Thitima Charoenmak (aka Katie Aston)

Thitima Charoenmak (Photography: Chris Thomson)

We mentioned her before: Thitima Charoenmak (aka Katie Aston), one of the most beautiful Thai models I’ve seen so far. Photographer Chris Thomson spent the last year shooting regularly with Thitima for her new website which will be stating in the New Year. He sent me some samples to share with the readers of Asian Sirens. Meanwhile, he has posted also a new set of Thitima at Sexy Xposures Magazine.
Thitima Charoenmak (Photography: Chris Thomson)

Thitima Charoenmak (Photography: Chris Thomson)

Thitima Charoenmak (Photography: Chris Thomson)

Thitima Charoenmak (aka Katie Aston) @ Asian Sirens:
Katie Aston
Who is Thitima?

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  1. Beautiful pics…..!! You can’t beat that nice dark tanned skin! Same as we saw earler with Jewel. πŸ™‚

    I wonder what Katie looked like pre-boob job? Are there any pics of her floating around before she got her boob job??

  2. Northman, so far I haven’t seen any pre-boob photos of Thitima. I just added the link to her official website but you won’t find any pre-boob photo’s there as well.

  3. That site looks very promising, and Marco, you’re a genius at finding beautiful women.
    even at the sites that don’t exist yet!!!

    Katie has to have the most perfect waist to hips ratio. Jewel is amazing too.

  4. heyy nice job marco! i was wondering if theres sets of her pics? email me or post a link plz thanks man

  5. I thought she was amazing till I saw her nude pics with Buddha statues around her. What if someone took nude pics with Jesus statues or in a mosque? Anyone care to comment?

  6. i am buddist and i know we are pretty flexible with this….just a beautiful body…Buddha doesnt mind:) just dont sit on him with your bare ass…:)

    this girl is hot in an island girl kinda way…

  7. I just saw the pics of Thitima with the statues and they are smoking. They could have done the shoot without the Buddha statues in the background. I’m not religious and I can’t speak on how others would feel about this, but I rather not think about religion when I am looking at some butt naked.

  8. candy…have you ever seen Hindu stuff?…very sexual…and the kmer’s temples are the same way…only in the US where sex is seen as something dirty…like i said, just don’t sit on the Man with your bare ass:)

  9. the buddha teaches that to attain complete and true happiness (Nirvana) we should ultimatelty let go of all desire(including sexual desire)..I obviously haven’t reached that point or I wouldn’t be here.. however I don’t condone taking nude pics with the man who taught that letting go of desire is the way to happiness…these statues are here to inspire us to let go of desire..what this woman has done is disrespectful

  10. funny the most Buddhist country Thailand is also the sex capital of the world….i think the Buddha teaching said you “try” to reach Nirvana but it is not wrong to enjoy sex. it is the process of trying to reach Nirvana that is important…but we cant all be perfect…to tell you the truth there were many a time that i have reached Nirvana….in tokyo, vietnam, thailand and vegas but that cost a lot more ; ) etc….he he

  11. I’m very aware that we all can’t be perfect…I don’t think people should try to pretend they’ve conquered desire when they haven’t because that is pointless and probably detrimental to their practice..I never said it was wrong to enjoy sex…I said it was wrong to take naked pictures with Buddha statues around you…the image of Buddha is not meant to glorify desire…it is meant to to the exact opposite…(in reference to the thailand comment)I’m sure that over the last couple of thousand years their have been many Buddhist civilizations some with a lot and some with a little prostitution…prostution, a lot of the time is not about desire but about a means to survive

  12. I’d rather bathe in hot bacon grease than to give up my sexual desires. And Thailand wouldn’t be the sex capital of the world if the economic conditions there were better. But no matter what, sex is going to sell regardless.

    I just do not condone Thitima posing buttass naked infront of those statues of Buddha. Eventhough we have free speech and most men who look at these pics probably didn’t even notice the statues, some consideration should have been shown to those who may find that disrespectful because the shoot could have easily been done without them.

    I’m just glad that she’s a topic of conversation because she is sexy as hell son. I mean damn.

  13. Why do you say she is sexy as hell? Don’t bring Hell to the sex conversation, there are hell worshippers out there. πŸ™‚

    I agree she is the kind to stop traffic, fantastic!

