Brandy Grace @

Brandy Grace @

Not very long ago we featured Korean-American Brandy Grace. Now you can look at some of her best photo’s at I love this photo. The way the sunlight shines behind her. It makes me think of spring. (Does anyone know who took the photo?)

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  1. I can answer the question of the working out. The answer is NOT REALLY. Gotta love her. Haha. As for the photographer of the feature photo I can’t tell and I have the original. I’ll ask Brandy 😉

  2. For those of you in Southern California this Sunday. Brandy will be at the Model Showcase Invitational, Model Showcase Events

    I have invited over three dozen models to appear, with over half being Asian models.

    It would be great if Marco or Robin could put up something about the event for everyone that might be interested.

  3. Although I am no longer part of the Asian Sirens team, I hope to attend this Sunday’s Model Showcase Event . I just wish that Moses made it easier to order tickets since the online order page is not on a secure page with SSL (https prefix). I have mentioned this before and over the phone as well for past events but apparently to no avail.

  4. If you do go badboy, be sure to bring your camera (although I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that!), and let us know when you post them.

  5. I remembered to ask Brandy today about the credit for the photo (finally) – Fernando Escovar. btw – it’s credited on her modelmayhem page.

    My question to everyone right now is where’s the coverage for the Model Showcase Event? I want to see what I missed while I froze my butt off in NYC this weekend.

    Btw – I wanted to know what you guys might want to see on Brandy’s new website. If you guys to visit Brandy’s Yahoo group (or post here or there) that would be great.

  6. Nice on Zam! Finally I get to see what she really looks like. I also enjoyed the fact that she seemed to really enjoy getting her gear off. Almost certainly natural breats too.

  7. // had to edit link in this comment because of lay-out problems

    more here:


    Videos too. Don’t mind the pics too much, they’re all watermarked =\

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