Jeri Lee @

Jeri Lee @

We featured Filipino/Mexican beauty Jeri Lee before, but now I received some great photo’s from Tim Jahns ( which I really would like to share with you.
Jeri Lee @

Jeri Lee @

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  1. Dude Lee, I cannot post small boobs all the time! 😉 And most of the girls have got them ‘enhanced’ anyway. I think you should re-read my comments made on the original post 😉

  2. Doc, why won’t you believe men who say they don’t like very big boobs?
    I find that a bit weird and disrespectful.

    Believe me, I have felt the difference, and I just like a firm all natural B cup.

  3. Once again Robin, note the whink, and lighten up!

    But seriously, as I’ve said before, I’ve known men who say they don’t like big boobs, but in each case it has turned out that they do. They usually say it for some other reason (e.g. they can’t get a girl with big boobs). They are not necessarily conscious of it.

  4. Well Like I said, I find it disrespectfull that you say people are not being honest or don’t know what they are talking about, even with a wink. I will restrain from putting down big fake boobs, but you know my opinion on that subject.

    I just think it’s generalizing what you are doing. A ‘doctor’ unworthy 😉

  5. // had to edit comment because of lay-out problems
    This “implied nudity” stuff is getting out of hand. Why don’t the girls just pose completely naked, and then have the naughty bits Photoshopped over? (Then they’d really look like Barbie dolls!)

    Take, for example, this picture of Joyce Lex:

    If she wasn’t shaved, that would be a bush shot. I mean, if you’re going to go that far, then what’s the point of hiding anything?


  6. hey doc, wink or not, you’re just being stupid when you question if someone’s being honest about the breats they prefer.

    And if you were trying to be funny – try working in a punchline at the end – most jokes require it.

  7. Dr. Lee, I’ll back you up. I agree completely – countless times I know guys who will say “boobs don’t matter” then they see a girl with a great rack go by and almost walk into a bus.

    And wearing furry boots like that even when it’s warm out has been big here in So Cal for a few years – go figure. Women helping keep the economy ticking…

    Curtis, some women probably don’t do full nudity for personal reasons. Others are probably ‘holding it back’ because they hope to get big cash for it one day.

    Oh, and Jeri is excellent. Great eyes and awesome body.

  8. Once again, I’m not questioning anyone’s honesty – as I said, many men aren’t even conscious of this (that has been my experience). And it is appropriate for a doctor to discuss the conflicts between the conscious and the subconscious mind. 😉

    As for Denalic’s comments, a witty comment does not require a punchline, as they are not necessarily in standard ‘joke’ format. They are merely observations (usually ironic).

    And I agree Jeri is hot (especially with that boob job)!

  9. WestCoast,

    Sad to hear that you also think that all men are the same.

    And I also think Jeri looks great. I would not have posted her if I didn’t like her. But I prefer how she looked before. (images in Comments section)

  10. Robin, I didn’t say all. I said “countless times” which means “quite often.” You’re being too literal and don’t want to face the reality that Doc and I are exposing – many men are hypocrites when it comes to women’s chests – they won’t admit that a big chest gets their sexual attention. We’re not say it applies to you or anyone else on this board. We’re just saying it’s very common behavior.

  11. Thanks WestCoast, your comments are right on the money. I hope Robin gets it this time. 😉

    And any responsible doctor will familiarise himself with the psychological basis as to why somebody might want to get implants. 😉

  12. I love Jeri! Have a number of her sets from Dreamdolls. Her face is very pretty, I adore her belly, and those nipples are perfect!

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