Just received a message about the totally revamped They now have 3 Live 24/7 cams, a new HD live chat system, 3D image and Video System, Video Blogs, Mobile content and more!

Check it out, let them know what you think!Related:

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Francine Dee
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  1. Reality TV come to the internet!

    Am I the only person here who isn’t into webcams? There’s just so much stuff out there, that I’d rather have a small selection of high quality material than 24/7 reality TV. I guess it appeals to the voyeur in all of us, but I just don’t have the time for this stuff.

  2. I agree with you Dr. Lee – the only exception being genuine webcams (a girl that you know and like that is willing to strip for you) – that is a degree of voyeurism that is personal, and thus very sexy. The paid/fake/website webcams are neither as good as the real thing, nor do they watch like them.

  3. “Are they real?:)”
    I hope you’re kidding!
    And no, I won’t be helping her to pay for them, ridiculously huge and disproportionate as they are.
    I’ve never signed onto a pay site – never will.
    With so much free porn out there, I can’t imagine why.

  4. this type of broad is not really my cup of coffee, but can see why guys would like her.

    I have a question for you fellas, listen up. I personally feel some of these recent posts have been a little more generic lately. Some posts just incorporating a fetish video, more adult actresses, or really substandard women. I know there is pressure to get some posts up on a regular basis, still some of this stuff just seems way too down the road. Also the linking to adult material from user names and from peoples posts themselves in seeming higher than usual, and to be honest all this appearing a little less classy to me.

    So the question I want to ask is: Do you feel that is living up to its moto “The Essence of Asian Beauty”?

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I don’t feel this site is living up to it, but in fairness the claim really is humongous. I would think a more appropriate moto would be “Purveyors of Asian Beauty.”

    Dr. Lee, please don’t take this view or the question in the wrong way, this is a really good site, I just feel something is a bit foul. I would like to know what you think especially.

  5. Maybe it is limitations. There are only X Asian models to bring up. Assume Y of them are not that attractive, and Z is the number that no one has happened upon yet or can find enough photos of to make a substantive post.

    That means X-(Y+Z)=The number of women to make posts about, and many of them have been covered. Similarly, I’m trying to find unknowns that are not “LA Girls” who tend to be the “implied nudity girls” that Lee said he does not want too many more of. Since that is booming in popularity, that makes it far harder to find anyone of value to make posts about.

    Although I’m speaking for myself and my short time here. But that is my thought, at least. I’ll make a post today just so we have a new model to admire.

  6. I’m gonna sit back and pretend I never wasted 24 seconds of my life reading that last one by GoodTaste. It’s getting ridiculous with all the whiny wimpy emotions running rampant.

  7. With you on that arf. This ‘aint the damn New York Times. As for Ms.Dee…always liked her.She’s probably one of about 5 web chix in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE that may actually be making money off her site.The new set-up is cutting edge & I would expect nothing less from
    a pioneer/slash innovator in “me sales” like Fran.Alas I WILL NOT be parting with my hard-earned.Start doing HARDCORE & may be interested.Start doing HARDCORE WITH ME & I’ll have my fan club sign up for the year! Think about it Fran.I’m HUUUGE in the LA/VEGAS market.

  8. Good Taste obviously never heard the expression “preaching to the choir.” We are the anti-choir here. I wonder if he really thinks he’s going to ‘convert’ any of us.

    Back to Francine. No desire to see her new website. Her shameless self promotion and arrogance make Tila Tequila look humble. But in a similar vein to Stripes, if she showed up at my door wearing nothing but a smile, I would certainly make her feel welcome.

  9. I’m not trying to convert anything, just asking a question. My only real concern like I’ve noted above is that this place seems to be more and more about Asian Fetishes (and yes it is just that – a fetish, when mediocrity and banality starts being noticed and often even praised), instead of Asian Beauty.

    Travis could be right the problem could just be simple mathematics; there are only so many quality women and they’ve probably been posted of already or are still just waiting to be mined.

    Maybe my perception of Asian Beauty could just be very different from most visitors and contributors of this site.

  10. Ah – looking at your comment that came after this one GoodTaste, my final thought is that there has been a recent focus on nude models as well, which I think is what you are hinting at. But my argument would be that the Asian form is a part of their beauty ;-).

