ID Request Tripled


You know how I do, guys. I like ID requests, but I also don’t like leaving you guys with one photo for two days. Last time I gave you two photos. Guess what I’m going to do this time? THREE ID REQUESTS IN ONE! WILL THERE BE FOUR NEXT TIME?




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  1. I really like these posts, although I never know who the girls are, but inevitably the pictures are worth posting anyway. The first pic has to be one of the lovelier racks in a while, I love the hint of nipple. And if the ass in pic 2 is photoshopped kudos to the highly skilled expert for a sterling job. Girl 3 looks the most familiar but I have no idea who she is, or if she is looking at me or something on the other side of the room.

  2. Agree with master Luke on pic #1- that is a FINE rack. And her nose- wow!

    Asia? Washington state? Oregon? Oz? I’m spending too much time looking for clues in the buildings behind her.

  3. I have no idea who the first two are, but they are hot. The third one looks very similar to Lana Croft to me, but I don’t think its her. I don’t think she’s ever had a belly ring either.

  4. Oh my, the tits on pic #1 are perfect!

    The ass on pic #2 is great! Wow! she can do the splits! Flexibility is a plus! Thanks, Harjot!

    Pic #3 – sexy lingerie.

    Nice pics, Travis, Sorry I don’t know who they are.

  5. pic #1: fine rack. fine jaw line. fine nose.

    @Zorkster: You think she is in Japan? Because of her looks or the background?

  6. #1 looks very familiar, but probably only because I’ve seen the photo before–how can a picture that hot not make it around on the internet? Part of me thinks it might be an early pic of Fumina Suzuki, but I don’t really think so.

    The second girl looks like a MOKO girl and she might be there. I have some other photos with the MANGO tag on it–I think that’s the photo studio–and the photos had the subject 清楚.

  7. Great work chrisy – welcome to Asian Sirens! I assume from your nick that you’re a (possibly Chinese) girl yourself? Female contributors are always especially welcome here.

  8. But doc, can’t be Chinese; he/she said their Chinese wasn’t good enough. Great get all the same chrisy.

    Hard to tell from backgrounds – pic 1 could be Balmain or Beijing. And pic 2 could be Shanghai or Sydney.

    I’m hoping to see a full length of No 2 in those sexy thigh-highs!

    Luke…. she is looking at YOU! and me!;-)

  9. looks like #2 is named Lin
    from info on Chrisy ‘s link
    Lin or no Lin, she’s quite sexy doing those splits! I had once an encounter with a Korean who could do splits, and…..
    I’d love to meet Lin

  10. That would most likely be true Doc especially if they were brought up in a western country – and not immersed in the language. So I don’t disagree with you on that point. I guess I was seeing it from the resident mainland Chinese, inc Taiwan) perspective. 😉

  11. Are you in my house Longtack? I hope you didn’t see anything incriminating. :-/
    Can you translate the page? I find google translate has pretty poor results on sites like MOKO etc.
    What has happened to Shaui Ge? She should be a Mainland Hottie it seems.

  12. If the info is correct (provided by the photographer?) model #2 is LinLin. Pictures were taken in DaLian
    Youhao Square, Zhongshan, Dalian, Liaoning, China, 116001

  13. And the winner for boobs of the year goes to contestant number one! If found the photo on on other sites, but no further information regarding her identity.

  14. Travis, if you can find four unknown models that can match up to these honeys, by all means please post another ID Request.

  15. Have no ideas of your house Luke, but my ‘Christmas Tree’ this year definitely would be incriminating. 😉 ;-), say no more.

    oh and Google Translate is getting better I think. Maybe it’s the suggestions given for better translations.

  16. #1 is one of, if not the most beautiful women ever posted on this website. Please Please Please do not give up on finding out who she is

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