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Oh My. Yuki M may be an unknown model, but wow. According to her page, she said she modeled in Japan and only moved to the US in 2007. Anyone that can find her last name and links to photos she took while in Japan gets numerous brownie points. Until then, you can simply enjoy the over 15 photos below. And that was after I cut them down.Stats:

Age: 24
Height: 5’7
Weight: 110
Shoe Size: 7
Ethnicity: Japanese
Location: Los Angeles, CA
















PBase Photo Gallery 1
PBase Photo Gallery 2
PBase Photo Gallery 3
PBase Photo Gallery 4
PBase Photo Gallery 4

By the way, I strongly encourage you to visit those galleries and post any links to photos you like that I did not post here.

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0 thoughts on “Yuki M”

  1. Thanks for the variety Travis.

    I was getting a bit sick of all those Californian myspace-type images/faces. Especially with the fake looking implants, which these later series of girls don’t seem to have.

  2. Me likey! Great bondage shots, cute ass, natural body, fun smile. Now she must get naked! My new A-S fave!

  3. Oh HELL YES!

    Let the anti-Japanese girl contingent dis away, this girl is sensational, IMO.

    Great variety of looks and poses. The only thing missing (and it’s a big one) is nudity. Oh well. :#)

    Another excellent post, Travis.

  4. wow! face down a$$ up in the last pix:)) nice one TRavis, but you got to promise to throw us some boobs once in a while :))

  5. Damn! Just…damn! This girl is so smokin’ she’d beat out the past four or five girls if there was a contest! Aria’s got an edge in that top pic with those rock hard nips, but this girl Yuki beats her down with clothes on!

    I second Bigfoot, this girl could only be better if she showed more skin! All of it!

    Excellent job, Travis!

  6. Yeah, hurray for the real looking women.
    I was actually starting to wonder if all the good looking asian models had all decided unanimously to enhance themselves…..

    how long do they stay natural for though 🙁

    It’s such a shame, because I can never get over the thought that attached to a beautiful face, is a beautiful body, with 2 globes of plastic strapped on to it, giggling around….

    the giggling helps…but still!

  7. Wow. Yuki is absolutely breathtaking! One of those rare beauties who can pull off drop-dead gorgeous, sexy or simply super-kawaii.

    Here’s hoping she stays all-natural.

    Gahh… for those who don’t understand what my preference is: I give you Yuki M as Exhibit A. ^__^

  8. I have to agree with everyone else on this one – I wonder if we’ll get any disenters? She looks a bit MILFy in some shots, but I like that anyway. 🙂

  9. I caught the MILFY vibe as well, not that that is a bad thing. She’s got some serious dimples (on her face:-)) A leetle thin, but overall, very nice.

  10. No one can find her last name, huh? I was hoping some Japanese enthusiast would remember her from her days modeling in Japan, but perhaps she was not well known there.

    Oh well. At 24, she can still become well known here.

  11. Wow – First word to come to mind.

    I love the fact that she can actually crack a smile, look natural, all the while keeping an innocent/sexy edge.

    Definitely a great find!

    Beautiful woman!

  12. Oh well. At 24, she can still become well known here.

    I’m not entirely convinced she really is 24 (that’s pretty young to be MILFy!), but she’s still hot anyway. 🙂

  13. Very beautiful, but I agree entirely with placeboy that she looks Chinese, not Japanese, especially in length of her face and nose, and the shape of her cheekbones. A 5’7″ height is also very unusual for Japanese women in my experience, but less so for Chinese (KT So, from Hong Kong, is 5’8″). The stunning picture posted by MG would not draw a guess of “Japanese” from anyone I bet. Perhaps she has Manchurian background?

  14. I think she’s about 34. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But in Japan that’s way over the hill. Perfect for me!

  15. Ladies and gentlemen, we have another winner. She looks sensational. I especially like the one where she’s posing with that piece of firewood they call a guitar. I love rocker chicks.

  16. me too
    but she was modeling in Japan !

    she is not necessary japanese !
    i am sure she was not (its impossible) or from one parent..

    she is awesome cute and natural and sensual !!!

    she is the stereotype of the asian dream girl for many people who imagine asian girl are all like this 🙂

  17. Crazy hot…but she gives off that “angry dominatrix/dragon lady” vibe.Not my favorite thing to deal with…but hell…play ball anyway!
    Good one Travis.

  18. She’s not in Japan, she has no reason to lie about her age considering she actually gets work, and most of the photos that make her look older were taken by the same photographer. I doubt that was a coincidence. 34 though? I think not.

    Also, “dominatrix vibe?” No.

  19. She has beautiful cheekbones and I too would have assumed she was Chinese. She is very cute and down-to-earth I think.

  20. It seems that people around here are very quick to say a model is not Japanese (e.g. Maya Sakura) when in fact they are. I see nothing about this girl that precludes her from being Japanese, although if I were asked to guess her ethnicity, I probably would have said a Japanese/Chinese mix (like Sachiko).