  11. @Goodtaste: Here’s a thought. If you’re not happy with current posts, try “leading by example” and do some posts yourself (or be a guest poster). When Doc has had it with Islanders, SoCals, low-rez cosplay girls, and the ho-hum-ordinary packaged as “models,” he treats us to “Ao Di Dooty Time,” or some strange woman from another planet. Travis presents the mysterious “girl on the left”. (‘Still love her.)
    So as arf says, stop whining, and start posting. If you have “very different perceptions,” then find asian sirens who instantiate them and let us in on your little corner of the world. We’ll check it out! As Mao said (sadly, not of asian women): “Let a hundred flowers bloom. Let a hundred warring schools of thought contend.” 🙂

  12. Still regarding webcams, let’s not forget that some webcam girls are real women too. 😉

    So that a few will talk to guys, sometimes make friendships, exchange numbers and other things may happen.

    Of course, doesn’t happen with a lot of women, it most probably doesn’t happen with Fran, but there are some worthy webcams out there. Just a matter of searching, being smart, and being lucky sometimes.

    And when we aren’t so demanding, cams (specially asian cams for my taste) can be great to admire some hot babes in ways that we wouldn’t be able to, in real life.

    As mentioned in other post, the webcams open the door to Internet Fantasies. Just the exact fantasies we happen to have with Fran. 🙂

  13. I’ve never been impressed with Francine Dee. She looks plastic and typical. Harsh? Perhaps, but I’ve never been into the over-produced look… for lack of a better term.

    That said, while I agree with GoodTaste with respect to Francine, I have no issue with the number of posts on this site. Some threads are better than others of course – but it’s all subjective.

    There’s something to be said about quality over quantity – but frankly, I’d rather not have to wait weeks between new content here. ^__^

  14. Asian beauty means different things to different people. There is no right or wrong. I love seeing all the posts even if some don’t impress me or I don’t feel a need to comment.

    Francine could be a lot cuter if she didn’t have those massive basketballs hanging off her front. Other than that, I think she’s a really attractive girl.

  15. @urgal: When Doc has had it with Islanders, SoCals, low-rez cosplay girls, and the ho-hum-ordinary packaged as “models,” he treats us to “Ao Di Dooty Time,” or some strange woman from another planet.

    Funnily enough, I’m planning to post exactly those things shortly (flat out at the moment)!

    And GoodTaste is currently on probation, so I can’t give him posting rights at this stage. 🙂

  16. I love Francine, but how many times can you see her naked? Seriously–how many photosets can one woman do? I will pay for a membership to her site if/when she starts doing actual sex acts–if only with another woman.

  17. I like how everyone coolly avoided the question I asked LOL. A few of you got close, but I can tell from the responses that the question is pretty irrelevant with the vast majority of people who visit this site, especially those that just want to look at Asian boobs. I mean hello goodtaste!, just look at the ad banners on the side, hello!

    Dee don’t sweat not giving me poster status in my past attempt, and no need to proceed on it in the future. My views and tastes are just a little to tricky to comprehend and my demanding writing style and biting wit uncompromising. I would stick out like a sore thumb.

  18. You are quite fond of big noting your “biting wit”, aren’t you GoodTaste? It’s a shame you seem to be the only person who is able to appreciate it. 😉

  19. damn, you got me there doc. Shucks!! 🙂 come on Dee, you know people start crying when ever I do the littlest fib.

  20. It seems to me that AS bears the motto “The Essence of Asian Beauty” simply because that’s what the site is committed to exploring. People post what they feel are examples of asian beauty, we then debate & discuss. The issues are complex. Naturalness vs. artificiality in face & figure enhancements comes up often, as do issues of “ethnic appearance”, issues of attitude & behavior and issues of dress. But we work mainly from specific examples offered up by posters or links in the discussion. So, again GT, if your ideas depart from those here, then please either give examples with links in your discussion comments, or explain yourself more articulately. Your wit, and whether it bites or not, is less relevant. 😉

  21. urgal,

    [The Essence of Asian Beauty” simply because that’s what the site is committed to exploring. People post what they feel are examples of asian beauty…]

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  22. well, that just goes back to beauty is subjective right? maybe some people are trying to explore Asian beauty with an explicit video of twin sisters making out with each other, or explore Asian beauty seeing a woman suck off a banana. do you honestly think people are exploring beauty with that sort of material? if they are I’m not getting it.

