Miss Vie

Miss Vie

Could not find a whole lot about her, but ‘Miss Vie’ seems to be a starting model in fashion. She doesn’t do nudity. Good for her. Bummer for us 😉

Check out this 19 year old Vietnamese model at modelgraphy.com and djkurvy.com.Some facts:

Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Age: 19
Height: 5′ 2″ / 157 cm
Weight: 95 lbs / 43 kg
Measurements: 32B-24-35 / 81B-61-89
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Miss Vie

Miss Vie

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  1. Holy crap! She is the hottest girl I think I’ve seen on here…The Doc will hate her.

  2. I dunno…she looks really hot in the top photo, but after seeing the bottom two, it looks like the top one is more good photography than her actual looks.

    I agree on her makeup. I’m also not a fan of completely drawn in eyebrows. She’s an average Asian girl in my book.

  3. I honestly think she would be quite attractive without so much makeup (and coloured contacts etc.). If she let her natural beauty shine through, I’m quite sure there would be plenty of it! In this case, I think the makeup and photography actually detract from her looks, rather than enhance them.

  4. Lol. I’ll do my best for the cause Doc. No promises and if Vie reads this I might have more difficulties. lol.

  5. You know what….i live in Vietnam and there are thousands of better looking girls here…who use 1000 times less make up :->

  6. I hear you Punsher22 – I have said here repeatedly that Vietnamese women are the most beautiful in the world, but that Vietanmese American models don’t give us any idea how beautiful they can be. However, if we get all that war paint off Vie, I think she just might…

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