Proud to be Asian-American

Funny movieclip with a few good looking Asian babes. (Non-nude in case you were wondering) If you are a young Asian-American man, then these girls have a message for you. And if you’re not Asian? Well, that doesn’t really matter, does it? 😉

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  1. A random surf of IFilm turned up this gem, in which 3 very sweet Asian girls strap unhealthy foodstuffs to unwilling subjects, and turn them loose in a modern-day Roman Forum plastered with pictures of Kim Il Sung to be tormented by animals — and worse. Never mind. Did I mention the girls?

  2. If u luved this clip then u should check these film-makers other movies on their are three hilarious indie film-makers (two filipino and one mexican)..Sorry they aren’t hot asian girls, but still FUNNY AS HELL!!

  3. Oh sh*t! I’m the writer/director/mexican of this movie, but I never submitted it to iFilm. WTF!? Damn the internet! Damn you Pootie Tang!
    At least it’s free advertising… visit SEVENOHFIVE.COM!

    p.s. asian chicks rule.

  4. <- cool site

    The above video is produced by them, and we all know Joy but here is the rest of the cast

    Oh. (VC Digital Slam)
    (30sec. / 1.6megs)
    directed: Roman Cortez
    starring Lee Ann Kim, Grace Lee, Sophia Nguyen, Marcia Ceguerra & Joy Bisco

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