  14. I got an email from another photographer, (who prefers to remain
    nameless in this particular thread,) who has shot Thitima for Playboy
    and Pacific Beauty, (she is called Katie Aston when working with him),
    and he asked her about the Buddhas in her disturbing shots with Chris
    Thompson. She replied, Chris was directing me to stand here and there at
    the resort we were shooting at and I never noticed the Buddhas in the
    background behind me at the photoshoot. Had I noticed them, I would have
    said something for sure.

    i told my friend even though i am somewhat liberal about the human body and all that, i forgot how sensitive Thai culture is about such pictures and we should have respect for that…i stand corrected…:)

  15. (…) I got an email from another photographer, (who prefers to remain
    nameless in this particular thread,) who has shot Thitima for Playboy
    and Pacific Beauty (…)

    Yep, that’s pretty nameless Lawboy πŸ˜‰

  16. i totally forgot how much Thais are serious about The Big Guy. i know that you cannot bring out any Buddha statutes of Thailand if it even looks old.

    the nakie pictures with the Buddha can land you in jail and maybe even be turned into a ladyboy…now that is scary…:)

  17. The image of Buddha is held in high regard in Thailand. You can get into some serious sh** by doing something disrespectful or by leaving the country with a statue of Buddha. I highly doubt that Thitima did not know that she was doing a shoot with those Buddhas in the background. She couldn’t have walked in the room and into position without noticing them, her cooch is 2 feet away from the statues, and plus she is Thai. Maybe she’s not Buddhist and didn’t care that the statues were there, but I’m not going to believe that she was totally oblivious to them.

  18. Howdy Candyman,
    I have to say somethng here. You are pretty sure you know what happened but maybe you should take three things into consideration before you form your final opinion. One, glamor photographers use a long lens which creates a very distorted perception of depth. Katies is not two feet from the Buddha. She is leaning against a white pole and the Buddha is way behind her where she can not see it. It’s called the Telephoto lens, compression effect. Two, it is not a room, it was a resort where the locations were plentiful and areas wide open. A model has no idea what will be in the shot and what is cropped out. Three, she did mention something about the statues at the shooting but her concerns were ignored and she has no final say about the cropping or use of the photos. She is Thai, she cares deeply about what happened and she says that those images should not be on the Internet. Actually, they are so offensive to me personally I did not want to post here but you inspired me with your hasty conclusions.

  19. I can’t tell you what happened because obviously I wasn’t there. I may be wrong sometimes, but I’m never hasty. I can only formulate my opinion based on looking at the entire set. Maybe I shouldn’t have exaggerated about her cooch being 2 feet away. The one thing that I was sure about is her not being totally oblivious about the statues being there. But if she voiced her concerns about the statues and they were ignored, then that is messed up.

  20. i live here, and i can tell you with near-perfect certainty (although i haven’t seen the pix in question) that neither she nor any thai woman would ever have knowingly posed nude, semi-nude, or even in a bathing suit with a buddha image in the shot. it’s simply not done.

    i also think that photographer should have a little better sense and taste than that if he wants to be welcome in this country.

    and last but not least, boobs don’t get any faker than hers! πŸ™‚

  21. This discussion has made me more appreciative of the freedoms that I enjoy here in America. I rather be offended by something than to have the alternative which would be outright censorship.

  22. Hi Candyman,
    You make an interesting comment and most of me agrees with you but I am confused. What are you referring to? Censorship? Who is doing the censoring that you are referring to or what is being censored? As for the photographer that shot the offensive photos that newworks says might not be welcome in this country, that photographer’s blatent abuse of trust and carelessness inspire me to post, off-topic, non-English, hateful, rude, crude, discriminatory and inappropriate comments. But I will control myself and just stick to the facts. In America you can shoot a religious cross in a jar of piss, (Maplethorp) and get a show in a major New York art gallery. In Thailand, abuse religious images and if they catch you, they will kill you. It’s that simple.

  23. “In America you can shoot a religious cross in a jar of piss, (Maplethorp) and get a show in a major New York art gallery. In Thailand, abuse religious images and if they catch you, they will kill you. It’s that simple.”