  23. If anyone cares, Francine dances at Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas these days. I also saw C.J. Miles there.

  24. I think people all have different ideas of what the essence of beauty is. While the posts lately may have featured more nudity I can appreciate how they capture one angle of this search. What makes Dr Lee like the Ao Dai or Daznlover his webcams? everyone has different tastes and standards.
    I can see why you would say it seems a bit less classy, however I still can find the essence of beauty in a pair of naked boobs :b

  25. I’ve been to that Spearmint Rhino before and the time I went it was way too overcrowded, like its hard to walk around, get a place to sit down. And I talked to the strippers and bar tenders about the congestion and they said it was a slower night. I can only imagine that place when it’s actually busy.

  26. Lol arf, im writing it too.

    Luke said it, beauty is so different to every single person. We have seen it here on AS over and over. I like a girl, some else doesn’t and the opposite happens also. I try to absorb, enjoy and respect.

  27. People frequently say that opinions posted here are entirely subjective. Personally, I’m always impressed with how much consensus there is at AS. For many of the girls posted here there is significant agreement (check the responses to our Naga princess). And on some things, like the beauty of traditional asian women”s dress (kimono, ao dai, etc.), absolutely everyone agrees. Where things get most controversial, it seems, is not asian female beauty, but asian female sensuality & sexuality, surely a perfectly legitimate thing for AS to explore even if it doesn’t appear in the banner. Opinions on that do seem to vary a lot with the poster. Some folks find the heart of asian female allure in their traditional shy/demure/mysterious asian flower image. Some find it in their Lolita image – childlike features combined with provocative, even blatant, sexuality.
    Personally, I find myself drawn by all these images, especially in combination. So for me, AS is a feast, with lots of tasty dishes to sample.

  28. urgal you are a frickin’ cool commentator. you answer things straight up, incorporate actual logic in what you say, and don’t get touchy as hell and degrade anyone in any way when people write something you don’t agree with or understand. your the one who should be contributing here, you actually know how to write for chrissake.

  29. My goodness…Zamscan. The upper right pic with the water in the background is just so wow. They’re just so…so…round! And dazn…maybe I’ll be running into you at the Spearming Rhino one day. I’ll be looking for the guy with Francine on his arm? or vice versa Right? 🙂

  30. i got a lapdance from francine at SR-vegas and it was average at best. i even bought my gf a dance and all she did was give her a foot massage… wtf is that???

    not a big fan of hers…

  31. Well he meant the lapdance was average which I would expect because she doesn’t know how to work that booty like a stripper. I wouldn’t bother getting one unless I could feel on her boobs. But damn, Francine is looking really good these days. I am finally glad that she went to a smaller size boob instead of those ridiculously huge ones because they go so much better with her frame. I might just join her site.

  32. I really don’t get the whole lap dance thing. I mean, why pay all that money to get cock teased when so many girls are willing to do it for free!

  33. But it’s not Francine, though. I would pay to just sniff perfume off her naked body in a private room. Not a whole lot of money, but I would still pay. Is that weird.

  34. I think I failed to notice the condition of her hands. I found myself to busy admiring her other features I really enjoy more so. Hmmm. 🙂

  35. Also Zamscan…anything else you have of the lovely Ms Dee will be greatly appreciated. And I mean greatly as in a whole bunch. Did I mention I love Francine Dee. 🙂

  36. I’m willing to bet the Doc is really a closet Francine Dee fan just like the rest of us. He’s just shy about it. 🙂

  37. The only reason I noticed her hand is because it was blocking the kitty. As long as the kitty still looks young, it’s all good.

  38. Moderator, can you edit my orig post and mention the password to extract the Francine Dee video is: gearheard

  39. password is gearheard but what is the login name? 🙂 btw..thanks for the goodies 🙂 francine is the bomb

  40. Her boobs r a bit to f%*ked up, I can go with boob jobs that arnt perfect, but her nipples look like their staring her in the face!

  41. Where has that video been hiding? She doesn’t seem to able to dance well, but the hardcore scene cool. Unless, of course, she didn’t know she was being filmed, which I doubt.

  42. How about the log in name? I’m dying to see this video after waiting all this time for something a little harder.

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