flattering comments about a particular model constitutes ragging on her. For example, I think KT So has taken more than her share of needling in Doc’s posts. Personally, I think she’s gorgeous, and I especially like that long, gently-curving Tungusic nose:

    Doc and I just going differ on this one, and that’s that.

  47. CEC: as you yourself say, my comments are never insulting or derogatory, but leche’s were, and that’s what crosses the line according to our posting guidelines. As I said, he just flat out called Sachiko ugly – not once, but twice – which is not acceptable, no matter who they are talking about. Long time readers will know that I always pick people up on this, including personal friends (such as Christine), even when they attack a model I don’t like (like KT So). And he did it again immediately after I warned him about it. So I had no choice but to ban him.

  48. One more thing CEC: if you read through the posts on Sachiko, you’ll see I’ve let a lot of critical comments stand – indeed, I think she’s copped more criticism than most models here. But as long as people stay within our posting guidelines, their comments will stay up, and I will not ban them.

    Before you jump to conclusions about my motivations for banning someone (when you didn’t see the actual comments that were made), you’d better make an effort to find out the details first.

  49. To answer LawBoy’s question (and get this thread back on topic), I’m quite sure Intera’s breasts are enhanced. They’ve used relatively small, low profile implants to produce a relatively natural looking result.

  50. Ive looked at Intera’s pictures all week long trying to figure out what seemed amiss. Its her nipples! in all their chocolaty deliciousness they blend in to much with the air brushing. She has beautiful breast buy maybe, and im no expert, the lighting and the air brushing is affecting the shadowing and making the proportions seem a little odd. Correct me if im wrong please. No harm in learning if im wrong.

    Also, i understand this a glamour shot so im perfectly happy with everything in that photo. It is essentially a fantasy.

    Additionally, its interesting how the little lolita thainee on the ad up top has more natural beauty then Intera but could never look as hot as Intera. Can anyone explain that?

  51. VNdessert, they are both incredibly hot. But, I can’t buy into Thainee having more natural beauty. Intera would make any red-blooded male’s heart skip a beat if they saw her on the street. Don’t get me wrong. I know her photos have a lot of post production work, but she has enough natural beauty to look hot no matter what.

  52. VNDessert: the way you feel may partly be down to her boob job – the type she has results in somewhat unnatural nipple positioning, which may contribute to the way you feel. Her implants sit almost entirely below her nipples, so her nipples kind of sit on top of her breasts, which feels a little odd. Francine Dee has a similar problem, but in her case it is much more obvious, as her implants are so much bigger.

  53. Regarding the natural beauty vs. glamour beauty thing, I think there is something to this. Some girls have the kind of face that really responds well to makeup, whereas others just have a natural beauty without it, and often don’t look as good with heavy makeup. Models usually fall into the first group, but can often look surprisingly bland when you take the makeup off. I used to be seduced by the glamour look in my younger days, but as I’ve gained more experience with women, I’ve realised how artificial it is, so I’ve come to appreciate natural beauty more.

  54. Hi Guys,
    Thainee probably does have more natural beauty then Intera. Thainee doesn’t need “Glamour” photography to look really hot. Mostly because that is not her style. Her gig is to inspire erotic energy. Intera’s gig is to inspire a sense of dreamlike or timeless beauty, (how ever artificial if might be). And for those of you that comment about Intera, let her natural beauty shine through more? That’s nuts, you haven’t seen professional glamour models in the morning have you? But they are my canvas and the final result is fun for all.
    BTW, traveling as much as I do, I am guilty of using the King’s English at times too, hence, Glamour instead of Glamor. I believe Dr Lee is influenced by the King’s English as are many international folks. It’s a mess out here!

  55. @lawboy — its a derogatory term. Sometimes like “damn” but sometimes F___ You. (Leche Ka.) Not so nice.

  56. Whatever, Adam. I stick with my comments. Your text comes across as stilted – “… breaking down doors and barriers, should I say?”. Stick to taking pictures. And plenty of Sung Hi’s – the standard bearer for Asian bikini models – were done when she was very tanned. So the bias you claim is bogus – unless that’s your personal selection process – which is quite another thing. At least here in the States, hot is hot, regardless of skin tone.

    I have to agree with Dr. Lee on the banning – one thing to say a model’s look does nothing for you – but another to use such a nasty phrase.

    CEC, don’t bother engaging Dr. Lee on the double standard. He has a separate set of rules – I bring back his insult of Michelle Malking – the phrase he used (“twinkie”) is exceptionally insulting to all Asians. After that episode – which he didn’t see anything wrong with (because to quote him “it was true”) – there was some modification to the ‘code’. We, as guest either accept it or don’t participate – ‘fair’ is only a theoretical goal that imperfect humans can never actually achieve – so I expect nothing more or less from Dr. Lee.

  57. WestCost: you keep making totally off-topic comments about this, when we’ve already had an extensive discusion of this issue, which you failed to contribute to. This policy was not unilaterally decided by me – it was put to our readers in this thread. The next time you make an off-topic comment on this issue, I will delete it – I’ve told you repeatedly to make your case in the appropriate forum, but you won’t. And I never personally called Michelle Malkin a twinkie either – I actually wasn’t familiar with this term before her thread. Your right wing political bias is showing through here – you people love to claim you’re being suppressed, but the fact of the matter is, you simply cannot make your case, so you just throw out false accusations in inappropriate situations without even trying to back them up.

    Oh, and the bias Adam is talking about is not in the states – it is in Thailand. And what he says about the glamour magazines there is very true.

  58. Yo West Coast, did you have a double Expresso before you wrote that last post? Must be a deep misunderstanding of what we are talking about. Let me help you to understand. I am the original colorblind photographer. My models come in all colors and I am proud of that. I grew up in the race riots of the 60s in a burning, rioting, black neighborhood. Don’t you dare lecture me about racism. Now, I live in S.E. Asia and it’s like the USA 50 years ago here in regards to racism. Dark skin is a huge problem for models here. I am the only one in a 10,000 mile radius making them look good in the better magazines and it’s because I don’t care about skin color. Who are you to write stuff like that? I think you should apologize for writing without knowing what you are responding to.

  59. I have to agree: although WestCoast’s post is within our posting guidelines, I think his comments are seriously off-base – don’t forget it was Adam who largely brought Sung Hi to us in the first place. WestCoast’s assertions about Adam could hardly be further from the truth, and I do think they warrant a personal apology.

  60. dude, he takes pictures of naked beautiful thai women. you should be on your hands and knees kissing his @$$ :))

  61. ^ Yeah, I wish there was some way that post could be automatically generated to immediately follow all “I don’t think she’s beautiful and her flaws are such-and-such” comments.

  62. It really does shine a little light on how picky everyone gets when hiding behind a computer terminal. Maggots!

  63. i didnt even notice the dog or her knees πŸ™‚ too busy looking at her lucious chocolate boobies πŸ™‚ sorry doc πŸ˜‰

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