    Ain’t that the truth! Actually it’s encouraged to piss on Jesus here now or anything to do with Christianity….but don’t want to open that can of worms.

    What this photographer did was really harmless. Unless she was sprawled on the statue or looked like she performing some sort of sexual act on the Buddha then in my opinion it was nothing. Besides the female form (when in shape) is the most gorgeous thing on earth to look at and shouldn’t automatically be thought of as dirty. It’s living breathing art!
    Unless she’s spread eagle jamming a cucumber in a naughty place then it shouldn’t offend anyone.

    Now as for Thitima has anyone ever read this blog about her from her old boyfriend that posted here once actually…poor bastard…sorta (well he did have sex with her so it’s not all bad)..check it:

    And hey Adam how do I get my old password to Pac Beauty? I write em and I get no response. Thanks buddy pal ol’friend of mine you fantastic photog you!

  24. And oh yeah…whare can we get those sets above? None of those pictures are on Pac Beauty or Sexyxposures?

  25. Hey I have that set! Oops sorry about that ignore my last post…but waht about the one where she’s crawling out of the pool. What’s that one called? Anyhoo Sunny you probably have a right to be offended but I don’t think it was done intentionally. I’d chock it up to ignorance of customs on the photographer and model’s part. Something I’m sure they’ll never do again. Let’s all be friends ok bud?

  26. initially I thought it might be ignorance but she’s from Thailand..i was real confused when I read that someone from Thailand did this…I’m not trying to get anyone angry at these people for doing this. It would be odd to get angry in the name of the Buddha..but I do think they knew what they were doing…how can you be from Thailand and take pictures like this?

  27. Hello Sunny,
    One thing that helps make Asian Sirens more fun when you post is if you read the prevoius posts before you reply to them. If you had read the previous posts you would know that I am not the photographer that took the photos and that Katie did not know the statues would be composed into the final shot. Further, I extended this topic personally because I was really pissed that Chris Thompson posted these photos anywhere. Buddhism suggests that we should control our anger but who is going to control the Thai authorities when they go on a mad spree to punish all foreignors for one ignorant photographer’s mistakes?

  28. Please understand that Chris Thompson took the photos with the Buddhas in them. I would never do that in a hundred Karma Cycles. And this is just my opinion, but you should never blame a model for the photos. The photographer has total control.

  29. IT IS NOT ADAM!….IT IS SOME DUDE NAME THOMPSON…:) surely we dont want Adam to be lynched:)….

    hey dark..interesting blog and fun reading…it is a business and we Gaijin and pseudo Gaijin just have to have our “heads” screwed on straight…dont blame the con but the mark that got grift:)…live and learn my brothers…

  30. Dark…let’s say that this Bloke was lucky he had a chance to meet a Goddess…would love to be in his shoes…but with better sense…hey doc? :))

  31. Thanks for the removal Doc!

    Adam sorry about the mixup!

    LawBoy you got it man! I give the guy MAJOR props for getting with Thitima in the first place, but man how many times did she dump on him and he kept lining up for more? You know the old saying “fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice yada yada yada”.

    But then to put the whole thing up on the internet. I don’t know who looks worse her or him?

  32. that was so funny dark….i know a lot of girls like Thitima and you cant really blame them. she is doing what comes naturally and i guess this guy is somewhat an amateur to think everything is based on love and romance. these girls are the masters at playing these games. i just think he paid too high of a price for some matter how hot she is. πŸ™‚ then he got mad and act like a baby and wants his money and toys back…i think this makes him look really stupid…wonder how much he spent on her total…if you break that down per humps, i bet he paid a lot πŸ™‚

    if you stay focus on the task, you should not have these problems with these Angels…i know several lovelies in saigon that have several “boyfriends” sending them thousands of dollars or euros per month..if you add that up to just 2 or 3 suckers….she has got it made. on top of that she is freelancing in her country while you are working your tails off sending her your hard earn money…love is not cheap and this dude got taking to the cleaner.

    if i were him, i would have knocked her up first than pay ;)…always hold the ace cards brothers….but with Thitima..i may fold..she is super hot, even in her candid no professional photos…love the dark skin…
    Thitima, you can call me anytime and i will buy you a porshe too:))

  33. I just had a look at that blog by Thitima’s ex-boyfriend. To put it bluntly, he is an idiot. Everybody knows that Thai girls get up to this sort of thing with foreigners (as well as Vietnamese girls, as LawBoy mentions), and it’s not as if he had no idea what may have been going on. But he just went ahead anyway.

