TJ'”S” Killing me…


This girl’s name is ‘TJ’ and she is a model for the San Francisco-based photographer Andrew Slater. Slater runs an Asian-dedicated photo/subscription site called Andrew Slater Presents – SF Bay Models. I know little about this young woman other than the fact that she is hot. Model profiles do not seem to be available to non-subscribers. More links and pics after the jump. Sorry – no controversy this time…I often end up posting something on this site that leads to a monkey-shit-fight (sorry, otherwise known as; an educated exchange of ideas in debate format that is to be respected). But this time I got nothing but a hot Siren.

The most controversial element I can think of in fact is what I would do if I had this willing young lady in my company… If you’re reading this TJ, don’t worry, I will be gentle yet frisky!

More controversial in fact might be the fact that I know an ABC (American-Born-Chinese) named “S” that looks quite a bit similar to her (not to mention that she is from San Francisco). Almost exactingly similar, and I am sending “S” a link here for her comments.

Now the question remains – how do I get myself to Switzerland (knowing that failure is eminently possible), or how do I get her an internship/job in Thailand? (Ibid.)

Anyway, while I pine away, here are a few more pics, followed by links:




And some links:

Recent shoot.
Another one.
Finally, but let there be no finally in this regard.

Have fun, stay safe!

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0 thoughts on “TJ'”S” Killing me…”

  1. Interesting! About the only positive for me is that she looks fit and fairly natural. Apart from that though, I honestly can’t find anything appealing about her at all – to me she looks like a boy! Just goes to show how different our taste can be sometimes I guess.

  2. I wouldn’t say she is amazing but she is cute. If she has some more breast meat, then maybe she would be amazing but her chest is too flat. Or maybe if she had more ass but she’s built like a boy.

  3. She’s got a cute face and love the long hair, and a great smile. Like other’s have said though, she’s built like a boy. No curves at all. Looks better with clothes on.

  4. She’s very pretty, IMO. As for the body, I like this kind of girl, but I understand that others like bigger boobs, and such.

    Ironically, perhaps, I think a girl like this looks better nude, than in clothes. Most women’s clothes are made for some boobage. I find that many women who look spectacular in clothes, don’t look so hot once they come off. One thing you know about a girl like this, her boobs will never sag…and it doesn’t look like any other part of her will, either.

  5. Definitely a cutie. That said, I would have to agree with Nanpa on this one. She’s attractive, but certainly does not match up to some of the girls we’ve seen regularly posted on this site.

  6. Attractive enough. I like the enticing eyes and the sexy smile. Could use a boob job, but that’s it. I like her.

    I didn’t get the Switzerland point.

  7. She’s cute for me. I’d say its a little harsh to say she’s built like a boy. Granted, she has no boobs, which for me doesn’t detract from her appearance. Still, I’ve seen a lot of asian girls who have even less curves. She definitely has some beautiful hair.

  8. I concur with all those who support me! Those who don’t I glare at you questionly – such as, ‘like a boy’?

    Okay, she might not be breasty, but they don’t build boys like that… Besides I like them petite. If you are a true Asiaophile you shouldn’t be a breast-centric punter…

    Just IMO; “nothing to see here, no controversey, please move along…”

  9. Oh – Danz – the Swiss point is that her unnatural twin, “S”- the ABC, is there.

    You guys are welcomed to pitch in for a ticket should you feel it necessary… 🙂

  10. We had that big discussion about her in that previous thread, and I declared my appreciation for her then. And I’ll do it again. Nice one, Cap’n Sparrow!

  11. “If you are a true Asiaophile you shouldn’t be a breast-centric punter…”

    No truer words have ever been said on AS. TJ’s A-OK cutie in my book, in fact I much prefer her to some of the synthetics posted but to each his or her own. Gorgeous hair and smile TJ.

  12. I don’t think built like a boy is harsh. Built like a ladyboy is harsh. If I knew her in real life, it wouldn’t matter that she’s flat as an ironing board because I love petite Asian women and would be all up in that.

    But as a collector, I need to see someone with some curves. And it’s not like she needs big boobs for me to be happy, just a little someone to squeeze on is all I am looking for. If she had a body like Sabrine Maui before the implants or some booty, then I wouldn’t be complaining.