  21. Well, Doc, it’s clear that some here see things in black and white. Yuki doesn’t have a “typical” Japanese look, but that doesn’t preclude her from being Japanese.

    Hasn’t anyone met a Polish girl that looked Irish? An Italian girl who looked Nordic?

    She may very well be of mixed blood, or be pure (whatever “pure” means anymore) Japanese.

  22. She could also be Okinawan, or one of the other areas of Japan that does not look quite as typically Japanese. Not as though it particularly matters. It does not seem as though it is a complaint on anyone’s part.

  23. Also, I think part of the reason most people believe she is Chinese is her eyes. She could have had eyelid surgery (though I do not necessarily believe that she did). The rest of her looks Japanese to me, with the exception of Bang Truong’s photos.

  24. Actually Travis, Okinawan is a very good guess I think – she does have that sort of look. (For those who don’t know, the proximity of Okinawa to Taiwan means there was a fair bit of mixing with Taiwanese during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan.) Also, I think she actually does have eyelid surgery (hardly uncommon these days, particularly for models and performers).

  25. Grrrrrrrr…….you know what really sucks here? NOTHING!!! why didn’t I want to be a photographer when I was little? whether she is Okinawan or not, she is still beautiful and here in the U.S.

  26. she can be American/japanese.

    from Okinawa !!! i doubt because girls from okinawa have the skin a little bit tan; but why not !!

  27. Arf, you can look at the bananas if you want. I don’t think this fine lady will be doing a banana show, though.

    BTW, it’s can be quite difficult to determine someone’s ethnicity. When we lived in Okinawa, many of the locals would speak Japanese to my Filipina wife (especially with her hair pulled back). Some think she is Thai. Where I work, there is an employee that many of the Filipinas thought was a Filipina, but she is actually Thai. So, we can have fun guessing, but guessing is all it is.

    And, i guess Yuki M is very cute!!

  28. It’s interesting, because in some pictures I can sort of see what some of you are talking about when it comes to her being mixed. Then I look at the 10th pic and I think she looks absolutely, 100% Japanese. It’s amusing, because from picture to picture I wonder if I’m looking at the same girl. lol…

    And Doc, maybe you haven’t seen a lot of Japanese girls, but many of them have *super* slim legs.

  29. I’m sure I’ve seen at leat as many as you have sevendeuce! Yes, of course some of them do have quite slim legs (e.g. Jun Kusanagi), but short and stocky is certainly far more typical.

  30. Among the pix of YM in the galleries, she looks the most ethnically Japanese to me in this one (and not because of the hashi style):


    In any case, no one around here said/was saying that the girl wasn’t Japanese, only that her features were untypical, certainly more so than Maya Sakura. The MG photo is very striking in this regard.

  31. Actually, I don’t think her features are that “untypical” either – they are definitely within the normal Japanese range (as is Maya for that matter).

  32. Well, I think I’ve seen every picture of Yuki out there. I didn’t think anyone would be able to replace Reon Kadena as my all time favorite, but Yuki does it.

    She is simply stunning.

  33. Doc: We’re going to have to agree to disagree on your assessment that most Japanese women are “short and stocky”.

    We may have seen the same number of Japanese women in our time, but I guess I’ve been luckier. ^_^

  34. I’m only talking about their legs – their upper bodies are normally quite slim. But they have a well established reputation for having the worst legs in Asia (and this is coming from other Asians, not me).

  35. She’s aight but to compare her to Reon? Blasphemy! I gotta agree with Sevenduece Doc I haven’t seen too many Japanese girls with stocky legs, but I have seen alot of Taiwanese girls with stocky legs. But I guess it’s where you look from.

  36. Wait, you haven’t seen Japanese girls with stocky legs? Japanese women are notorious for their stocky legs. The average Japanese woman has a significantly longer torso in comparison to their height than any other Asian culture. There are some women that is close to 50%.

    Does Yuki have stocky legs? I don’t necessarily think so. But Japanese women certainly do. Watch one group of Japanese students go on tour around a college campus and you will see it on almost all of them.

    I don’t find anything necessarily wrong with stocky legs, and certainly not having stocky legs does not imply that you are not Japanese – especially if you model – but Japanese women are definitely more prone to shorter legs.

  37. Yes, what Travis says is absolutely correct – I’m not sure whre you guys get your impressions from! As I said though, Yuki’s legs are quite slim by normal Japanese standards.

  38. No offense guys, but I’m calling shenanigans on the leg/torso ratio. Please provide statistics or a source on this information.

    If I’m wrong, so be it – but I’d like to see a source before I’m convinced. 😉

  39. My boss is Japanese & about 5’8″ or so. She`s also very light compared to my other boss. People mistaken her for Korean all the time.

    Sorry the pic is blurry -_-

  40. It translates to “Wildcats in Strip Royale.”

    Otherwise I don’t think Reon is doing much these days besides movies. Though I find Yuki to be significantly more attractive than Reon, and that’s not a knock on Reon.

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