    Guys really want to believe what their dicks want them to believe. IMHO, if you’re dumb enough to be conned like this, you deserve what you get!

  34. wonder how much he spent on her total…if you break that down per humps, i bet he paid a lot πŸ™‚

    But don’t we all Law? Don’t we all…

    I just couldn’t believe how many times he went back to her. I mean obviously she is AMAZINGLY hot but you have to have a little dignity. After I saw those emails from other guys she woulda found all her shit sitting on the curb when she got home.

    She woulda hated him but at the same time respected him more too. She knew she had a fallback guy and man did he fall back!

    And yeah the stuff where he’s trying to get his money back though is pretty outrageous though. Just move on man, stop calling and writing her you’ll get over her faster.

  35. dark and doc….he has an excuse…he is swedish….they are pretty easy going i guess…this girl played him like a skin flute! a little kissy on the woody and this gaijin fail to pieces…funny story..BUT he did get to boned her….although my sources in BK said there are much hotter and younger girls there…not to mention cheaper…. NEVER PAY FIRST:)
    dark…we all pay sooner or later, but at least pay the market price and not over pay…there are always other pretty fishies in the sea of Thailand:)
    all that said… can still call me:) 1800 sugardaddy:)

  36. Dr. Lee, obviously for first time foreigners this kind of attitude is completely unknown and surprising. It’s something unique to south east asia, in fact I think that many girls have mandatory classes on ‘how to suck foreigners and cheat with several men at same time’. πŸ™‚

    Now this is being unfair to nice and well-raised thais and pinays, but we know that a big number of girls are just trying to find some men (not man) to support them. And then they have a boyfriend on the side.

    Too bad that many guys are tricked into that. because they don’t have any clue that all those girls have a PhD in acting, and it’s not common to find such a thing in europe or usa.

    Even with some middle class girls I see that kind of attitude, it’s just unhealthy.
    Many girls just have a very troubled mind, and a pressuring family too (yeah, many are pushed into that).

    But to make a blog out of that and then to keep forgiving her and asking for his money back in the end… She made his life into a real soap, lol.

    At least he got to bang this stunnig babe, now imagine the hundreds of guys who went through the same for some half-ugly girl! He still got something Good and Wild to remember πŸ™‚

  37. dazn….It’s something unique to south east asia, in fact I think that many girls have mandatory classes on ‘how to suck foreigners and cheat with several men at same time’. πŸ™‚

    have you been to SoCal?… ;)….i think most women took these classes and not let us men in on it. it is what makes the world goes round…a fair exchange of material for boom boom:)

  38. I used to work with a guy who was sending money to a ‘virgin Thai bar girl’ – I thought ‘virgin’ and ‘Thai bar girl’ were mutually exclusive terms! πŸ˜‰ And even though everyone was telling him he was a sucker, he kept on doing it. Like I said, men want to believe what their dicks want them to believe….

  39. although my sources in BK said there are much hotter and younger girls there…not to mention cheaper…. NEVER PAY FIRST:)
    – Lawboy

    I have to get to Burger King more often.

    I thought ‘virgin’ and ‘Thai bar girl’ were mutually exclusive terms!
    – Doc
    LOL!! Nice line!

  40. Now onto a dire and serious note fellas. Has anyone ever seen the full set or have the name of the one of her in the pool above?

  41. I have seen a lot of guys get played over the years, and I tried to tell them that they were getting played, but they never want to listen. And Thai girls get played too. They’ll fall in love with some foreigner who will tell them all the things that they want to hear so they would sleep with them, and then the next day that would be banging their best friend.

    I skimmed through that guy’s blog about Thitima and it’s sad that this guy kept going back to her over and over again. But how many guys out there wouldn’t tell themselves some bs in the attempt to make it work out with someone as hot as her? I would try to make it work, but just once. After that, then it would be time to move on. I’m not going to put myself in a situation where I am going to get played over and over again. I’d be damned if I am going to have 4 months of sadness, to hell with that.

