Tiara starts Blog for models

Tiara starts Blog for models

On her personal blog Tiara writes:

“This experience of having a blog has been an interesting one. It is a learning experience that I would like to share with others like me. Others who are currently and in the future would like to make a living with their pretty faces. Yes, for you other models.. join me and start to write on my new blog. I have created this new blog for other models so they can start experiencing what I have experienced the last few months. If you are a model who would like to be known for more than just your pretty faces, this new blog is for you.”

Good initiative Tiara!Tiara now has four blogs:

Tiara Lestari’s Personal Journal
Tiara Lestari’s For Women Only
Tiara Lestari and Friends
Tiara Lestari Zone (in Indonesian)

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  1. Tiara, our blog queen! Isn’t it time to have an exclusive interview with her on Asian Sirens? And what about sending her the first Asian Sirens t-shirt?

  2. Yeah! I should make a full time job out of Asian Sirens! Then I could do loads of fun stuff! (If only my finances would allow it 😉

    Will ask Tiara, and will order some shirts.

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