Tiara Lestari (Amara) – the rare German FHM photoshoot

Tiara Lestari – the rare German FHM photoshoot (Photo: Adam Yurman)

At Indonesian Celebrities I read about some rare photo’s of Tiara Lestari (who recently vowed never to pose in front of the cameras naked again).

I quote IndCoup: Probably the rarest and most unseen work she has done has been for the German edition of FHM. Very few of her fans outside of Germany have ever seen the photoshoot – the pictures are simply not available – even on the net. Up to now that is. Because my German friend emailed me the shots over yesterday. Dankeshun Klaus!

Yes thanks Klaus. And eeehh…. are there only two photo’s? 😉

Tiara Lestari – the rare German FHM photoshoot (Photo: Adam Yurman)

Photography: Adam Yurman

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  1. Hi Robin. She does look great here. Yes, I was the photographer. This was Tiara’s very first photoshoot and she had no experience what so ever. She didn’t need any. She saw the camera and locked on like a heat seeking missle. Great model. I like how FHM puts their big red logos in the photos. I will probably run one of these images in my 2007 Pacific USA calendar coming out in August this year. Leave it to Asian Sirens to show me where my photos are on the Interent!

  2. Isnt it cool how photographers mysteriously find that themselves or their models have been written about so shortly after the article is posted?

  3. Hello Jdrevenge,
    Since I am the photographer you are referrring to I thought I might clear up your mystery. I am a regular reader of the Asian Sirens blog and I take a quick look about once a day like most regular A.S. visitors. I was surprised to see the Tiara, FHM photos and had no idea FHM had put them on thir website and added their graphics. So I commented on this as I was very pleased. That should clear up the mystery.

  4. Adam, nice photos. Keep up the good work! A-S guys– you all are doin the lord’s work. It’s good to see that even professionals like Mr. Yurman check in regularly–confirms that we indeed have a gem on our hands

  5. Thanks for th appreciation apprenticekim. We do our best to find you the finest Asian women on the web! 🙂 And it is indeed a good thing that models and photographers come to check us out. Much obliged.

  6. IMHO:

    Tiara is one of the most beautiful women ever. 🙂 Toooo bad if she never poses nude again.

    Nadine Chandrawinata is OK, but nothing special.

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