  42. LawBoy, SoCal and a few other places have that, but the amazing stories of thais and filipinas are something unique, IMHO. You should get to know one, hear her bs stories over months and see how consistent they are, to really ‘appreciate’ the tactics those girls employ.

    For once, they inspire kindness to some guys (the superhero syndrome) and then they usually are sweet and very appreciative up to a certain point. Then, once they have the bird in the hand, they go out and flirt openly, like that guy stated in the blog. πŸ™‚

    Most western women wouldn’t play the kindness string and most usually wouldn’t flirt openly (but do it careful behind the back), and they wouldn’t follow a ‘script’ like those bar girls do. I tell you, they have some kind of script guide to follow and it works many times, lol

    Candyman, true also about some girls getting played. The ones that fall inlove usually fall for some guys that treat them badly. Maybe that’s why the girls then don’t feel guilty about playing with other foreigners too…

  43. Getting back to the issue of Chris Thompson’s photos of Thitima with the Buddhas, I think the best way to illustrate what Adam was trying to get across – that the photographer is in control, not the model – is with a picture (which as we all know says a thousand words):

    As can be seen, the issue is not whether Thitima was aware that she was being shot with Buddhas or not, but rather her expectation that they would not be in the published photos. As a Thai, she may not even have thought to question this.

  44. again very nice boobs…real or not….she is in her late 20’s…wow…cant imagine the early 20’s there in BK….that is Bangkok not BurgerKing…although both are homes for the Whopers..:))

  45. Ahhhh Bangkok! Thanks Lawboy! I sat in Burger King all day yesterday and didn’t see any girl remotely hot looking like Thitima.

  46. Now, that’s an idea to boost BurgerKing finances. πŸ™‚

    Good point Dr. Lee. She looks great in those, too bad that the Buddhas were actually in the picture.

  47. look at the bottom row, first picture(left most)..She’s lying right in FRONT of the statue…It’s obvious the intent was to capture the buddha in the picture.. It’s obvious she knew the point was for the buddha to be in the picture…their in a room, not some random location where stuff just happens to be in the backround…they could have obviously picked any other location with a pole…but this was the chosen location because of the statues…I really hate when people lie..I hate it so much

  48. Hey Sunny what’s up?

    For someone who cares about the way Buddhas are shown you sure don’t seem very Buddhist. Gotta work on that hate thing, it will eat you up inside.

    You truly missed the point in this thread. Please allow me to clarify if that is possible here.

    No one is lying in this thread. The photographer, (not me), Chris Thompson, probably did intend to shoot the statues as part of the final photo and theme. Shame on him, agreed, OK? But, Katie, the model and or any other model has no idea what the photographer is doing most of the time and it would be very wrong to blame the model for the photographer’s ill advised handi work. Peace.

  49. I don’t condone sex photos near religious symbols but let’s not get carried away.

    Ignorance, even stupidity, can lead to some bad photos, but for sure Buddha or others would not condone, but forgive.

    Like Jesus forgave the prostitute Mary Magdalene, after all. Let’s put aside the hate, religion will get us all killed if taken to extremes. People make mistakes, we’re only human.

    Luke’s book:

    37 And, behold, a woman in the city, which was a sinner, when she knew that Jesus sat at meat in the Pharisee’s house, brought an alabaster box of ointment,

    38 And stood at his feet behind him weeping, and began to wash his feet with tears, and did wipe them with the hairs of her head, and kissed his feet, and anointed them with the ointment.


    47 Wherefore I say unto thee, Her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much: but to whom little is forgiven, the same loveth little.

    48 And he said unto her, Thy sins are forgiven.

    49 And they that sat at meat with him began to say within themselves, Who is this that forgiveth sins also?

    50 And he said to the woman, Thy faith hath saved thee; go in peace.

  50. Hey guys I’m looking for a dead horse…anyone know where I can find a dead horse to beat? Oh wait we’re still talking about the Buddha pics? Never mind the dead horse fellas, I think I found one. Sheesh…

  51. It’s funny how that set has been out for years and we’re now noticing that statues of Buddha are in the background. Where was this controversy when that set first came out? I still believe that the statues were always intended to be part of the shoot. If they weren’t, then they would not be in such close proximity to Thitima. If I was Buddhist, then I would be upset. Since I’m not, I am moving on.

