Asian Little Red Riding Hood, Erin Tjoe

I don’t know why the ad department at Motorola cast an Asian girl as Little Red Riding Hood for their new Droid RAZR M commercial, but Erin Tjoe makes a great one as she shows how she uses hers to avoid the Big Bad Wolf. See more of Erin (who posted this video at her Youtube channel) at her Facebook and on Twitter.

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  1. Wow! She is really beautiful and eye-catching! She doesn’t look “over done up” or plastic. The Droid Razr video doesn’t do her justice.

  2. Yeah CEC, don’t rub it in. I’m resigned to that fact. 😉
    So, any chance you can post a still pic of her at least?

  3. Need to see more.

    Hey, maybe we can all chip in for a proxy server account for Longtack as a chrissie pres?

  4. Marketing knows that most Americans perceive Asians to be smarter and more technologically advanced than the “average bear”.

    We simply know them to be hotter!

  5. Wow she is pretty damn incredible. That video truely doesn’t do her justice. Hope to see more of her in the future

  6. I agree with Doc. It’s nice to see a stunning mature lady. I also question however her casting. Somebody younger and more “cute” instead of beautiful (ie, Aino Kishi) would have seemed more fitting to the role of little red hiding hood. I just had a thought. Little Red Riding Hood would be a great euphemism for an over-stimulated clitoris. I should write these thoughts down sometime….

  7. What you talkin’ ’bout, Willis? This is great casting. Motorola does not want a 13-year old blonde-haired girl to promote their products. They want a more mature person to showcase the speed and abilities of the Razr.

    A beautiful Asian woman highlights this nicely.

  8. Yes!…I’ll take two please. She’s beautiful. By the way, I still have the original Razr or Razor flip phone from 2007. Works great and I’m behind the times.

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