Sucking Korean Babe

Funny Korean commercial. I want to visit Korea.

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  1. Um, hotbytes2000, this isnt a porn site, and if you even watched the video, you would notice that she is eating noodles. Anyways, that commercial is funny as hell, i dont think I would ever see something like that in the states.

  2. I am curious about the subject of “eating noodles” in Korea compared to here in Thailand. Most Thai girls don’t “eat noodles” like that. “eating noodles” has been culturally taboo, although it is changing now with western influence. Are most Korean girls willing to “eat noodles”?

  3. This reminds me of a clip I heard of Cindy Crawford sucking a candy cane on a Christmas tape. I wonder what she says when she picks up the phone and gets back to business? Western ad agencies aren’t this creative nor do networks feel safe with something like this.

  4. Ah….Korea.

    In a country where in my opinion many of the world’s most gorgeous women are to be found………….and at the same time these same women will be the biggest disappointment you will ever find in bed.

    I know what the problem is but I’m still very confused by it all.

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