  52. remember guys…it is all about Tits and Ass…Focus boys…not this other stuff…lets give the model the benefit of the doubt and focus on her incredible boobies:)..why would you look at the background anyway…unless you are gay or something…:)). j/k

  53. hey adam…sometimes its difficult to understand somebody over the internet…I’m not exploding with hatred….Im obviously not fond of liars but it would be pointless to sit here and be furious about it… I’m just very loose with my words..its just the way me and my friends talk…and I did understand your point of trying to say thitima didn’t know that the statues would be in the pics but I just dont believe it because she’s directly in front of them…and dazn lover is right.. we should I said before it would be odd to harbor anger in the name of the buddha because it contradicts what he taught or we could atleast attempt to not harbor anger… the only reason Im continuing to post is because people are saying she didnt know the statues would be in the picture and I dont believe that

  54. Hello Candy Man,

    you wrote:

    “I still believe that the statues were always intended to be part of the shoot. If they weren’t, then they would not be in such close proximity to Thitima”.

    Are you still not getting my point? The Buddhas WERE intended to be in the shot. The shots are offensive to most people including me.
    Chris Thompson, the photographer was, shall we say, culturally ignorant. He surely intended to show them. There is no question for you or anyone else here about what the intention was. I just said that models usually believe photographers if they say that something will be cropped out. It is wrong to blame the model. But please, be as disgusted, angry, disallusioned or plain mad at the photographer as you would like to be. Personally, I feel that what Chris T. has done is a disgrace to international photographers and the reprocussions of this kind of thoughtless behavior might be felt by all of us who travel in the future.

  55. Hi Sunny,

    Well I do feel better after your explanation about your loose wording. Nice to know you are in control and balanced. Using hate twice within one sentence can give a guy the wrong idea over the Internet as you say. Please try to consider that it is possible that a model will do almost anythng she is told to do at a photoshoot by the people who have hired her and are paying her. Katie is a top, pro model, not some self promoting, wannabe, website bimbo who thinks she is a star. She gets paid well to model and she gives a photographer more then his money’s worth everytime. She is not likely to argue with a photographer about what he is shooting unless he is asking her to do something really weird with a piece of fruit or something like that other Thai website that is gone now. I don’t expect you to believe her side of the story but I felt compelled to tell you what it was properly. Also, I hope that the negative reaction to seeing Buddhas shown in this disrespectful way gets back to Chris Thomspon and he will not do it again. You can not imagine how serious it is in Asia and the lengths that the authorities go to to reach out and touch someone if they need to.

  56. Going back to Thitima, it’s sad to see that such a beautiful woman seems not to have found her proper place in life and love. Hope she changes and gets somewhere, it would be a waste not to. She’s truly one of the most attractive babes i’ve seen.

  57. Hi Daznlover,

    What makes you draw that conclusion about Thitima that she is not getting somewhere? Thitima, Nong Kate as I call her, was was at my place this past Saturday to pickup her copy of Playboy that my photos of her were recently featured in. She just had an adorable baby. She is deeply in love and married with a very cool guy in Belgium who is equally deep in love with her. She has her own import/export business and I can not think of many people who have found their place in life as well as her. Please do elaborate on that perpective you have. It can’t be because of that blog you read about her from her ex-boyfriend? Can it?

  58. Adam, from reading just a part of it, I recognized many sad familiar traces from other asian women I have known, personally or from other friends. If all in the blog is true, then she had some really disturbing times and others were burned too (and I just read part of that thing).

    If you now tell me that she is on a new chapter, happy one, then I’m happy to know that in the end she found her way. Like I said, it would be a waste if she didn’t. Didn’t know about her playboy photos, congrats on both! I’ll try to see them, because she’s really beautiful.