    One thing she needs to stop doing is modeling with that ring on. I can’t stand the ring and that awful tat on her right hand. But she is still cute though.

  13. I was of course joking with my ladyboy comment – they usually look more feminine than TJ! What I mean is, I accept that a lot of asiaphiles aren’t into big breasts (although liking big breasts isn’t really incompatible with liking Asian women either), but I do think an asiaphile should like women – indeed, the feminity of most Asian women is what attracts me to them. But it seems that many who like Thais in particular like girls who look like boys, such as TJ – she isn’t just flat-chested, but she has almost no curves, and a very boyish face as well.

  14. My first impressions were, “This girl needs some curves, it’s like an airport runway”.

    In the fantasy world of internet, she’s (ummm) okay.

    But in real life, as in the reality of having her as a gf/wifey, then I’ll be doing pretty good.

  15. I know you were joking Doc. But I do agree that the asiaphile should like women. I do have to disagree with those who who are into Thais like girls who look like boys in particular. I love Thai women. Out of all the Asians, they are the sexiest. TJ is sexy, just lacking in curves. I wouldn’t say she looks like a boy, just built like one which I feel is different. With her I am not wondering if she is really a man or not because she is not completely lacking in femininity. But I still want to have my petite women to have some curves somewhere.

    In real life it would be a different story, but since I can only view her pics over the internet, then she needs more curves.

  16. I respect the posters that admit that this girl would be a score in real life, but she needs more curves as an online fantasy.

    Being married to a half-Japanese girl, I’ve learned to respect small breasts and a cute lack of curves. 🙂

  17. What’s all this talk about “online fantasy”?

    While I love small girls, and don’t mind small breasts, this girl would look a little better with a B cup, or so. Still, quite attractive “as is”.

    Online Fantasy? Yikes!

  18. i think she is very pretty but…dude….she could use more boobs..and she has ass….the overall package is nice…..and i do have to say..she is very attractive…something about her….as for the rings……i dig…

  19. She is one of the more alluring women I have seen on this site, the lack of curves is fine, she will age very very well, there’s nothing for gravity to pull on!!! Maybe in my next life time I can look for someone like this…

  20. Internet Fantasy = The benchmark which we judge women based on all the air-brushed photos we see online. It’s completely unrealistic and you know it ! LOL !

    Real life = The reality of how attractive the “average” woman would look on the street, doing ordinary things, like grocery shopping, walking the dog/kids, etc.

    They wont be poster girls for our fantasies, but many of them end up being our lovers, partners, wife, and mother of our children.

    That’s speaking from an ordinary average-looking guy, if you’re a model or a celebrity, it’s a different story.

  21. The more I see her, the more I think about how so sensual she is.

    In this internet world, a few internet fantasies end up coming true. Stay connected. 🙂

  22. I mentioned TJ in a posting about a month or so ago, and noted then. She is worth more than a second look, but her unattractive jewelry, which is present in most pictures, does nothing for her. The ring, bracelet, and earrings need to disappear.

  23. From reading her blog she seems beautiful, creative, adventurous, intelligent, outgoing, frank, fun-loving, well-read, well-traveled and a little self-deprecating. I’ve been looking for a woman with all those qualities my whole life! On top of that, she has offered to share her body with us just for looking. How kind is that?!

    The size of her breasts, hips or waist is not her choosing (all of which I find attractive btw). It’s “how” she is. Admire or move on. The size and placement of her tat, her piercings and jewelry are _her_ choosing (all of which I find either sexy or pretty btw). It’s “who” she is. Admire or move on.

    I’m loathed to go “after the jump” these days because of having to wade through the petty comments like these, which can only tangentially be construed as “discussion”. It’s easier to qualify them as “personal attacks” or “rude comments”, is it not? She is computer savvy and lives in SFO for godsake! She will likely read this. And if I were TJ, I’d consider them rude AND personal.

    What’s just as bad, these comments come from arm-chair talent agents who likely wouldn’t hold up to and\or tolerate the same type of scrutiny if it was directed toward them. (Note: Disagreeing with me here will only prove my point.) Is there any guy reading this who couldn’t use better abs? I mean really?

    Having said all that, I’m with William Sparrow, danzlover and others: TJ is breath taking!

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