Lena Li starts her own website?

Lena Li (Photographer: Tim J)

Once in a while I check the Yahoo Groups of Asian models and today I noticed that Lena Li mentioned at Lena Li Revealed that she will start her own website very soon. I remember she said this before many years ago but this time I think she is indeed cooking on something. Why? I noticed some new photos of her in the Yahoo Group by photographer Tim J (Tim Jahns?).

Lena, when can we expect your official website? And is Tim J indeed Tim Jahns?

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  1. Just got an email from Lena and she said the following about her website:

    “In regards to my website, I don’t have a set date for it to be released, but I am definitely working on it… it should be out some time in 2006. You may have noticed some new photos in my groups. I have shoot with dreamdolls.com recently, so the photos should be out some time in 2006.”

  2. thanks a lot of the info and links, you guys. is there any chance that the source of these links could be provided? please?

  3. Thanks zammm. Any chance of getting the rest from car and model? Also pure hot models has lots of pic of lena from the model showcase and hin.

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