  59. Howdy Dazn and Naz,

    Come on guys, what were you like when you were 24? If you had tits like that and you were as misbehaved as I am guessing most of us were, what do you think you would have been like? I have no idea if her earlier, party animal days included insincere whispers of love in the night. I know I have commited a few offenses along those lines and jeez, if those girls I said stuff to ever blogged my previously immature butt, I would be frying! So yes, she has found her way, is as happy as anyone could ever hope to be and is a total success story as a person now. We were all completely nuts when we were younger weren’t we? Hey, I will send Robin the Playboy layout of Katie. She looks great as usual. Post should be up as soon as I send it to him and he gets to it. BTW, that recent post of the Japanese Race Queen really got my attention. Those lips should be illegal near heavy traffic.

  60. Being wild is one thing, scamming is a whole different one. But we talked about that already, I’m sincerely glad that she found her way. And now waiting for Playboy, that’s what matters! πŸ™‚

  61. like adam said…it is just the dance of love and these girls are very good at it. you cant really blame them at all…the riches of a western boyfriend and the potential for a greencard….and since Thitima has all the assets to get what she wants, she will of course use it to better herself… is a game played all over the world…this guy just being a sore loser…

    and Adam, it is not only you..if any babes would Blog my past deeds…i dont think i can ever go back to certain countries…but i am better now since all the therapies ; )

  62. I dunno the exact details of her case and moreover, dunno her side, so I don’t wanna be too judgmental. Maybe I’m biased by some really strange cases I’ve come across, which weren’t really any dance of love – more like a deadly attack of love, lol.

    Anyway, I just appreciate a girl that uses her beauty to get to her goals in a nice way. She is lucky, because with her beauty she can get all goals she want and make her own curse. She can be free to make decisions and only that will bring out her true self and make her happy.

    You had therapy too?! πŸ™‚

  63. 1) “dunno her side, I don’t wanna be too judgmental.”.
    2)”Playboy, that’s what matters! :)”
    3)”This guy just being a sore loser”

    Hi guys. above, you guys sum it up beautifully. in three easy pieces.Thanks! This topic had deep special meaning for me on two levels. One, Thitima/Katie has my deep respect as a top model. She seems very nice so I might tend to see things in a different light then if I only knew her via her ex boyfriend/blogger’s, steaming portrayal of her infidelities. There are always two sides. And two, everything in SE Asia is about money and getting ahead. It’s a poor country and different rules are the norm. Survivial is #1 here. Being sweet and nice about how you do it is much farther up the cultural food chain and exists more readily in countries that actually have a few opportunities for poor people.
    Thailand is not one of them. There are few chances for getting ahead here if you do not come from a wealthy family.

  64. Good points, Adam. I do realize the specifics of that region.
    And now I’m going to read the playboy article that I was waiting for, thanks! Cheers! πŸ™‚

  65. Wow… it seems my blog kinda popular… yes, I am the ‘loser’ who wrote the blog, though I consider myself more as a ‘winner’ in the end…

    Thitima is a pretty woman, but lets also admit that photographers and photoshop nowadays do miracles… and of course plastic surgery. πŸ™‚

    But guys, face it, everyone wants to have a hottie like Thitima in his bed, but if in the end you cant thrust her, then whats the point. In 10 years (she will be 33 in June) the looks will be gone but the lying and cheating will remain…

    Anyhow, I did love her a lot, but was fucked up by her, like she fucked up so many of her other boyfriends. She seems to have a power to make man go completely blind.

    Some make the remark that they think its childish that I try to recover some of the funds that I gave her. Well, its really not about the money that much. But its about the fact that I gave her this money for our marriage. She accepted and two months later she married another guy.
    The money was not just money, but has a meaning to me… I still hope she will pay me back this money, but in honousty I really doubt if she will.

    I hope Thitima this time will find her luck. Maybe her baby can make a difference this time…

    Anyhow guys, enjoy the photos from her.


    ps : for those interested : yes, she is a damn good fuck..
    ps : oh yes… I still got lots of (old) nudephotos from her and also clothes… any fetishists out here that might be interested ? πŸ™‚

  66. It’s easy to say that the things you did were stupid over the Internet, but most guys would have done the same damn stuff if they were in the same situation. I was in that situation a few years back with a hot Thai chick but I moved on before I got too emotionally and financially invested. I had to at least give it a shot.

    And who wouldn’t be interested in more nudes of Thitima? I know I am.

  67. Has Thitima done anything new in a while or has she stopped modeling once she had her baby? I love all her pictures. Does she still have her website?

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