Tiff Honey


Tiff Honey is a model in a lot of rap videos/magazines, which is a surprise to no one if you’ve seen her buttocks. She’s not necessarily the type of model that people here look for, but those eyes! Look at those eyes!!Stats:

Age: 22
Height: 5’5
Located: Georgia







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  1. Tiff has a cute face. The tats and that huge booty, stocky legs are just not appealing to me.

    I like asian women because they physically do not have huge hips and asses. They may not all be petite but, their booty’s are.

  2. I don’t think she’s part black.What I think is going on with her is a physical adaptation to a cultural norm.Atlanta is majority black.Her physique fits the “ethno-cultural” template of someone who has grown up around that.
    *amateur anthropological analysis here*

    You can see the same thing from a lot of white girls who’ve grown up around black people in Atlanta too.( I attended school there) It’s a great look as long as you’re young…and in the gym.Sadly…it usually turns tragic rather quickly.(after age 25)
    Metabolism & youth will only cover poor diet & poor workout ethic for a quick minute. Caveats aside…Tiff is a prime example of the variety of ways one can be successful as a model.Modeling is afterall a “niche game”. “Supermodels” are truly in the eye of the consumer.If you know this…you can make bank as much as any of the runway types.Maybe she transitions into a “fitness model” as she gets closer to 25.Probably no shortage of affluent gentlemen who would like to make her a main jump-off.

  3. Is her ass enhanced? I wonder how you keep your torso trim while not losing weight below. Work out in a chair?

  4. Nothing about this kind of pop hip hop culture touches me. She has beautiful eyes and I like a nice bum but there is a limit. Just not my scene. I suggest a dose of reality.

  5. STRIPES: Well-stated. I too noticed that the culture one grows up in has a lot to do with what body you end up with. You are correct, modeling is a niche and she can be successful at the “Asian with big butt” set. (I’ve seen many Vietnamese growing up on Taco Bell and it ain’t pretty.)

    I am going to go back and look at Michelle Ang, whom we all agreed was perfect. 🙂

  6. Probably not going to be popular here, but I always liked her in magazines. Not the hottest but some great cushion for the pushin. I quite dig her body, especially pic 3. I would think most here wouldn’t find her to their liking as she’s somewhat atypical of an asian girl, but I quite enjoy her.

  7. Tiff doesn’t float my boat but at the photo link provided there are tags of #blasian and #thick asians. Many woman at those links could put wind in my sails.

  8. If I liked fat asses I wouldn’t be into Asian woman.
    Additionally, these are ultra-Photoshopped to death. So who has any inkling what she really looks like?

  9. Not sure what you see in the eyes. I just see makeup, and a lot of it. When I think nice eyes I think of Olivia Wilde. Other than that she’s got a nice body but a little too ghetto-fab for me.

  10. Some of ’em grow ’em just as long on Mainland China doc.
    Sorry, Tiff is not my idea of an AS. I think it’s the huge ass/arse. Pass/parse.

  11. Im sure she would be quite the fun ride.

    My favorite quote from Pulp Fiction: “It’s unfortunate what we find pleasing to the touch and pleasing to the eye is seldom the same.”

  12. To all of you guys who think the slender models need to eat more hamburgers: This is the end (pun intended) result of eating too many of them.

  13. Oops, I had forgotten that “The End” was prominently featured in “Apocalypse Now,” so French wasn’t actually mixing his genres.

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